• Published 1st Aug 2012
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Twilight and Friends in Garrys Mod - Stormin Away

Twilight and her 5 best friends get a chance to play in a physics sandbox, Lulz ensues.

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Chapter 6: New World, New Chaos

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes but then squinted at the bright light the sun casted over the new landscape. Her eyes adjusted a little bit, and made out what looked like a bunch of skyscrapers surrounding a park-like area. Off in the distance, she could see the blue glow of the physgun spontaneously appear on the other side of the park area. One by one, the rest of Rainbow Dash's friends spawned around the area. However, instead of just the mane 6 being here, two new ponies spawned here, one was a toothpaste colored unicorn and a grey colored pegasus with a blonde mane,

"Ugh, someone crashed the server. AGAIN" The toothpaste unicorn said to herself as she magiced the physgun to her side and began heading towards the center of the area. As Rainbow Dash cut across the middle looking for her friends, Pinkie met up with her, but instantly had one of her Oh-my-gosh-one-of-my-bajillion-friends-from-Ponyville-is-here moments,

"*Epicly long gasp* OHMYGOSHISTHATLYRAANDDTZYDOO!?" Pinkie screamed, Rainbow Dash just seperated from the spastic party pony,

"Yeeaah... you just spaz out like that" Rainbow Dash said to herself as she began to go looking for Applejack. Coming to a road turning left and toward an overpass connecting to the street below it with a curve and a slight angled ramp. However, as she trotted down the road, Applejack, who was hidden nearby rocketed towards the unsuspecting pegasus faster than the jeep could ever achieve on its own. However, after running over Rainbow Dash, the power of the thrusters that rocketed the vehicle also pushed to the ground, causing it to crash on the lip of the sidewalk, launching Applejack out of the jeep at a very high speed and was thrown against a building, killing her instantly.

The two mares both respawned fairly far from each other, but could see a toothpaste colored unicorn at work in the center of the field. As Rainbow Dash grew curious of what this unicorn was doing, so she watched as she manipulated a tool that looked like it was made from a revolver, only it had lots of wires and cables sticking off of it and connecting to a small monitor that had "ADVANCED DUPLICATOR" scrolling across it in marquee text. Rainbow watched as a ghosted model that looked like some robot made out of a bunch of random props. However, Rainbow could hear an approaching car engine. Lyra looked towards the source of this noise and immediately began trotting away towards Rainbow Dash, who snapped back into crisis mode and began to gallop the same direction as Lyra, but their hooves were no match for the speed of the thrusters as they were almost immediately crushed like a pancake and the jeep sped on.

Rainbow respawned as fast as possible and began to look for her vehicle of choice. However, there seemed to be alot more choices now added. Rainbow grew amazed as she scrolled down, seeing all sorts of different car options, ranging from a Toyota GT-One Race Car to a Ford GT to an old Junker. Rainbow Dash chose the GT-One because it looked the fastest, got in it, and sped off toward where she saw Applejack drive off to. As Rainbow swiftly clipped the sidewalk apexes, she came upon her friend's jeep, with traffic cone thrusters on the back, parked up against a large skyscraper. Getting out, Rainbow Dash looked up into the sky and noticed Applejack peering down at her jeep, trying to aim her physgun at the vehicle to pull it up. Laughing slightly, Rainbow spread her wings, took the physgun in her hooves and started to carry the GT-One up to the top of the seemingly endlessly tall building.

However, once Rainbow Dash was comfortably floating right at roof level, Applejack stuck her head close to Rainbow Dash's right ear, breathed in, and was about to scream "BOO" but was immediately startled by a pink party pony screaming it into Applejack's ear, causing the orange farm pony to stumble off the end and begin falling. Rainbow quickly turned around, GT-One still intact, and gave a quick wink to Pinkie Pie as she settled on the top of the skyscraper.

Applejack fell for what seemed like forever until she hit the ground with a loud THWACK. Applejack could still think, showing herself she was not dead, but did not want to open her eyes, fearing she was now a mess of broken bones. Slowly opening her eyes, Applejack moved her two front hooves,

"Okay, those ain't broken... and those ain't broken" Applejack said herself as she wiggled all her hooves a little to make sure they were all intact and rolled back up back up on all four of her hooves. It hurt a little trying to walk, but the pain quickly went away and Applejack was back to normal. As she turned and started toward her overpowered jeep, an annoying glare came from the sky. Applejack looked up, and the last few seconds of her life were nothing but a quick image of a red, sleek race car barreling towards her out of the sky, then harshly crushing her underneath it's massive weight.

Rainbow Dash's car barrel rolled, shook, and flipped in the sky before landing back up on all fours. Dizzied, the cyan pegasus exited the vehicle, and sure enough, the body was fully intact, not a single dent in it, but slow puffs of grey smoke came from the front of the car. Eventually, a familiar orange mare came trotting back towards Rainbow Dash, but a loud intermitant rumbling followed,

"Applejack, you didn't bring your insano vehicle here did you?" Rainbow Dash inquired, still a little dizzied,

"Nope, even better" Applejack responded as she looked towards the park area. Almost immediately after, a giant robot that looked to be made out of scrap props came "walking" around the corner, with none other than Lyra aboard it,

"SEE!? THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT WHEN I MENTION HUMANS! NOT THIS ALIEN IDEA YOU PONIES HAVE THESE DAYS!!" Lyra yelled from atop her creation to the two ponies. Almost immediately, Dash rolled over laughing ,

"You mean they have *Snicker* GARBAGE CANS AS HANDS!?" Rainbow shouted then broke out in a fit of laughter. The robot came "walking" over to the uncontrollably laughing pegasus, "What are you gonna do? COVER ME IN GARBAGE!?" Rainbow Dash jeered again, but a "fist" made from several garbage cans was forced into Rainbow's chest, crushing her internal organs. As Rainbow struggled to breathe, she eventually fell limp, and the "fist" was lifted up, revealling the flattened center of Rainbow Dash. The corpse faded within a few seconds and Rainbow Dash came back to Lyra in her robot, and Applejack sitting in her thrustered jeep. Rainbow immediately entered her GT-One Race car and the ponies began to square off against each other.

Eventually it ended up as Applejack and Rainbow Dash racing against each other with Lyra attempting to crush them with the robot. Even though Applejack had top speed that could get you to the moon and back in less than a minute, Rainbow Dash's epic driving skills paid off and was keeping the lead. All was going well between the two ponies until on one particular tight turn, Rainbow had clipped the apex as always, but trying to make a sweeping turn around Applejack caused her to go a little too far off the road and smash into a bridge support, causing Rainbow's car to stop abrubtly. The shadow of Lyra's robot gloomed over the GT-One as Rainbow attempted to put the car into reverse, but the transmission didn't seem to respond,

"Crap. I am bucked" Rainbow said to herself preparing for a world of hurt, but all that happened was the "fist" forcing the vehicle into the ground caused it to spaz around under the pressure. When the "fist was lifted, the pressure had cemented the car to the ground, so Rainbow continued to fight with the transmission but realized that there was no choice but to exit the car and risk getting every bone in her body squished to a pulp by two garbage cans. However, the second Rainbow Dash exited the car, she attempted to bolt away, but the second her wings spread, the "fist" mashed down on her, flattening every bit of Rainbow Dash to a pancake. When she respawned, the park area was completely deserted, showing no sign of pony life. Off in the distance, Rainbow could see the tall form of the rbot continue pursuit towards Applejack and immediately began to galop at full speed toward it.