• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 2: Hyperactive Warfare

As Rainbow Dash got closer to Pinkie Pie's face while keeping the SMG aimed as an evil look stood on her face, Pinkie slowly walked backwards, then broke out in a sprint for cover as Rainbow began to open fire from the automatic firearm. Once Pinkie had found herself some cover, she drew her own SMG, that looked just like Rainbow's. She immediately hopped from behind the wall and returned fire. Rainbow quickly sprinted backwards as she added to the bullet storm firing at Pinkie, then hid behind the brick wall. After reloading, she could hear Pinkie trotting quickly toward the exit. Just at the right time, Rainbow whipped back around from behind the wall, then sprayed bullets at Pinkie's face until she fell limp, and slid toward Rainbow with her eyes closed. Rainbow couldn't help but giggle a little, even though she had just "killed" her best friend. Rainbow soon headed out onto the green field, until she could hear bullets zooming by within close proximity, so Rasinbow began to trot up the grass hill to her left, Pinkie still firing as she followed. Rainbow had seen the shady looking entrance implanted in the drywall, so she hid there hoping for cover. However, she was greeted by a decent sized flight of stairs,

"She'll never find me in here!" Rainbow said to herself as she proceeded towards another room entrance at the bottom. Once Rainbow had gotten to this area, she found that it was blocked by a giant, heavy door. She immediately began to hear the sounds of what sounded like some sort of laser gun firing continously. Out of curiosity, she banged on the door a few times, "HELLO? ANYPONY IN THERE?" she yelled into the room, hoping someone was in there.

In a dark room lit by artificial lamps, an orange earth pony quickly perked up nervously hearing someone banging on the door, "Keep. your mouth. Shut" Applejack nervously thought to herself once she was broken from the concentration of building something. After a few more knocks, there was the sound of rapid gunfire, then a familiar voice followed,

"Gotcha Rainbow!" Pinkie said cheerfully from the other side of the door. Applejack tried so hard not to make a sound as she heard the pink pony leave the area, so she could resume building. In her hooves lie a strange looking tool looking like it was made from a revolver. On the top lie a circuit board with wires jutting off of it in every direction, and a screen that displayed the word "MOTOR" in marquee text. Applejack caarefully aimed this tool at the center of what looked like a giant wooden wheel, fired it, creating a laser gun type sound, then percisely firing on a corner of a large rectangular object.

"Alright Pinke, I know you're around here somewhere..." Rainbow Dash said to herself as she snuck around on the concrete in front of the brick building, when suddenly,

"LOOK OUT BELOW!" Screamed a hyper pink pony as she dropped in from the vents in the roof of the building. Rainbow opened fire as her friend fell into the building, then lay limp on the ground in front of her,

"Rainbow Dash!" A very familiar voice scorned nearby, Rainbow just rolled her eyes, knowing who it was, "Have you gone phsycotic!?" Rarity questioned angrily at the cyan pegasus,

"No, we're just having fun!" Rainbow replied annoyed,

"Killing you're best friend with a GUN!?" Rarity questioned,

"Jeez, lighten up a bit, you can't ACTUALLY die in here" Rainbow defensively replied,

"I know, but it just scares me to think that you would find fun in murdering other ponies, now why don't you..." Rarity continued as Rainbow just made her "blah blah blah"" face and slowly went off to continue battling with Pinkie Pie. As the two started running around the flat, grassy area, Rarity just sighed and moved along. The two unloaded rounds on each other like crazy, until Pinkie Pie started heading towards the hilly grass area just to their left. With Rainbow having survived the longest, all of her ammo was gone from the SMG. She had been slightly tired from all the running around she had done since she had entered this place, so she stopped and pulled out her crowbar as Pinkie trotted away,

"I have to kill fast and BULLETS TOO SLOW!" Rainbow yelled to herself as she held her crowbar up with glory, then darted off after Pinkie. As the Rainbow contrail followed almost the entire drywall, Rainbow swooped upwards, lunged her crowbar back, let herself drop, and just as Pinkie was right below her, WHAM! right in the back. As Pinkie turned around in suprise, Dash quickly dove into the water, hoping she could suprise Pinkie again. However, when Rainbow looked down from the surface, there was the Pink Pony holding a crossbow loaded with an orange-hot bolt, suspended by a balloon. Caught by suprise, Dash was pinned against the wall by one of these bolts, and everything went black.

Within seconds, the vivid scenery of the area filled Rainbow's eyes, and she had to get her barings until she could head back off into the warzone that Pinkie and Rainbow had turned the area into. As Rainbow trotted slowly across the plain, she noticed the famous pink mare jump out of the water, then shake herself off. Just as Rainbow was about to sneak attack Pinkie, she was stopped by a lavender unicorn,

"Hey Rainbow, what gives with you two shooting each other?" Twilight asked to the rushed pegasus,

"We're just having a little Pony vs. Pony gun fight" Rainbow answered until Pinkie came trotting up to the pair, until she was stopped by Twilight's hoof,

"I mean, look what you've done to the place! And I've been trying to build for hours now, and you two just won't give it up!" Twilight said getting a little mad,

"Come on Twilight, we didn't mess it up that..." Rainbow Dash turned around and noticed the vast array of bullet holes and blood stains scattered around the plain and walls of the brick building, "...bad" Rainbow said dissapointingly once she realized the mess,

"Now, I've been trying to build my fort for forever now, and can I ask that you two do something a little less crazy?" Twilight requested as Rainbow Dash sat her flank on the grassy area, until coming up with a brilliant idea,

"Twilight! I have an awesome idea!" Rainbow yelled to the lavender unicorn,

"No, I am not going to ride you while you do a sonic rainboom, you remember what happened last time we tried that" Twilight skeptically replied,

"No! Even better! You know how youre building a fort?" Rainbow Dash asked excitedly,

"Yeeah?" Twilight quizzically responded,

"Why don't me and Pinkie build our own forts using the two buildings, and we have a gigantic war!" Rainbow Dash excitedly stated while flying right in front of Twilight's face, then sticking out her hoof requesting a brohoof,

"Hmmm, doesn't sound like the brightest idea, but I'll try" Twilight said trying to accept Rainbow's hoof, but somehow went right through Rainbow's,

"Oh, sorry" Rainbow said as she let herself fall to the ground, the Twilight could smack hooves, "Pinkie? You in this?" Rainbow asked to the pink mare who sat a little distance away, but soon bounced over to the two and smacked her hoof into the mix, "Alright, lets do this!" Rainbow said competitively, "...unless you can teach us how to use the cannon..." Rainbow said then busted a fake smile.

After a quick physgun (official name for the cannon) tutor session, both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were off to build their own forts. After what seemed like hours of experimentation and scrolling through the spawner console on her left hoof, Rainbow Dash created a shabby little base out of the brick building. On the roof were two 2x4 metal plates tilted at an angle so Rainbow could duck behind them when needed, and on the ground were two abnormally long poles coming from the roof down to about eye level, and turrets (mounted guns that could be activated by buttons) on four sides. Behind it lie more angled plates for Rainbow to defend from.

Meanwhile, Pinkie's fort was something completely different. She had fenced off every possible outside entrance (but was unaware that the nearby skyscraper connected to it) and had turrets hanging from poles off the roof. Pinkie stood in the two small cut windows with an SMG beared. Twilight's fort however was simple a bunker type shell made out of assorted colored binders from her prop spawner. Rainbow couldn't stop laughing when she flew down to see Twilight's fort,

"*Laughing softly* Did you happen to 'forget something?'" Rainbow jeered to the Lavender unicorn,

"Oh you just wait and see how effective this will be" Twilight stated through the small window she had made in the bunker,

"Is your defense *snicker* a KNOWLEDGE BARRIER!?" Rainbow said as she fell on her back laughing uncontrollably. Twilight just rolled her eyes and said,

"Like I said, just wait and see" Twilight stated again. Once Rainbow could control herself, she told Twilight,

"Alright, when my hoof goes down, the fights begin, okay?" Rainbow said imperitavely to Twilight,

"Gotcha" Twilight responded as Rainbow sprinted off the go tell Pinkie the same news.

Everyone was situated in their forts, and Rainbow Dash held her hoof high above her barricade on the roof,

"READY!?" Rainbow yelled out to the rest of the place. Just as Rainbow was about to drop herself, a few quick shakes came from the entrance to the staircase area implanted in the drywall. All three ponies looked toward this area as the shaking grew louder and more quickly...