• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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Rise and Shine and Smash Part 1


"Now, Miss Sweet, I want you to drink this," Cinch said as she gave a test tube to Sour and she grabbed it out of Cinch's left hand with her left hand.

"What is this stuff?" she asked.

"I was wondering if you were going to say that," Cinch said. "It has come to our attention that some giant green girl is running rampant and wreaking havoc in Ponyville's Canterlot High," she said once again.

"You mean the She-Hulk?" she asked. "Yeah, I know her. So?" Sour asked again.

"When you drink this, you will become more stronger than her. Imagine, Sour Sweet, the hero of Equine City. Would you stop this monster and save the day?" Cinch asked.

"I accept your offer," Sour said.

"Now, before you drink this, make sure you wear your normal outside clothes, and drink it in the bathroom, where no one can see you," Cinch said.

"Got it," Sour said.

"Oh, I also heard rumors that She-Hulk will be in the Howling Forest. So that means that you can battle her in there at night. Not to mention that when you get really mad, you'll get stronger with the changes. Now go. And don't tell your friends," Cinch said.

"Right! Got it! I can't wait to bring that monster down, cause I'm bringing the pain!" Sour said as she dashed toward the locker room and went to the bathroom. Then, she got in her green dress, had her teal socks on, and had let her hair down. She grabbed the tube out of the left pouch of her book bag with her right hand, walked over to the sink, and lifted the tube up as she gulped it all down with one sip.

But, what she did know was that she forgotten to ask Dean Cinch if it was painful. And it was. She clutched her head as she let go of the vial and dropped on both knees. She was going through the same transformation that Twilight went through. Only this time, she turned red.

As the transformation was completed, she saw a puddle on her left and saw what she became. She was happy.

"Today, would be the rise of the Spice-Hulk," the new red amazon said as she got her things and went up to the window, and opened it up with her claws.

"Oooh, Spicy likey," she said as she looked at her right hand that had black claws.