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While Twilight was in her lab at Canterlot High, she stumbled upon a strange vial of green liquid.
Then, she drinks the strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories of Crystal Prep.
And she's mad that former principal of Crystal Prep, Abacus Cinch, is now the new dean. This makes Twilight so mad there will be some funny parts that she would love to do to get back at her. After all, Cinch did keep on forcing her to compete and spy on the Rainbooms, as well as unleashing the magic that turned her into Midnight Sparkle.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 27 )

You need to make this chapter a bit longer and need more work...whatever’s is that your putting in.

Little fast paced at the end. But yeah Twilight holds alot fo pain and misery because of what happened. Can see ehr exploded. but the potion thing errr no. I don;t see Twilight being so stupid or native she takes a vail that she knows nothing about and drinks.

you need to find a better way for Sci Twi to become Gamma empwoered.

Can you please upload the next chapter of this story I'll be waiting

Don’t you mean... she-hulk transformation....

I feel that this fic is a sequel to Harmonic Vengeance.

I hope sci Twi doesn't become mindless when hulking out

Awesome chapter my friend and good name for sci Twi's hulk form and keep me updated on the story because I'm loving it

Thanks for the comments and I am still working on the story

Author's Note:

This is the end of the first chapter.

Is it? And here I thought it had been truncated... :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

I still find this story badly written.

I've done a new chapter finally.

Sorry if I got the suggestions out of order.

Look, everybody, I'm either glad about how much you love or sorry if you dislike my story. But, I have school to go to. Also if you read"The Fight In School", before the last paragraph, I said that Spike will explode in anger at Twilight for what she did to Rainbow Dash. I also thought about putting Sour Sweet and the rest of the Shadowbolt's team as monsters. Sour Sweet will be the Sour-nation which is the Abomination. If you want me to put Twilight in a crying frenzy, I will try and get it done.

second chapter will be short and third one will be long i promise.

Since her nickname is Scitwi, why not Sci-Hulk.

8701247 Harmonic Vengeance is an Avengers crossover fic. Twilight ended up being in Bruce Banner's body for some reason.

Wait... so what the skin color of Savage Clover-Hulk post to be again?

Then why’d you didn’t add in the skin change into this chapter?

Everyone knows that the Savage she hulk is green, of course.

Right... but still you still need to added it in the chapter so everyone need to know what fluttershy turn into.

Don't worry, she won't be mindless. Okay, she will, but not that bad.

If you want, you can read the sequel and sequel parts if you want to.

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