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I write foot stuff. Those of you who have ideas and suggestions, send as many as you want, I read them all, and may just write yours!

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Story was going so well til it got to the foot fetish, then it just commited suicide.

lego3 #2 · Jun 5th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Well, that sucks

Heh you can just please everybody
I loved the foot fetish part personally

Whenever you have any sort of fetish on the story, you should put up a warning on the summary. That way, those who don't want to read this stuff won't do so.

Thank you, I’ve planned to do that in the future

I dont have a foot fetish but i still enjoyed the storie :rainbowkiss:

The only thing on this site about ember is sex man...

That was a great one i love how it went and progression was perfect for the moment

Please, when a different character talks, press return on your keyboard

Yeah, this is one of my older ones, i had to convert it from greentext to this

Fair enough, have a good day

Haven't even read it yet and a lready found a geographic error. Pretty sure the official map has the dragon lands, south...

Im certain that the official map has the dragon lands in the east, check it out

South east is still south. The description to the story says it's north...
Movie map actually retconned and moved it even further south.

Shit, i dunno how i missed that...but it says east now

If you’re gonna write a foot fetish story give us fair warning in the description

Somehow that never occurred to me back in my early days here...i always give warnings now

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