• Published 1st Jul 2018
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The Ap-parent Trap - Bakmah Genesis

Celestia always dreamed of a foal. Just never expected it to be like this.

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Chapter 2

Celestia stared at the changeling before her, trying to figure out if what she just said was true. The two of them did fight each other with magic, but while she wanted to deny the fact that it was a possibility, there had been tales of such a thing happening. But normally it was when the two unicorns were already intimate, not trying to battle to the death.

With a sigh, the princess rubbed the bridge of her nose, she could swear a migraine was building up. Because what she need on top of the changeling scare was the Queen of said changelings being pregnant with her child. Out of all the suitors that she slept with, never did either of them get pregnant. But she battles with a changeling Queen and a child somehow becomes a product of said battle.

“Since I can’t arrest you due to your pregnancy, and I can’t just let you go waltzing back to your hive, then I am going to need you to take another pregnancy test to confirm and I’ll figure out what to do with you in the meantime.” said Celestia with a sigh. As the guards took her to the medical wing, Celestia got up to head to her study only to be cut off by Shining and Cadence.

“You can’t seriously be thinking of letting her stay her, Tia.” said Cadence. Celestia sighed, pushing past them.

“I don’t have much of a choice.” said Celestia. “Like I said, I can’t let her go, and imprisoning a pregnant mare, enemy or not, would be a political nightmare and I would lose trust from multiple allies for doing so.” She turned around so she could face the two of them. “If she is indeed pregnant, aside from the nightmare that will cause once it becomes public its mine, the only thing we can do is have her live here under supervision. Once the foal is delivered then we will decide what to do with her.”

“Then I will keep a group of guards on her at all times.” said Shining Armor, stopping outside of Celestia’s study doors. “She won’t be able to do anything without us knowing.”

“No.” said Celestia, entering her Study. “Stress and pregnancy don’t mix well. I will watch over her. Besides, knowing you, it won’t end well anyways.” Before her could argue, Celestia closed the door and locked it. She let out a heavy sigh as she made her way to her desk. With a loud thump, Celestia slammed her head into the desk.

A child. thought Celestia. Over a thousand years and now of all times life presents me with a child. The Princess let herself fall back on the pile of pillows the surrounded the desk. She had tried multiple times in her youth. But the unfortunate truth was that she was not actually fertile. No magic could fix that, and yet…

A knock on the door snapped Celestia out of her thoughts. After unlocking the door, she beckoned whoever it was to enter. Sitting up, she watched as a guard, Chrysalis, and the resident doctor all entered the study.

“I’m not sure how, but she is pregnant.” said the doctor with a sigh. “From the research I did on changelings, pregnancy should be impossible, and yet she is at least four weeks pregnant. A couple of months I can even tell you the gender.”

“Changeling anatomy changes depending on who we are intimate with.” said Chrysalis. “In this case, its female pony anatomy because Celestia’s magical essence mixed with mine.”

“Only explanation I can think of.” said the doctor with a sigh. “I never seen it, but it can happen.”

“Perfect.” said Celestia with a sigh. “You two can leave us. I need to speak with her alone.” The two other ponies nodded before exiting, although Celestia had a feeling the guard stayed outside the door on Shining’s order. “I don’t suppose you know what to expect from pregnancy, do you?”

“Not in particular.” said Chrysalis with a shrug. “Changelings normally lay eggs similar to reptiles. Not really common for this to happen.” Celestia nodded, standing up so she could start pacing.

“Well, it will take about nine months before you go into labour and it will be extremely painful.” said Celestia, noting Chrysalis’ immediate look of discomfort. “I hear the pain is worth it in the end. Anyways, some mares get mood swings, odd food cravings, etc. There is also morning sickness, which you should already be having.”

“So just being moody and hungry? That doesn’t sound so bad.” said Chrysalis, gaining some confidence.

“You will also gain weight, which will go to your womb. By you third trimester you will have a large bump that feels like you are carrying a fifteen pound weight around your waist and you will have back problems for months.”

“I am starting to hate you.” said Chrysalis with a pout, sitting herself on the ground. “So what is going to happen to me in the meantime? I doubt I am going to spend the next nine months in a five-by-five cell with crappy meals and minimal sunlight.”

“If I did that I would be labeled a monster.” said Celestia with a sigh. “No, you will live with me, essentially. You will sleep in the room next to mine, dine with me, basically shadow me so I can watch you. If I decide I can trust you on your own, you get far enough in your pregnancy that moving more than a few feet is too much work, then I will let you be by yourself.”

“Basically you are still scared this is all just a trap and a ploy for me to get control of Equestria somehow.” said Chrysalis with an eyeroll.

“The thought crossed my mind.” admitted Celestia. “But you are still carrying the child of a royal princess and are a changeling. Eventually the news will surface that you are pregnant, then pregnant with my child no less.”

“You are afraid of attacks?” asked Chrysalis. “Please, Princess, I can easily handle myself.”

“I don’t doubt that, I rather not run the risk.” said Celestia. She turned, putting her face inches away from Chrysalis. “I just hope you know I am doing this for the child, not you. As far as I am concerned, you can be locked away to never see light again. But until the child is born you are safe.”

“I sure feel safe.” mocked Chrysalis. “Try to intimidate me all you want, Celestia. My only intention is to give birth to this child. And like it or not, it is both of ours to raise. Until then, we can at least try to get along.”

“This coming from the changeling that locked a princess in the caves, brainwashed the captain of my guard, and invaded a wedding with the intention of taking over the city?” replied Celestia. Chrysalis let out a scoff.

“Let's say you need food, but the only way you could get food for you and your family is scraps from a restaurant that has plenty of food.” said Chrysalis, standing so she could be level with the princess. “Now, these scraps aren’t enough for your large family, and no one will give any food willingly cuz you are a rat. So would it not make sense that the best way to try and get this food is to take over the kitchen?”

“I see you point,” admitted Celestia. “But I would at least negotiate with the chef before I start injuring ponies.”

“We’ve tried explaining our plight to ponies in small groups.” said Chrysalis with a huff, turning away. “We just get shooed away and called us monsters. Look at me, Celestia! I am an insect with holes in my legs, a twisted horn, and my main source of nutrients is the emotion of love. Would you look at me and willingly give me what I want?”

Celestia stayed quiet. She admitted that she would be hesitant. As much as she hated to admit it, Chrysalis’ actions were justified. It could have probably been handled differently, but with how things were, it made sense.

With a sigh, Celestia sat down. “I suppose for the purpose of soon to be parents and rulers of our nations, we can try to make this work.” said Celestia, motioning to the seat across from her. Chrysalis eyed her for a moment before sitting with a small smile.

“I supposed we can.”