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I write foot stuff. Those of you who have ideas and suggestions, send as many as you want, I read them all, and may just write yours!

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I don't remember putting it there...I only ever put it on a foot thread on 4chan, and then Pastebin.

I'm sencing a sequal.

8201973 What is the Mulpwiki?

This one is another great one
Love seeing star lights orginal mind altering ways
She dosent need that to get people worshiping her feet

You're damn right she doesn't

She shouldn't have killed my will like that. My desires are stronger than my will

Not bad. Just needs a little bit of trampling ;)

oh could you give me the link to the thread? also do you take requests or ideas for stories?

It was years ago, I have no idea where it could be...but I take all requests and ideas, but I write whatever and whenever I feel like

ah i see love your work so far

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