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Is Celestia supposed to be so OOC in this universe? It seems like she is almost up to mustache-twirling levels of crushing Twi's spirit. What I mean to say is that seems so over the top that it starts to smell cheesey.

Love the image set! I can't wait to see you give them even more depth and depravity!

cant wait to publish the other things we already worked out ^^


She is supposed to be cold-hearted, but it isn't like there is no reason for this. All her hopes were suddenly crushed. She was eager to meet her sister again, but this was denied to her. And she waited a 1000 years for it. So her disappointment and anger is high, which will be important for this story.

Oh yeah... this series... Uhhhhhh...........

Hoo, that was some coldness I have not felt for a very long time. This story is starting intense! Oh and added to my watch list.

Impotant tip: put a comma before the name when characters address one another. Because this:

“You failed Twilight."

Actually means "You have failed Twilight the pony.", not "You have failed, Twilight."

Princess Celestia and her scholars are going about it all wrong. Use love as the base of the spell, use it to weaken the nightmare's hold on Luna and then blast the nightmare with an exorcism spell.

At least, that's what I would do. Which makes me wonder what her school is really teaching if they can't find that kind of solution.

I'm really hating Celestia in this. She's acting like a huge jerk, I get it she misses her sister but keeping Twilight away from her family for failing to solve a or problem she caused in the first place is just wrong!

But despite that this story is good.

maybe you missunderstood that one a little. Twilight is doing what she is doing to get back in favor with celestia, celestia is not making her do anything at this point.


The solar diarch lifted her hoof, making the little purple mare go quiet in trepidation.

“No. You already disappointed me twice. I will have another scholar perform this task. Obviously I overestimated your skills greatly. You will remain here for an indefinite amount of time to self-study and reflect on your shortcomings. You are not allowed to return home as I hardly can reward you by seeing your family while I’m refused to see mine.”

ok i actually didnt saw this part. might need the writer change that as i am not intending to have her be forced to stay

Finally, dirty deeds commence!

hot, but always make sure to have an overly fat pony that say "heh..heh...bueno"

got a feeling things well go down south real fast.

Murphy's Law: Challenge accepted.

I'm really curious if Celestia is going to go full-Daybreak by the end.

you know this story reminds me of a surtain music

When is the next chapter comming out? I don't want to rush you or anything, just curious.


I would say about middle of November as a guess. :pinkiesmile:

I shall quote Fluttershy
”oh my”

why are you not getting more likes?

This is honestly the worse part of your alternate Equestria. If your intent is for your audience to believe that Cadance, and only Cadance, is in the wrong here than this has been an absolute failure.


First off, it wasn't my intention to write Cadance as if she was pure evil, or any such thing. Her intentions are somewhere morally in the middle, seeing as her hatred is fueling her as well, just like it can be seen with Celestia. Things aren't always just simple black and white, and I was writing it with that in mind. And seeing your reaction does mean that it did come over just as I wanted it to be. :pinkiesmile:

Secondly, this is not my Universe, but that of Empress Bridles.

Ok here is an idea what if you stray slightly from the image series and have cadence become the main bad guy. She can still have everything in the image series happen to her but after she becomes half changing and is silenced. she can escape and joins Sombra. Pus whether you meant to or not you had great foreshadowing for this.

. “No buts. You may be a princess, but you are without land to rule. Therefore you have no political influence in this matter.”

This line would take on a new meaning and we see Sombra only once in the image series so we know what will eventually happen to both of them. But it might be an interesting fight.

It's kind of impressive how well you've made me start routing against Celestia and the others.

There's a fine line between good/evil and somewhere along that line Celestia had crossed it in her desperate bid to have her sister back.
Only thing now to do now is to wait to see how this blows up in her face if it even does. For all I know this could be one of those the bad guys win equestrias.

I mean Chrysalis is having things go her way and seem to be the biggest winner of this fic so far.

Clop is always nice, but the plot you're developing in this story is actually pretty fun to read. I can't wait to see where you take it, especially since Celestia seems to have gotten what she wants but is clearly still unhappy, as implied at the end. Maybe Celestia's attitude causes Nightmare Moon to be reborn simply because she still treats Luna coldly and closer to one of her subjects than as her sister. After all, doing the same thing but expecting different results is the definition of insanity.


Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

I hope you will enjoy the future chapters as well. Though I do not own the universe. It is a commissioned story. But I do help to plan the story out still. Pretty much throwing in ideas and discussing ideas to form a coherent and enjoyable experience. :yay:

This is fucked up. She is having her sister raped constantly just so she can have her sister that's not really her sister... Weird.


Desperation and a Perverse Moral Degeneration. I wonder if there is a secret to the latter? :trollestia:

But back on topic. It certainly is a fucked up setting, seeing how this is a dark story and I hope you like it. :twilightsmile:

I'm really loving this story, it hits just the right balance of plot and clop. Can't wait to see how it progresses. Keep up the great work.

Never your fault, eh, Sunbutt?

dammit, instantly captured. I thought things would've been more epic.

on the other hand of course if your rutting her all the time of course her body was going to adapt to it and thus start to become numb to sex. Cool-down periods exist for a reason. well looking forward to the next thing the villian, I mean hero Celestia is going to try to save her beloved sister.

Amazing chapter. Can't wait to see Shining go after the Kirins.

just so we're clear, whose the morally right one in this arrangement. I want to go with Nightmare moon since she cares more about Luna than Celestia whose obsession with her sister is turning yandere.

sidenote, my view on morally right means someone to root for and want to see come out on top. With the shit Celestia has been pulling I don't want to see her succeed at her main goal.

This is becoming boring. Argument, rape, argument, rape, argument and rape again... Anything going to happen in this "Story?"

So alicorn CAN take dragon girth but painful, unfortunately for nightmare, her body is betraying her cause of continuous sexual stimulation, soon or later she will enjoy it but still retain her defiance against tyrannical molestia. Poor Chrissy it looks like it will be a hard journey now for her with that incident. End of Arc 1: Imprisonment of a Nightmare Didn't know this was a arch? Can't wait on what the new arch will give us

This seems like the reverse from Dragk's picture(2298500 on derpibooru). Instead of Celestia it is Nightmare Moon.


It is morally ambiguous. So, wrong on both sides so to say. It is more fun this way. :pinkiesmile:


There is rape in this story. It is one of its main themes. Though what you mean might be that the plot itself isn't moving fast enough, which might be a fair critique point. I will try and think about that when planning the chapters out with the Commissioner.


Yup. Trying to have different sections. This one was more Nightmare focused. Next one could be more focused on Cadance for example. But it will need more planning still.


Didn't know that one yet. And yea, I would say that is rather accurate! So thanks for that! :pinkiesmile: :trollestia:

Yeah I guess I should have been more clear. I meant that I feel like we are stalling the story just to show Nightmare/Luna be raped more and more. I want to keep reading but the lack of 'story' is making it difficult for me to want to keep going with this.

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