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This story is a sequel to Unexpected

Scootaloo has been a mom for a few months now and its about time for the first Hearth's Warming as a family. However there is a surprise when two ponies that she's never met before arrive in Ponyville, and turn out to be something she never expected to meet. What will happen now and what will this mean for their future as a family?

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D'awww... Just warm and fuzzy feelings all around. (And Uncle Ray, who wants to shrink himself? I see what you did there!:yay::raritywink::twistnerd:)

8629430 I was hoping someone would catch that reference.

Always count on a major league comics nerd to spy things like that.

No Fluttershy? I'm surprised that she isn't living with Dash.

Aside from that, it was a warm and fuzzy short and its been a fun Christmas read.

I do love these ships, it's just that I also like it when the Mane Six are hetero.

In fact, the only ones in my own 'verse that are gay and bi are Twi and Rainbow. Out of the Mane Six that is.

Because it's Twidash.

I didn't know you already wrote the sequel to unexpected. omg ya added scootaloo's aunts they better make it in the actual show! cause there's two more seasons of mlp gen4 left. I have them (scoots aunts) show up in my second story without love...now it's become a quadrilogy, side story featuring two colts who were mentioned (but given a story of their own) in love between brothers & lastly an alternate ending (to L.b.b)...thank goodness I haven't overworked myself on them! also a comic book reference.
p.s: btw I referenced a scene from your story Unexpected to another author named The Vclaw in a comment.

8693087 I have another sequel planned, this was just a one shot sequel for Christmas.

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