• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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The new green amazon jumped out of her house, and onto the street. She didn't know she woke up Spike.

"What the?!" Spike shouted questioningly as there was a big hole through the roof. Then, he saw torn clothes of his owner and friend. He knew what was going on. But, he hoped it wasn't true. So, he ran downstairs and went to her parent's room. He barked, and told them to wake up.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle, wake up!" he shouted.

"*Yawning* Spike, what are you doing up?" Night Light, Twilight's father, said all tired when Spike woke him and Twilight Velvet up.

"It's almost 11:00. Shouldn't you be in bed with Twilight?" Twilight Velvet asked.

"That's why I came to get you for! She's missing!" Spike shouted.

"WHAT?!" they both shouted questioningly.

"I'll go with Spike! Go get Shining!" Night Light told Velvet.

As they did what they were doing, Spike led Night Light to his daughter's room while Velvet went to get Shining Armor. Spike stopped at his and Twilight's bedroom door.

"Okay, Spike, why are we stopping?" Night Light asked.

"Well, before we go in, I warn you cause this won't be good," Spike said.

"Alright. Show me what has happened to my daughter," Twilight's father told her dog.

Spike opened the door and when Velvet and Shining got there, they saw torn clothing.

"No! It can't be!" Velvet shouted and began to cry.

"Someone must've teared her clothes off and kidnapped her," Shining Armor suggested.

"And might've used her for a heist as a damsel in distress from those kind of movies," Night Light added while hugging Velvet.

"Actually, no one from Canterlot High would kidnap her just to get back at her when she destroyed the Canterlot High Wondercolt statue as Midnight Sparkle," Spike said.

"Her demon self?" Shining Armor asked.

"Yes. And they forgave her when really it was Abacus Cinch's fault for blackmailing her into the games and did it again at the last event. Also, who would want to tear her clothes off just to be humiliated in front of the whole school, when they don't have a way to get into our room?" Spike mentioned.

They all just shrugged, including Velvet.

"See? None of that has happened to her. But, I did hear her scream. And along with an unusual and strange roar," the dog said looking to his right with his left paw in the air.

"Unusual?" Shining started off.

"Strange?" Night Light went on next.

"Roar?" Velvet questioned.

"Yeah, I mean, why would a strange mythical creature want to hurt Twilight?" Spike said. Then, he looked at Twilight's clothes. "*Gasp* Maybe it's because that mythical creature, is Twilight!" he shouted.

"You mean... My baby.. Is the thing that made the huge hole in the roof?!" Velvet said so scared.

"I might be wrong or not, but if I'm right?" Spike started.

"Then, we will have to make her remember who we are and what we mean to her in her heart. That we still love her," Velvet finished.

"Uh, I think I found the answer," Spike told them as he showed with his right paw to four footprints. The left one, small. The right one, big. The next left one, bigger. And the next left one, huge!

"I think she became, if that footprint means anything, an amazon," Spike said.

"Well let's go find her, then!" Shining Armor shouted.

"We might not know where she went!" Night Light protested.

"We could try the Howling Forest!" Spike said, wanting to help his friend be safe from harm.

Later on that night...

They made it to the Howling Forest, while searching for their family member, hoping she didn't get hurt.

"I hope she doesn't get hurt. I made her get hurt during the Friendship Games, after all," Shining said reliving the memories of her turning into Midnight Sparkle when Sunset showed him after she and her friends came with his little sister.

"It wasn't your fault, Shining. It was Cinch who forced her to unleash the stolen magic," Spike said while Night Light held his leash with his left hand.

"We all make mistakes, honey. We just need to remember not to make the same mistakes," Velvet said to her son.

Then, Spike smelled something.

"Umm, guys?" he said.

"What is it, Spike? Did you find Twilight?" Night Light asked.

"No, I found something that isn't her." he said all scared.

Then, a black bear came out roaring, and running at the group. It chased them into a cave. When it made it at the entrance, he started to roar again on his legs with lightning cracking with his roar. Then, the group screamed. But then something else came.

"RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" a mysterious roar was heard. Then, the bear turned around only to get sucker punched on his left snout, and then hoisted up by two blue gloved hands, and was hurled to hit his back into a German Suplex. Spike opened his eyes, then Velvet, Night Light, and Shining Armor. Next thing they know, they had saw an angry being with green skin, blue socks, blue gloves, a pink bra and pink panties with glasses on the right.

The being then scared off the bear, and raised her hands in victory.

"SCI-HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS!" Sci-Hulk yelled in righteous anger and happiness, in this case, "hapgry."

Spike saw Sci-Hulk, and slowly walked up to her. When he saw the glasses, he knew who Sci-Hulk really is.

"Tw- Tw- Twilight? Is that you?" he said which Sci-Hulk turned her head to the right and saw him with a sad glance on his face.

"S- Spike?" she said with a sad glance of her own. Then, she looked at the others. "Daddy? ... Shiny? ... Mommy?" she said all their names in confusion.

Velvet looked at her with tears coming out. "Yes, Twilight, It's us. Your family. Just cause you look... uh, different, doesn't
mean that you won't stop being my daughter. We still love you and always will."

Then, Sci-Hulk grew a short smirk to the left with her teeth showing. But, then she felt woozy and fell to the ground, breathing fast. Everyone looked at her, wondering what's happening to her. Lime-colored sweat was falling off her face and arms. Her family couldn't believe it, she was shrinking a little to the size of Shining Armor. She gripped the ground so hard that she was panting so hard.

"*Pant* *Pant* *Pant* Grrr. Ah! Ooh! Ee! Ah! Oh!" She grunted while ripping the ground up and threw the chunk of dirt to her left while her muscles were shrinking. "Ooooooh Aah! *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*," she panted while the pain was disappearing. Her green streak and lime streak faded back into her original purple and pink streaks. Then, she used her right leg and put her right hand on it. Next, she pushed herself up. She felt like a wind was blowing through her face and made the front of her bangs turn from black to blue, all the way down to the end of her hair. Finally, as she walked to her family using her left leg, then her right, while shrinking back to her normal size and her skin turning back into her usual lavender color.

"Forgive me," she said as she fainted and fell to the ground.

Author's Note:

I will make another chapter saying "The RAGE AND HATRED Part 2."

Another thing is: the "Oooooh is pronounced like "ooh."