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In the land of Equestria, everything is peaceful and everybody lives in harmony.

But for good to exist, evil must also exist.

So for a land to be so peaceful, the evil must have been contained, sealed, imprisoned.

Every evil, corrupted, sadistic and damned soul has ended up in this place, and has never escaped

A prison so far in contrast to the rest of Equestria, even the princesses themselves would have trouble surviving the corrupted landscape and evil creatures.


And every prison needs a jailer

So, for when the first time in eons, something escapes from Tartarus, Equestria will bare witness to the song of the jailer, and his foes will tremble when it chimes

So sing praise to the Songbird

For he is the Jailer of the damned

Displaced, tags may change

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Comments ( 32 )

did you get custom art for this story, or can these be found with a quick google?

Its an existing piece of art from bioshock infinite, I found the original picture on google and changed what the part at the bottom said
this is the original picture

Who is the songbird paired with since according to game lore the songbird is another version of big daddies and he needs a bond in order to live. Also will you make him immune to pressure since that is how the songbird was killed in infinite?

actually, the only big daddy's in bioshock that need to stay with the one they're paired with are the alpha series, just like the rest of the big daddy's, songbird doesn't need to be paired with someone to survive, but when he is, he is EXTREMELY protective of them, which is something that will come up in the story, with a certain pony *sly grin* (there wasn't a sly grin emoticon) Also the songbird isn't the another version of the big daddy's, he's based on on them

Ok thanks for the info, but will you solve his deadly problem with pressure though? Or will that remain. Also I am guessing Fluttershy to be the pony he bonds with.

I won't reveal anything :pinkiecrazy: but I'm not gonna fix his pressure problem, it might make for something good later in the story, and thats not a confirmation, thats a maybe

interesting story, looking forward to seeing how this
story plays out, the songbird is mechanical/ biological
with the possibility it has a human brain, best check out
(songbird monster lore) on youtube for further info, wonder which of the mane six will befriend the beast?,
keep up the good work!.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the tip :twilightsmile: it told me some stuff I didn't know that I could use later in the story, oh and thanks for checking out my story, It's always nice to see someone enjoy my story's

I have a question? So songbird defeated Luna and celestia does that mean he is resistant to magic

I...hadn't thought that far ahead, but now that you mention it, I think I might make him treat regular magic attacks like he treats being attacked with vigors, to my knowledge, vigors don't exactly do much, if anything to songbird. the only time magic will do anything real damage and not just be an annoyance, is when its very strong magic, or a unique type of magic, like dark magic or some or type

Wait, this is a Displaced Songbird!? I may not have gotten far in Bioshock Infinite, but that thing still gives me nightmares!

Yeah, I always thought the songbird looked cool, but there were so few displaced songbirds, so I made one myself

8587776 That's good and I was surprised that Fluttershy wasn't bonded. Maybe Twilight reminds Songbird of someone? Either way, Songbird's pretty much like the uber-protective parent that tracks you down if you as much as get a paper cut on your middle finger from turning a page and freaks out if you even make one step out of your front door.

Well, Elizabeth DID live in a library most of her life...

A library...In a tower

Oh and would you look at that, she also, at a young age, unlocked a great power, because of an accident...

For those of you unaware, the reason Elizabeth can open tears is because her pinkie got cut off when she was being taken through a portal to another universe, so her pinkie ended up in one universe, and she ended up in another

Wait, hold up
this is a Displaced fic with all that 'person go to a con, buy things from The Merchant and get sent to Equis' thing?

yes, that will come up later, If I just stuck songbird in Equestria he would probably just rampage and I wouldn't be able to do certain things because original songbird is already imprinted on Elizebeth

Well that makes sense
will he/her can communicate with other?
and will there be original Elizabeth and Booker appearance in the future?

for your first question, maybe, haven't decided

And for your second question, its possible, there are always constants and variables, and if Twilight is the Elizabeth constant of this universe, who would the Booker of this universe be?

We got songbird. We got a stand-in Elizabeth. Just need a Booker and twins stand-ins and the gang is all here.
Would sunbutt count as a Comstock?

Celestia, you complete and utter idiot.:facehoof: The Smartest option, would have been to REASON with Songbird like you did so long ago! NOT Shoot it in the back while it was being parentally affectionate of your Prized Student!:facehoof:

To be fair when celestia got Up she couldn't see her student and an extremely dangerous creature that had once defeated her and her sister and having her sister be traumatized by the experience had just crashed through the wall so she panicked and jumped to conclusions, attacking the dangerous creature that she had presumed had hurt twilight

Celestia grimaced at the sight, before putting on a comforting expression for her sister "I'm sure it will be fine, we have the elements of harmony now, we are more powerful than we were back all those century's ago" she said comfortingly, wrapping Luna in a hug, trying to calm her down. Ever since they had first faced the songbird all those century's ago, Luna had had a fear of the songbird ever since, even the nightmare had feared its wrath.


Wan is the next. Chapter coming out

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