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There is no spoon.

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Yay for more ApoJet! :rainbowkiss:

Yay!!! More ApoJet please!!!! LOve this series!!

Great story. More ApoJet

I'm not going to read the story because I'm not into the listed kinks.

But what kind of rocket fuel are we talking?

A very special kind of rocket fuel.

A fun, quick read indeed.
Did I mention fun? :pinkiehappy:

A nuttin good time? :D

Verily, my good chap.

Glad I could be of service. ;)

aside from some grammar errors, this was really hot and lovely

8613860 ikr? The hot new pairing on FimFic! OCs at that!

8614310 Variety is always welcome!

But good old sparklecest still never ages

8614348 Agreed. I'm just impressed that an OC-only pairing has gained so much popularity. It was a perfect storm of Shino's art, combined with Clopficsinthecomments's and Thunder-Bolt's talented writing. If I wasn't so busy with Liquid Pride 2, I would hop on this hype train myself!

Funny thing is that I wrote this in 2 hours and it's on popular stories. XD

8614360 The internet is a capricious mistress. Sometimes she takes you by surprise. For example, I wrote Berryyyy Punch while I was absolutely trashed, and it was very well received.

In any case, keep up the good work!

Thanks man!

is already thinking up a new ApoJet fic ;)

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Nice story! Always happy to see more Apojet creators out there!

Keep writing and developing your style! I look forward to big things from you!

A very hot and especially cute Apojet short story you have here. Nice job. Glad to finally see a story focused on the love rather than the lust of their relationship in a story about their Tuesdays together. The rate of Apojet art and stories being made now is amazing. I'm glad Shino's characters are receiving so much attention.

Hot story, like it.

Are you going to write more of Apogee and Jet Stream?

We'll see, but I'm not sure what else I could do :rainbowlaugh:

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