• Published 1st Jul 2018
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The Ap-parent Trap - Bakmah Genesis

Celestia always dreamed of a foal. Just never expected it to be like this.

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Chapter 1

Uncivilized. That was the best way Chrysalis explain how she looked at the moment. Another wave of nausea hit the Queen, causing her to shove her head back over the toilet bowl as she anticipated the following reaction. A dry heave later, the changeling let out a groan as she propped herself up against the bathroom wall. Levitating a bottle of water to her lips, Chrysalis gargled the water and spit it out so she could get the taste of vomit out of her mouth.

After waiting to see if her sickness passed, the Queen stood up before dragging herself into the shower. This has been her routine for the past week. She would wake up early in the morning and rush to the bathroom only to throw up what little was still in her stomach and dry heave for a few minutes. Then, after a hot shower, she’d feel perfectly fine aside from the fact that she could out eat all of the drones in the hive once she got down to the dining hall. There was a knock on the bathroom door as she tried to rinse the soap out of her mane.

“What is it?” groaned Chrysalis. She gave out a low moan as the water worked out one of the kinks in her shoulder. There was a shuffle outside of the door before someone answered.

“My Queen, the doctor is her to check on you as requested.” answered a drone. Chrysalis grunted a response before rinsing herself off. Shutting off the water, Chrysalis used a quick spell to dry herself before brushing through her mane quick to get the snarls out.

Opening the door into her bedroom, a single drone dressed in a white coat stood waiting for her. The drone gave a quick bow before gesturing to the bed. Chrysalis gave a nod before seating herself.

“So what has been ailing you, my Queen?” asked the drone. With a flash of green, a clipboard with what Chrysalis could imagine was her medical record appeared before the changeling.

“I’ve been waking up sick and throwing up last night’s dinner for the last week.” said Chrysalis with a sigh. “Then I feel fine for the rest of the day, but could eat a manticore for every meal.”

“I could think of one thing causing it.” said the doctor, putting down his clipboard. “But it isn’t something changelings usually get. It is more of a mammal trait.”

“Mammal?” asked Chrysalis, watching as the doctor started rummaging through the bag he brought with.

“Yes, mammal.” said the doctor, coming out with a small thermometer looking device. “Have you went to the bathroom yet this morning?” After a shake of her head, the doctor handed the device to her. “I want you to pee on the narrow end of that, wait a couple minutes and we will see what it comes out as.”

Chrysalis raised an eyebrow, but followed his orders. Afterwards, Chrysalis stayed seated as she watched the screen on the device. She did not understand why she had to pee on it of all things, as she was not sure what that would accomplish, but she just wanted to be over with her sickness.

Suddenly, a small red plus sign appeared on the screen. “Its a plus.” shouted Chrysalis through the door, puzzled.

“Are you sure?” replied the doctor.

“Yes, I am not blind.” said Chrysalis with a scoff.

“Then congratulations, my Queen.” said the doctor. “You are pregnant.”

“...Pardon?” The fact that changelings can get pregnant was not unheard of. It normally was after said changeling would come back from a mission where they gained love from more carnal means than just wooing a stallion. However, Chrysalis had not done such a thing, at least not successfully.

“How could that happen?” asked Chrysalis, opening the door to her bathroom. “I haven’t been with a stallion in ages!”

“Well, there are multiple ways. The obvious one, some have gotten pregnant from having seed planted inside them, which I doubt you did, and in extreme cases, powerful magic can carry the genes of the caster as they are using their own essence after a certain point. It could be that if you recently locked horns with a powerful unicorn, it could have caused this reaction.”

Chrysalis thought for a moment. She battled with at least four unicorns recently. She’d hardly call Shining or his sister powerful, and Cadence barely any strength in her when they battled. The only one that took a good amount of energy to battle was…

“Oh shit…”

Celestia let out a sigh, rubbing the bridge of her nose. The past week had been busy after a guard stumbled upon another underground passageway in the castle along with rumors of changelings in Canterlot, again.

Since the invasion, both the residents of the city and the guard have been paranoid about another attack. Even Shining Armor called off his honeymoon to chase the rumors of changelings, much to the annoyance of his wife. Every day a new supposed threat or rumor was brought to her attention, the list seemed to go on for miles.

“I’ve had the guards check the new passageway multiple times for changelings and posted a guard at both entrances.” said Shining Armor. Next to him, Cadence stood annoyed as she was initially there to talk to Celestia about something. “If any changelings try to enter the castle, we will know.”

“And we didn’t close off the entrances and put wards on where they used to be to detect magic use, why?” asked Celestia, raising an eyebrow. “If we continue to waste resources on supposed rumors and putting soldiers where we don’t need to, we won’t be prepared if, and I mean if, there is another attack.”

“But if we keep guards at the entrances, we can catch them sneaking in!” countered Shining.

“No, that's why we have wards. If you want to catch them, guards will make them steer clear so we can’t catch them.” said Celestia with a sigh. “No one is that stupid to try and use those entrances now.”

Almost on cue, the door opened as a group of guards escorted in Queen Chrysalis. She wore a magic limiter on her horn and had multiple spears pointed at her. “Princess, we caught her trying to use the cave entrance.”

“Ha! I told you so!” said Shining Armor as he trotted towards his new prisoner. “I’ve always awaited the day of your capture.”

“Get any closer and you will need a seeing-eye dog.” growled Chrysalis, causing Shining to take a step back, much to Celestia’s amusement.

“So, instead of proving Shining Armor’s point, why did you return so soon after your failed invasion?” asked Celestia. “Surely you knew our security would be tighter.”

“I came because I had a message and I came in peace.” said Chrysalis. “I tried to explain it to these dunderheads, but they seem pretty poke-happy with those spears.” Celestia nodded and the guards lowered their spears, but did not leave her side.

“There, now what is this message that you have?” asked Celestia, staring at the changeling. Chrysalis took a deep breath before answering.

“I’m pregnant.” The room fell quiet as all eyes fell on Shining Armor. The stallion looked around before starting to panic.

“W-what?! N-no! I swear I didn’t do anything!” exclaimed Shining, turning to Cadence. “Caddy, please! You have to believe me!”

“It’s not you, dumbass.” said Chrysalis, rolling her eyes. “You couldn’t even make it past foreplay.” The changeling started making her way towards Celestia. “The only way I could get pregnant is by connecting magic with a powerful unicorn. Since Spineless over there is only good with shields, and his little sister wasn’t any better, that only leaves one option.” Chrysalis stopped just at the foot of the throne, quickly surrounded by guards. “It’s yours, Princess Celestia.”