• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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The Girl Who Once Tried To Destroy The World

Today was like any other day. There were friends everywhere in the outside suburbs of ManeHattan, where a girl lived her entire life. She once went to her old school, Crystal Prep, but you will see later on.

Through a window that was so fancy and looked like the one from Stuart Little. You readers know, the one shaped like an oval, with smaller ovals. But, inside it doesn't have green walls. They were purple, dark purple. Well, violet since that is the actual name for dark purple. And on the dark blue floor lay a bed, two beds in fact. A big bed with brown wooden corners and a big brown frill-like back of the bed, with a normal blue blanket, and a white pillow. There was a big lump under the sheets that were light pink. Then it moved and a sound was audible to hear. A yawn to be precise. Then it moved downward and a dark blue flow of hair, with a purple streak that was smaller than its big, dark pink streak. This is where the girl comes in.

"Oh no! I'm gonna be late for school" yelled the lavender girl, who was the human counterpart of the princess of friendship.
The human version of Twilight Sparkle, or Sci-Twilight, in this case.

"Come on, Spike, we gotta get ready before the school bell rings! And that means I'll be *Gasp* TAAAARRRDYYYY!"

Her dark lavender colored dog, who can now talk during the recent events of the Friendship Games, got up out of his dream of chasing, you guessed it, squirrels, because he knows that his owner doesn't like being late, even if the school she goes to, Canterlot High has accepted her and the students forgave her since she was blackmailed by, you guessed it again, Principal Abacus Cinch. And she can't believe that she would've been in custody of the police, or would have been taken to Everton and be experimented on if that principal had shown the evidence of her trying to almost destroy her universe. Her world. Her home-world. Her birthplace, just to go to another world only cuz she felt like an outcast and thought that she would use it on her own team to see how it felt being hated by their own teammate, their own kind. But, the magic she accidentally collected from her competitors from Rarity, to Pinkie Pie, to Sunset Shimmer, to FlutterShy, to AppleJack, and finally, to Rainbow Dash, all that magic added with closing the portal to Equestria, and all the peer pressure from her old principal and the hatred she secretly had, well still does hate her old classmates, made her into Midnight Sparkle, the second raging She-Demon of the Equestria Girls universe and third villain. But, luckily she's a dueterogonist, which means she was really good and didn't want to compete, but Cinch and fellow ShadowBolts peer pressured her to unleash the magic to get back at the WonderColts, which of course never made plants come out of portals and try to eat both teams since it was a little bit of Twilight's fault, well, all Twilight's fault since she didn't stop wearing her spectrometer and leave it in her book bag, which the Rainbooms, would have never lost their magic if she didn't wear it in every round of the two events.

So, Twilight got her pink panties and bra with a red heart on the front of her panties on. Then, she put her red vest with blue sleeves on. You know what? It was the same dress she had on in Dance Magic, Movie Magic, and Mirror Magic. She pulled her blue socks up, and then she put her shoes on.

She got her backpack on and bent down with her arms out for Spike to jump in her arms.

Then, they went down stairs and got their lunch ready.

A bologna, cheese, and mustard sandwich, two apples, red one for her teacher and a green one for her, with grape juice.

A plastic bag with three pieces of bologna, a purple rope, and four chicken drumsticks for both Spike and Twilight.

Then, they got to Twilight's bike, or this case "their" bike and went as fast as they can to school.

And when they go to school, they were too late, because Principal Celestia was sitting at the top of the stairs.

Twilight gulped. "Good morning, Principal Celestia! I'm so sorry for not getting here on time! Please don't get mad at me and mark me tardy!" she shouted by begging while holding Spike and cringing her head to the right.

"Don't worry Twilight. You're not tardy at all," Principal Celestia said.

"Oh," Twilight replied.

Later on at Canterlot High...

"Dang, Twilight! How are you so early all the time?!" Rainbow Dash asked her with a loud tone.

"Do you have some secretly, awesome traveling tunnel to get to anywhere you want to go?" Pinkie Pie asked with excitement.

"I'm always prepared, and no, I don't have a secret tunnel," Twilight answered.

"Still darling, you get there so early and it's like Principal Celestia is pretty happy that you are always wanting to get to school," Rarity said.

"Is there something wrong that you wanted to tell the principal, and not us?" FlutterShy questioned.

"No, there's nothing wrong! Heh heh, eh," Twilight replied very quickly while shouting at her timid friend.

"Woah there, Twilight! She's just worried about ya. In fact, we all are," Applejack pointed out.

Realizing her mistake, Twilight looked at FlutterShy. "I'm so sorry, FlutterShy. There's just a lot going on in my head," she said.

"I forgive you," FlutterShy replied back to her friend. Then, Sunset spoke up.

"What do you mean by "in your head?" She questioned.

Well, Twilight blew it and used her left hand and face palmed her head for what she just said.

"Does it have anything to do with a certain event and a certain someone that is upsetting you?" Sunset asked.

"*Sighs* I guess there's no point in hiding it anymore," Twilight sighed in defeat. "Yes. It most certainly does have to do with the Friendship Games." Then, she was getting angry for who's name she was going to mention while looking away from her friends. Next, she turned to look at them and they saw that she was getting angry. "It's not about you guys, but it's about that stupid former principal and now Dean of Crystal Prep, Abacus Cinch. I mean, I hate her! I HATE HER SO MUCH! I EVEN HATE SOUR SWEET, SUNNY FLARE, INDIGO ZAP, SUGARCOAT, AND LEMON FREAKING ZEST! THEY ALL HATED ME JUST CUZ I WAS MORE SMARTER THAN THEM! AND THAT IS WHY I HATE THEM FOR! I HATE EVERY! SINGLE! SHADOWBOLT! AND WORST OF ALL," she stopped to take her hairpin off to let her hair down and her glasses off to show tears of anger," THEY PEER PRESSURED ME AND TRICKED MY BRAIN TO MAKE ME STUPID ENOUGH TO UNLEASH ALL THE MAGIC THAT I STOLEN, NOT COLLECTED, STOLEN, AND TURN ME INTO THAT MONSTER, MIDNIGHT SPARKLE, AND ALMOST DESTROYED THIS WORLD JUST SO I COULD GO TO ANOTHER ONE AND LEARN ABOUT THE MAGIC FOR SCIENCE! I COULD'VE KILLED MY FAMILY! MY MOTHER! MY FATHER! MY BIG BROTHER, SH-SHINING ARMOR! MY SISTER-IN-LAW, CADENCE! AND WORST OF ALL, THE ONE WHO'S BEEN THERE FOR ME TO CALM ME DOWN! I COULD'VE KILLED SPIKE!" Twilight shouted and started crying and landed on her knees, not caring in the world if she got scraped by the hard ground and put her hands in front of her eyes.

They all went her and calmed her down in a big group hug. Then, they went to her house.

Author's Note:

This is the end of the first chapter.