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I write foot stuff. Those of you who have ideas and suggestions, send as many as you want, I read them all, and may just write yours!

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This story made me sedimental.

This story had me stoned!

This story rocked XD

Puns aside, you did a great job on this, nice description of Maud's feet, Anon is so lucky !!!

Thank you for the nice comments, you guys rock. :D

That was rocking.

Oh my goodness, a Maud foot focused story!

Where have you been all of my life? :pinkiegasp:

So there was one thing I couldn't warps my head around this story. Are the ponies artho cuz Maud wouldn't have feet but hooves? Dont get me wrong I like this story and not trying to take it for granite,but that's all the thru me for a loop

In here theyre completely human

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