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Ponyville, by all means, has never been a town without incident. Somewhere within it, something was always going wrong somehow. However, for so many different things to go wrong so close together...it means things are more wrong than usual. And Twilight has more to do with it than even she realizes...

Some things are best left forgotten. The truth is not always sweet.

But, do not think things will be completely dark and grim! There will be plenty of strange things, and Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie! Because Equestria is not Equestria without its share of strange things.

(joint effort between a friend and I)

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Interesting story. I would like to see where you are going with all this mystery business. As it stands it is decently written and so gets a tentative track from me.

The image alone caught my attention, the quality of writing is keeping it. If the image is in any way foreshadowing, I eagerly await future chapters.:pinkiehappy:

Where did you find this pic? I want to see more by that artist!

(I really don't understand how replying works at the moment... My apologies...so I figure I'll also put the respective usernames as well...again, sorry, if that isn't necessary)
53871 (Gytrash) Thank you. That means a lot to me. ^.^
54256 (Necrovore) Thanks a lot. Made my day. :D
54282 (Moon_Dew) I really wish I could say I knew, but I don't. A friend linked me to the pic months ago, and I saved it to an image folder on my computer. I think it may have been on Equestria Daily around that time, but I can't say for sure. The file name also gives no hint to the artist... It pains me to not know the answer, because I'd love to help.. ._.

So how many chapter is this going to be?

Hmm I am somewhat surprised she would of kept her first name if she indeed went evil somehow in he past. The name Twilight implies that there once was a day, and with the goal of helping Nightmare Moon bring about eternal darkness, having a name that implies that there once was a day seems counter productive somehow.

PS:I am liking the story so far though.

57951 Not necessarily, with what I went for. While what you've stated is a good point, that isn't what the 'Twilight' in 'Twilight Despair' means. The definition used for 'Twilight' here is this: "A state of uncertainty, vagueness, and gloom," as well as this, "A terminal period."
I'm going to post the definitions of terminal that are relevant here, to explain further: "Occurring at or forming the end of a series, succession, or the like; closing; concluding," and, "Occurring at or causing the end of life," and finally, "Utterly beyond hope, rescue, or saving."
Though this seems unnecessary, I'm going to post the relevant definitions of despair as well: "Loss of hope; hopelessness," and, "Someone or something that causes hopelessness."
Since it's obvious you read Chapter 5, along with the (albeit inaccurate) description of the entity known as Despair in Chapter 1, you should know that Twilight Despair is cruel, and very violent/murderous. The arrival of Twilight Despair (and arguably, Nightmare Moon) caused uncertainty and gloom (vagueness may be out of the question here, I think, except to those who knew little of both). Twilight Despair wants the day to end, has been the end of many unfortunate ponies, and certainly came across as beyond saving. She effectively killed the hope many had. She was the cause of well, despair.
So essentially, Twilight Despair = End of Day, Life, and Hope, with Despair succeeding it all.
Another fitting explanation for this name is the fact that Twilight Sparkle herself is in despair because of what she had seen.
...Sorry for the ginormous reply.

I know you can't say much without spoiling so I'll just ask this a bit diffrently then I intended to at first. How long before we get an explanation for Twilight being a unicorn here and now, yet somehow being an Alicorn in the distent past?

56826 I can't say for sure, as I don't say 'Okay, this is how many chapters I'm going to make this', because ultimately, I could overestimate or underestimate how many chapters it will actually take. Therefore, the only answer I can really give is I don't think it will be very long. The highest I could see it going is maybe fifteen chapters, but it could be less. It could be more. I can't say for sure.
58966 I have a few plans for this, but haven't decided which one to go with yet. But the best answer I can give is close to the ending, or the ending itself. I'm sorry I can't be much more help than that,

Not a problem I know that when it comes to a story half the fun is finding out. Really the only reason this came to mind is because of the time travle element involved here, and really Time travle never USED to bug me, this was before I came across TV Tropes years ago. Now I find that time travle tends to red flag stuff for me anymore.


I got one theory, it is a side effect of getting blasted by the elements, and that effect is now starting to wear off, which is setting all these events into motion. By side effects I mean turned into a unicorn foal and thrown almost a thousand years into the future (Twilight is around 20 so it would be 980ish). So with the effects wearing off she will have to deal with an evil alter ego, memories, and an increase in power once she is able to stabilize herself.

If your idea turns out to be true then Twilight being the eliment of magic is dripping in enought irony to make Q gag. Also story in geniral I wonder how Twilight's for lack of better term "Former" self feels abut being the one to blast Luna with the EoH this time around? Could her guild of being forced to turn such a powerful weapons against Luna be what's driving her to lash out like this?

Will this story be continued? It has been quite a while since the last update.

171622 It will be continued. I just have been struggling with a bit of a writer's block. I know what I want to do; my problem has been finding the right words. But I promise I won't abandon this story.

:twilightoops: Poor Twilight Sparkle.

But it was awsome to read.

Epic! Can't wait for more.

Comment posted by kjaslwod deleted May 3rd, 2018


I would think that is because they know exactly what is happening, though not why it is happening.

One thing to consider is placing a blank line between paragraphs, as it helps readablity for indentation is lost when the story is downloaded as a file.

Must comment on how Dash accused Twilight of being a spy for Nightmare Moon before they looked up the Elements of Harmony, and now it turns out she was the most faithful minion. The irony is almost as great as that of Twilight defeating Nightmare.


I am pleased how the quality of writing is increasing with time. :twilightsmile: Also the story has been able to keep my interest, which is saying something.

awesome, im so glad i found this, i really love stories where twilight goes crazy or gets corrupted somehow and actually uses her magic potential for once.
im guessing that GlassAlicorn is still struggling with a writers block since nothing has happened since the beginning of February?

one more thing; i think you could get someone at deviant art to make a picture for you, i dont know for certain but johnjoseco for example seems to have a tab for mlp fim requests; you could try asking him or someone else, i dont know if they would accept though, i just saw that there was a tab for that :pinkiehappy:


For a while I was scared that this fic was dead. Thanks for proving me wrong!:pinkiehappy:

Real comment coming soon

The plot thickens.

And Celestia! :twilightoops:

At least now they have a scapegoat for Twilight's actions (he made her do it). Though first other ponies need to be convince Luna is not behind it all...

It's back!... for now... Another 2-3 months to wait, woot! :pinkiecrazy:

A UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiegasp: must read!

okay, chapter: read.
really great chapter, i found myself screaming in my mind for luna or anyone for that matter to hurry up and interrupt him and to force him to retreat

Comment posted by kjaslwod deleted May 3rd, 2018

damn twi'll really want celestia back now. after luna 'hopefully' gets twilight the information she needs and then they can go free the princess:pinkiehappy: who is this male figure?

Well... this fic is dead... a moment of silence:ajsleepy:

1267149 it could have been as good as 'hour of twilight' or 'no matter how dark' this fic could have been as good. if you havent read them i just gave you some good reading material

1267599 thanks for letting me know about those fics. I'll have to read them sometime.

1267670 your welcome. they are fantastic. and if you havent read this one i suggest reading it first, it is my fav. it is called 'For The Ones We Love' it is awesome, when you read them, tell me what you think of them:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Coming here (gah, it's been so long!) just to say this fanfic is not dead. No matter how long something may take, I will finish what I've started. You can be sure of that.

I've been having difficulty with the chapter I'm writing because I do worry how some may react to where this plot is going, but I suppose if you people have come with me this far, maybe I needn't worry. That, and some of the dialogue and such doesn't quite feel...right, so I've been trying to tweak everything to make it feel so.

I can't give any promises about when it's coming, but I can say that it most definitely is coming.



Perhaps you should look into getting a pre-reader who can make sure what you are writing is worth reading (quality control for the plot, as opposed to an editor you checks for technical errors), and who you can talk about ideas with when you are stuck.

I could do it (as long as school is not burying me in work) or you could go find a group (such as the Twilight Sparkle or Alicorn Twilight groups) and post a request for one on their message board.

Glad to see that you are alright, I was getting worried since it had been so long. :twilightsmile:

Insert overused M. Bison clip here

IT UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*ahem* Looks like my guess was right about Twilight was right...


The plot development is good, though the scene with the nobles felt a bit flat compared to most of the story (possibly because here it is mostly a faceless mob where before there were lots of characters that at least got a name and a scene to give and idea of what they are like).

Looking forward to some time spend dealing with the fallout of all these happening some chapter soon. :moustache:

I need to go back and reread this... It's been so long that I have absolutely not idea what's going on. Hehe. :facehoof:

It seems the right questions are not being asked. Dispair and Sparkle are two separate ponies sharing the same body. Yet Sparkle feels as if they are the same instead of a split personality. Also, how is the huge time gap gonna be explained? Was Twilight in stasis for over 900 years?


That is not M. Bison, it is Q. Discord.


Well, it seems that the nature of the transition between personalities makes it hard for Twilight to feel that they are truly separate.

And the history book did say she was sealed.

What was sealed was who she was hundreds of years ago, which I feel should be considered a completely different entity; they act different, they have different goals, motives, and morals. It's not unheard of for people suffering memory loss to develop different personalities, though the author may be viewing this whole ordeal with a different perspective.


The book specifically stated that she was "pulled out of the world".

The reason it may be hard for Sparkle to identify Despair as a separate being is before they switched control she was feeling foreign emotions and impulses and afterwards she remembers what happened as though she did it (or that is the way it seemed with the mystery alicorn asked her about it in the previous chapter).

Since the updates are so far apart I feel as if I need to read it again so other story's universes aren't polluting this one. I would think Sparkle's conscious would try and separate who she knows she is from the actions that Dispair did; kinda like forcing the blame on something else.

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