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I write foot stuff. Those of you who have ideas and suggestions, send as many as you want, I read them all, and may just write yours!


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Can the second scenario involve Trixie?

The guy who commissioned it said he wanted Chrysalis.

Hopefully soon, I don't like making the guy who commissioned this wait.

Love fetishsketches art
Came wait to see the second part.

Lets hope the old brain can muster up enough hot situations to complete the second part

I'm sure you can
You always manage to accel with that

Also for suggestions
Do we put them in comments or PM them

Changelings win with sexy feets~!

now we need to see starlight glimmer and or tempest shadow

I think i preferred the second capter then the first

Get therapy freakshows.

You watch the same little girl's show as us. You're on the same freaky fanfiction site as us. You even bothered to come to my profile. Eat my ass.

Didn't Nightmare Moon she wanted Twilight to keep her feet available? I would guess she would at least chastise Twilight for moving her feet so much.

Yeah, but I guess she was having too much fun

Yeah and so she wouldn't take kindly to Twilight trying to interrupt it.

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