• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 3: The WTF Side

All three ponies stared toward the source of the loud rumbling as it grew louder and louder. This seemingly endless loop went on for about 10 more seconds until a spectacular explosion of random objects such as refrigerators and furniture randomly appeared and spread everywhere with a loud bang, and emerged one of the craziest vehicles of all time. This machine was made of garage doors stacked horizontally, wooden wheels moving it, a sofa as its seat, wooden bookshelves, barrels, telephone poles, a huge pony statue, and all other things that would never make up a real car. Boarding this crazy machine was an orange mare wearing her signature stetson. Above all the noise,

"YAAAAAAY HAAAAAAAW!" Applejack screamed from the sofa she sat upon as the "car" went down the hilly grass slope and down towards Pinkie's fort, Rainbow had an aggressive response toward this. Drawing the RPG from her assortment of weapons, she took exact aim at Applejack, the fired and quickly ducked behind her barricade. However, she was unaware that the RPG was laser guided, so instead, of knocking out Applejack's vehicle, the missile turned around and exploded right behind the barricade, throwing Rainbow on her back, but miraculously not killing her. Off in front of Pinkie's fort, Rainbow could hear not SMG gunshots, but a deep, more powerful automatic weapon firing.

She slowly peeked from behind the barrier, and seeing that the strange vehicle was sitting right in front of Pinkie's base, spawnkilling her every time she respawned. Some gunshots sounded from Twilight's book fort. Eventually, Applejack responded to this by driving straight into the fort sitting the huge automatic cannon through the tiny window. Rainbow still couldn't help but laugh at the fact that this gigantic vehicle was stuck in such a tiny little fort. Twilight simply dove into the lake, taking a few gunshots to her back. She was a little afraid to surface, but could seemingly breathe underwater. Knowing this, Twilight just stayed put underwater until she could hear Applejack's machine turn around and repeat the same camping proccess on Rainbow Dash's base. Rainbow Dash could see the vehicle crash into the fenced barrier that blocked all outside entrance. Gunshots sparked from the other side of the metal barricade. Rainbow quickly pulled a gernade from the weapons, pulled the pin, and rolled it around, hoping it would land on this vehicle. However, one of these gunshots pierced straight into her hoof, but suprisingly not taking it off. Rainbow just hid behind the barricade as she gripped her painstriken hoof,

"Tarnation" Applejack quietly said to herself seeing the blinking gernade land right on the wooden bookshelves that made up this machine. Instinctively, A.J. leaped from the sofa and starting trotting quickly as the sound of an explosion and breaking wood sounded behind her.Rainbow Dash heard the satisfying sound of an explosion and then splintering wood. Poking her head around, all she could see were splinters, the car split in half, and some of the items that had fallen off. Down on the grass area, she could see an orange earth pony with a look of dissapointment. Quickly, she jumped off of the top of the building, and powerfully flapped her wings to keep from smacking with the ground. She immediately trotted over to Applejack, who still stood with a dissapointed look on her face,

"You do know that ah spent this entire time working on that" Applejack said to the cyan mare,

"Well it looks like you're gonna have to try a little harder if you wanna destroy my base!" Rainbow responded with a smile on her face. Applejack sprung up with an idea,

"Hold on a sec" Applejack said slyly, then reached over with her hoof to a button that stood up near her left shoulder. Upon pressing it, The two turrets that Applejack had mounted sprang to life, took aim at Rainbow Dash, and fired rapidly. Rainbow instinctively turned and started trotting toward the lake, but fell limp due to the rapid gunshots. The speed she was trotting at caused her to slide into the lake, her corpse remaining bouyant. A few seconds later, she returned to the concrete platform in front of Pinkie Pie's base. She was happy to see Applejack chuckling into her hoof at Rainbow's humorus death. Rainbow just trotted back up the orange mare,

"The three of us were just about to have a war before insano vehicle came bursting in, you wanna join?" Rainbow happily requested to Applejack,

"Sure thing, but I'll be right back" Applejack stated then quickly began trotting back to the dark area where she had created the vehicle. About 30 seconds later, a very deformed human looking figure with outstetched limbs, its neck sticking straight up in the air was brung out by Applejack. Rainbow Dash stared in disgust and confusion at this messed up "thing",

"Applejack... have all those apples sunk to your brain?" Rainbow Dash said in her aroma of confusion,

"Nope. Just a little NPC Bone Manipulation" Applejack stated,

"That thing... it's... creepy..." Rainbow Dash slowly said while continuing to stare at the thing,

"Oh come on Rainbow, anypony who's been in Garrys Mod at least once before should recognize this" Applejack replied,

"So... you've seen that thing before... wierd" Rainbow tried to reason with the orange mare,

"Yup, I come here just about every couple weeks, you should see the wierd stuff the ponies in the public server crea-" Applejack tried to explain, but was cut off by a certain white unicorn,

"GOOD LORD! APPLEJACK!" A white unicorn yelled to the farm pony, "I've seen you in horribly unsanitary condition, but THIS!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Rarity said while motioning toward the messed up NPC,

"Come on Rarity, you know we all can get wierd sometimes" Applejack responded,

"BUt I mean look at it! There's no flow or style to it whatsoever, it's simply..." Rarity started jabbering, but Rainbow Dash just nudged Rarity,

"Hey, don't listen to her, she's just trying to suck all the fun out of this" Rainbow whispered to her orange friend. Both of them just turned and walked away, leaving the white unicorn to herself. Once both Applejack and Rainbow Dash were alone. Applejack went to her spawning wrist console. All of a sudden there was the sound of what sounded like steam leaking behind them. Rainbow quickly turned around and what she saw had to be the strangest thing any pony could ever see in his/her life.

Rocketing towards Dash was a missile made out of watermelons in the shape of a pillar,being propelled by a traffic cone on the back shooting out flames, with none other than the famous pink party pony grasping onto it for dear life. In a matter of centiseconds, the missile met with Rainbow Dash's face, and a massive explosion erupted from the collision point, wiping any living thing that happened to be in the map off the face of the planet.

Rainbow Dash was the first one to respawn, but was immediately killed again by radiation from the explosion. This happened several times before Dash could walk without dieing of radiation, and then Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle all respawned simutaneously. Strangely enough, Rarity didn't respond to the incident, considering she knew Pinkie's spastic personality by heart. Everyone was about to resume their own projects until Twilight spoke up,

"Has anypony seen Fluttershy since we got here?" Twilight inquired, everypony shook their head, Rainbow Dash drawing a blank to,

"Well she can't be THAT far away, I'll go find her" Rainbow Dash immediately replied, starting to take off,

"Okay, just get her back safely" Twilight said to Rainbow Dash as began to fly around the map area, looking for any sign of Fluttershy. After a few minutes of searching, Rainbow noticed a bird fly out from one of the top levels from one of the skyscrapers. Rainbow expertly swooped toward the building and poked her head around just enough to see what was going on, and was taken in awe by what her cream colored friend had been doing all this time.