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What a great day to hump something.


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Cheeky sister is cheeky. Well, at least Ailly can't say that his life is boring at the moment! :rainbowlaugh:

So you plan on making another chapter to this or was this just a one chapter short story?

Majin Syeekoh

“I’ve seen your browsing history. I know you’re into handjobs.” your sister explained cockily.

This is honestly the best line I've come across in the history of clopfiction. Good job.

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Dropping by to second 8734322.

You broke my mature-rated Swiftie cherry. Bless you.

I honestly love how this was written, this was a really awesome read and thoroughly enjoyable, and you captured the characters very well.

Thanks for writing this! :heart: I love it!

Hello stranger, welcome to Fimfiction! :twilightsmile:

What a neat side-side story this is! Gotta love this snarky Apogee and poor flustered Alieron.

“And here I always thought you were doing some late-night gymnastics when I heard you groan in your room like this.”

New favourite line :rainbowlaugh:

Yup. Gotta keep things interesting somehow, eh?

Well, incest kinda loses it's appeal to me when it becomes a regular, "normal" thing, so I can guarantee that this won't turn into a full-on series. Particularly because I don't want it to interfere with what Dustchu has in mind for his story.
However, I do have a short sequel to this in the works. Dust asked me to take a break from working more on it, as he'd like to make some more progress on his story first, but as soon as he gives the okay, I'll finish and upload the next (and probably last) story.

Glad you guys liked it!

Cheers fam. Lots of really awesome peeps here. Except for that one guy. He's a total asshat. And his stories suck.

Be kinda awkward explaining to your mom why you got your sister pregnant tho, don't you think?

Thanks my dude. Glad you liked it! :heart:

So is aliron her twin brother(like in all the apogee stories and we never get to see him) or is he just in this one? Is he your oc? Amd is this antho? Because you said hands alot.

I was wondering how are you going to put all the smug in such a short fic, but then you did! I didn't expect to see Apogee jerking Ailly off right from the start. :rainbowlaugh:

It's a good reading, I can't wait to see the sequel of this fic. :raritystarry:

This comment is the best thing I have ever seen,

this is funny and arousing all at once. Well done

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