• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 5: Garry's Pony Turismo

Rainbow started to drive the beat up muscle car out of the skyscraper and down the grass hill. Expertly stick shifting, Rainbow Dash caught sight of the beat up jeep in the distance, moving up the small hill. Rainbow quickly stompted on the clutch and moved the stick into a slot with a faded "T" marking it. The muscle car instantly got a huge burst in speed for a few seconds, making Rainbow catch some air off of the small hill, but then the stick shifter automatically retreated into the slot for 4th gear, and the muscle car was now going regular speeds again. Applejack took immediate notice of the new competitor and sped away, but Rainbow Dash just threw the car into Turbo, bumpered Applejack and caused her spin out, speeding away immediately after,

"Oh ah see how this is done" Applejack said to herself aggresively as she turned the rusted jeep around and continued pursuit, firing at the back of Rainbow's vehicle.

Rainbow Dash jumped a little hearing the metallic clang of bullets hitting the back of her car. Swiftly turning her body around, Rainbow could see the sparks of bullets bouncing off a seemingly non existant windscreen. Focusing back on the grass in front of her, Rainbow made a tight left turn down another hilly green slope, Applejack soon following. However, when Rainbow headed for the concrete grey slope leading up to docking area, Applejack threw her jeep into turbo, and almost immediately overtook Dash, but Rainbow kicked the muscle car into turbo just in time, leaving the two mares neck and neck.

As both Rainbow Dash and Applejack scraped sides racing alongside the lake, Rainbow Dash started to attempt and force Applejack's jeep off the side and into the lake. Just as a wheel was about to slip off, Rainbow threw the car into turbo once again and managed to get both wheels on Applejack's jeep off the end, but Applejack was momentarilly saved by a small platform sticking out a little further than the rest of the concrete area. Seeing it as an attempt to resist, Applejack threw her car into turbo and put up a huge fight against Rainbow's muscle car. Rainbow turboed again and placed great tension between the two vehicles. However, Applejack started slowly creeping by Rainbow Dash as she turboed, and eventually got to the point where Rainbow was pushing hard enough that Applejack's jeep spun out, causing Rainbow Dash to go veering off the end and into the water trying to avoid Applejack's spun out vehicle.

Rainbow Dash's muscle car stood perched right on the slope going up to the surface. Rainbow attempted to start the car up again, but it was no use, as the car was dead underwater. Through the glistening water, Rainbow could make out Applejack's jeep going right over her on the hilly grass that led a path on the surface. Rainbow Dash just sighed in agony and tried to physgun the car out of the lake. puttig the car back into first gear, Rainbow Dash finally made her way down the hilly path in hopes of catching Applejack. As she turboed her way closer and closer, Rainbow came up with a fairly dangerous and featherbrained idea. Just when Rainbow Dash got close enough, she would permanantly shove the stick into turbo, hop up on the roof, and attempt to latch on to the rusted jeep, all with the car moving at top speed. Believe it or not, Rainbow thought that this was a good idea.

The back of Applejack's jeep grew more and more detailed as Rainbow Dash grew closer, ready to execute her plan. She started off by wedging a loose piece of broken wood that was for some reason in the car into the gearbox after latching the car into turbo. The engine heaved out all its might as Rainbow quickly hopped onto the exposed front part. The engine continued to work at all its might past the preset time as Rainbow reared up, took her aim, and made her leap of faith onto the back Applejack's jeep. At the very last second, Applejack threw her jeep into turbo, causing her to rocket away, but Rainbow still latched onto what looked like an ammo crate as her hind legs dragged along the grass. Slowly pulling herself up, Rainbow Dash worked her way up onto the top of the vehicle and watched as Applejack's blonde mane flowed in the wind as she concentrated heavily on what was in front of her,

"HEY APPLEJACK!" Rainbow yelled to the orange mare, who almost immediately looked up to see her cyan friend's face looking at her from above. Rainbow Dash then proceeded to grab onto to one of the jeep's roll cage bars and do a flying kick, sending Applejack flying out of the driver's side and onto the ground. Rainbow then immediately dropped back into Applejack's place and took control of the vehicle. Rainbow attempted to make a tight left hand hairpin, but was almost immediately launched to the side by her old yellow muscle car, still turboing after being stuck in that state, "You've gotta be kidding me" Rainbow said to herself as the car was being pushed toward a wall by the careening muscle car, eventually ending up pinned against the wall, roof mashed against the wall, the muscle car still forcing the jeep against the wall. As the engine continued to put out top power, Rainbow Dash carefully climbed out of the overturned jeep and stood on the engine, but imediately took flight after a red-hot engine almost burned the skin right off the bottom of her hooves. Off in the distance she could see Applejack lying on her back. Rainbow flew over to her orange friend, who was laughing on her back,

"Thanks Applejack" Rainbow sarcastically said to the laughing earth pony,

"Ah shucks, that's about the funniest thing I;ve seen sompeony do here since that melon nuke Pinkie made!" Applejack said while to laugh,

"But it was one of my plans! I would've almost had it if you weren't right in front of me!" Rainbow tried to reason, sounding a little embarassed after the defeat,

"That's the point! You were so riled up on stealing mah jeep that you didn't even realize you were heading straight for a wall!" Applejack laughed again. Rainbow just grumbled and turned around as Applejack got back up on her hooves. Just then, the pearl white unicorn only known as Rarity came bolting down the grass hill, looking terrified. Both Rainbow and Applejack looked towards the hill as a giant orange insect with four strong legs and a huge battering ram where its head would be charged after Rarity,

"Applejack, did you leave that thing where you built the insano car?" Rainbow asked to the orange farm pony,

"Eeyup" Applejack simply replied with a sly smile on her face. Just then, a loud energetic scream was heard,

"I'LL SAVE YOU RARITY!!" The voice that could only be recognized as Pinkie Pie screamed. With the cyan and orange ponies focused on the big orange insect, 50 menacing looking missiles all came piling down on this insect. All of them created a massive explosion 3 times the size of Equestria, wiping off everything that happened to be in the area at the time. Rainbow Dash tried to respawn, but was immediately thrown backwards by the intermittent explosions. After the 3rd time, Rainbow was seemingly frozen in place as a split second sound of an explosion constantly looped. Then her whole mind blacked out, along with all the other ponies.