• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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Bonus Chapter

Twilight, and the rest of her friends were up late later on trying to find the She-Hulk, oblivious to the fact that Twilight was the said female hulk. Fluttershy couldn't make it because she had work to do at the pet store. Unlike Twilight, the girls all had their clothes on while Twilight was wearing two long, white gloves on her forearms, and a long white gown that actually hid two fully white pairs of thigh highs. They thought Twilight's gown was used to keep her warm, but really, it's to help keep the beast within. It was a personal, secretive prescription for Twilight that her father told her sometimes wear. She also worn her regular slippers.

Pinkie Pie was wearing her new outfit with white tights. And she was currently on the ground, sniffing like a bloodhound. "Okay girls, I think we're super duper positively close to our culprit," Pinkie Pie said.

"It took you 20 minutes to find the movie monster, Pinkie Pie?" Twilight said with a hint of venom into her sentence.

Applejack noticed her attitude. "What's got you stuck in a haystack?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because SOMEONE threw a rock through my window and hit me hard on the head. I still have that bruise thanks to you, Applejack. Besides, why do we even need to be here; so late at night; in the DARKEST alleys of the city; looking for a monster made from a movie?"

"This isn't a movie, Twilight. It's real life. That monster will pay for what she did to Rainbow!" Double P shouted.

That sentence, however, caused Twilight to stare at Pinkie wide-eyed. "Uh, just curious, like always, um, what DID this "She-hulk" do to Rainbow Dash, exactly?" She asked while quoting. "I mean, I did call in sick today," Twilight sheepishly said to Pinkie.

Rarity started to explain. "Well, you see, dear, She-Hulk performed a WWE move known as the "Brogue Kick" and ended up making Rainbow land in a cast for a few weeks. The poor dear. Are.. are you alright, Twilight," she said as she saw Twilight sweating a downpour of sweat glands.

"What?! Me?! I'm fine. I'm fine. Let's go find that monster!" Twilight said as she made a slight boxing hook in the air with her right hand to tell her friends that she's all fired up. Her friends gave her nods of approval and went back to following the trail. Twilight stayed a little far back. Then, she placed her hand to her sides. "Spike, we are going to have a talk when I get back," she said as she looked at her right with her arms still at her sides. Then, she ran to catch up to her friends as they walk into an alley. Then, they heard some trashcans falling down and saw a pair of yellow eyes in the dark alley. Then, the creature escaped into the dark abyss. But, then they heard another sound as they see a pair of green eyes appearing. Pinkie Pie and her friends started to get near the creature that they thought was the Incredible She-Hulk.

Twilight, however, didn't like the thought of another She-Hulk being abused for what she didn't do. So, Twilight slowly backs up until she was out of the alley. Then, she went to the right where they past the alley next to the one with her friends in it. She went down into the long alley and stopped in the middle of it. Carefully, she looks right and left to see if no one was watching. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said as she slumped her shoulders as she looks up into the dark purplish sky. She grabbed an empty soda can and threw it so far out of the alley and into a super long alley. Her friends took notice and left the creature alone thinking that the real one was somewhere else. Twilight dusted her hands off. "Well, guess that's taken care of. Now on to the next thing I can't believe I'm doing," Twilight said as she slumped her shoulders once again. She bent down on her knees and started to unstrap her left slipper. Then, she started hopping on her left foot as she removes her right shoe. Then, placed her right arm straight in front of her as she uses her left hand to pull the forearm glove more into what it really is, a super long evening glove.

Author's Note:

Don't worry guys, I'm working on the next chapter you will see soon enough.