• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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The Anger That Was Bottled Up

When they got to Twilight's house, they saw a mysterious box at the front door.

"What in Sam Hill is that box doing here?" Applejack wondered.

"Twilight, did your parents order something off of Ebay?" Rainbow asked.

"No. I mean I don't think so. They never told me they did," Twilight answered.

"I.. I'll go see what it is," FlutterShy said confidently.

"Be careful, darling," Rarity said hopefully.

Fluttershy walked really slow with her right then her left. Right, left, right, left, and stopped and looked at it and found a label on the top.

"Umm... Twilight? It has your name on it," Fluttershy spoke out to Twilight.

Twilight walked up to Fluttershy and then bent down.

"You're right, Fluttershy. But... I didn't order it," she said.

"Maybe we should look at it inside while not gaining any attention," Sunset spoke with confidence.

"*Inhale and Exhale* OK, let's bring it inside. Applejack?" Twilight said to her cowgirl friend.

While everyone got inside, they all went to the living room, so just imagine a blue floor with white walls, and a purple ceiling.

Twilight opened it, and inside was a note with a bottle with green liquid.

"To: Twilight Sparkle. From: An old friend. This bottle will help you take care of your anger issues. It's called "Great Reward." Okay, a) How does this stranger know my name? B) Who is this old friend of mine? C) How does he/she know I have anger issues? And d) Why would this stranger give me some kind of soda to help with my anger issues?" Twilight questioned.

"Ooh, maybe I can test it out. Can I pretty please with cherries on top?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Rainbow snatched it from Twilight's right hand and stopped over at Pinkie's right side with her speed.

"Then let's check it out!" Rainbow said and used her right finger and thumb to open it up and was about to drink until Twilight snatched it back with her left hand.

"NO! We might not know what it could do to you! So I will drink it!" Twilight said as she drank it. She drank all of it in one sip.

Then, she burped.

"Heh eh. Excuse me," Twilight said calmly while chuckling.

Then, later on that night in her room...

"I wonder what makes this "Great Reward" so... Rewarding?" Twilight questioned herself until she got a bad tummy ache.

"Ooh, I knew I shouldn't have drank that mysterious bottle," she said in pain.

Then, she felt an extraordinary pain that was, well, more painful than the time she turn into Midnight Sparkle. Weird thing, though, her blue socks magically pulled them higher passing her knees. Another strange thing, is that another pair of socks came out of the ones she was wearing and turned into gloves and pulled them through her elbows and stopped where it almost touched her shoulders. Then, a transformation into what the title of this story is about. Oh! Her shoes ripped when her feet were getting too big. Her thighs were getting so hot, she used a hidden strength she never knew she had to rip her skirt and tear her shirt apart. Her hair changed from blue to black, her purple streak to dark green and her pink streak to a lighter shade of green. Her skin even had become green. Her hair grew longer without her hairpin and her glasses fell into the left side of her pink panties.

Now, to all you readers, you can just see the hulk's first transformation on YouTube by typing it.