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This story is a sequel to Unexpected

Its been a couple of years now since Scootaloo gave birth to her daughter Storm Chaser. She and her friends have just graduated from high school and she and Sweetie Belle are getting ready for their upcoming wedding, all is pretty good all things considered.

But when an unexpected face from Rainbow Dash's past shows up at their house, the Dash family has to figure out what this is going to mean for their future. Can they move forward and will everything be okay?

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As sweet as this first chapter is, why don't I trust Traveler? I mean, showing up out of the blue after all these years without a word? Alarm bells ringing right there.

8797690 We'll see... I admit I'm still kind of working out all the details.

this will only get worse before it bets better

8797757 I'm admittedly kind of still working out the details.

How often can we expect updates?

Convenient that the estranged father suddenly shows up now of all days. Who adopted Hazel and Wintergreen though, Applejack and Rarity?

8797939 Holiday and Lofty actually, it was in the one shot Christmas fic.

8797932 Whenever I write them I guess... sorry, that's not exactly concrete in terms of information.

8797984 That's also when Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle got engaged, check it out whenever you have a chance, its a cute little fic.

Oh that's right, they weren't actually engaged yet in unexpected, thanks.

8797998 They were getting close though and talking about getting married later, but no, not engaged yet.

Okay, was starting to trust Traveler, but that last paragraph threw all of that away.

The Scootabelle scenes, especially that last one with them in bed, so cute...

8804457 Honestly I'm still kind of working out what's up with him.

8804457 Changed my mind on the last one, I think I know what to do with him, but that's a surprise.

He's gonna kill them.

Now where did I put my rifle?

With me, nonthing is safe when it comes to mysterious ponies

8804595 Fair point... well, he's not gonna kill them.

Is it anything I need my guns for?

But when an unexpected face from Rainbow Dash's past shows up at their house,

Let me guess: It's Lightning Dust.

8804844 I have something in mind for him that's not as bad as it seems... kinda.... just wait, we'll get to it!

Knowing you, it'll either be something heartwarming, or something that'll make me want to tear my hair out and scream.:derpytongue2: But seriously, can't wait.

8805100 You'll see, its very, secret, its gotta be secret.

Still, at least the ScootaBelle moments were cute right?

8806057 Excellent, I was aiming for cute.

And you hit the target with a bullseye.

Not entirely sure I'm a fan of the literal monsters in Stormy's head, as they feel sorta out of place in a story like this, but for the most part not that bad of a chapter.

8809123 Okay, so I was out of ideas for where to go with the nightmare thing, so I decided to combine it with ideas I'm working on for other parts of the story. The good news is that its the last time there will be monsters, or spirits technically, in her head, the bad news is that its just the beginning... though there are a couple of ways I can do this and we can discuss them on Discord.

Okay, I admit, this version is MUCH better.

I love it. Please update soon. I'll be sure to follow your story so I can read what happens next

8810043 Well, I just updated today and I'm probably gonna work on something else for a bit, but I'll update as soon as I can.

okay. take all the time you need

8810072 I do enjoy working on this fic, especially the ScootaBelle stuff, that's always cute and fun to write.

yeah. I'm currently working on a scootabelle fanfic myself

8810080 Nice!

Admittedly what you read is the second version of the chapter because version one was a bit... well, it just didn't work for what the story is about.

8810167 Still, we have some really interesting stuff to come, I hope you like it.

I can't wait to see it. Whatever you write, il positive that I'll like it

8810200 If you want check out some of my other stuff, I have a lot of Scootaloo fics. Though my personal favorite is Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt, which is... well its a long story, both figuratively and literally.

Speaking of the name, will Discord actually be in the story? I mean he had a small part in the last story, but I would love to see him have a somewhat bigger part in this one

sorry my response late!
my thoughts on the story thus far (note: message is several days and a month old)

so this last weekend and decided let's check clicks on stories section & finds this Moving forward "Ah the sequel she mentioned some time ago...I must read."
the second chapter (you published on my birthday yesterday*squee*)
a few questions
1. When did rarity and applejack get married!? i'm not a rarijack shipper but did this happen in the main story or was this all done off screen?
2. what's up with scoots bio dad?
with chapter 3 - does scootaloo's daughter have some ability to see visions of the future in her dreams?
There, it's done!


1. I admit it was offscreen, sorry about that.
2. That will be explained in the story.
3. Eh, I was going to make a story out of it but mostly its just her being scared, but you never know.

...I think I just died of cuteness.

That was a heartwarming mother's day chapter

Nice chapter.
Suitably cute.

It's a good thing I'm not diabetic.

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