• Published 6th Dec 2017
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The Incredible Sci-hulk of Canterlot High - Flameboy

Twilight drinks some strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories.

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It was very quiet at the Sparkle house after the Sparkles and Cadence discovered that Fluttershy was a she-hulk, too. Twilight and Fluttershy were wearing white blankets. Even her parents already know about her being a she-hulk as well. It was still quiet until someone spoke up and broke the quietness.

"Alright, so both of us, as in both families, know about one of their own being a Marvel-based superhero, right?" Spike asked.

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Well, except for one that isn't part of our families," Twilight said.

"Who, dear?" Her mom asked.

"Rainbow Dash," she answered.

"Does she know about me?" Fluttershy asked.

"No. No, she hasn't found out yet. And we'll make sure we keep it that way for the rest of our lives if we have to."

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