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Do you remember that writer that gave up? Neither do I.


A Bioshock Big Daddy wakes from his stasis in Equestria, and subsequently adopts an unwilling Apple Bloom as his little sister. This is the short tale of the events that followed his awakening.

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Very interesting premise. Could this Big Daddy be Subject Delta from Bioshock 2 perchance?

Oh lordy loo.

Not exactly. There are other stories by different authors that stem from this one, and I'll link them at the end of this story when they're uploaded here.

Haha, no, just a bouncer Big Daddy.

It was a bit violent and my first go at any sort of action.
Something different than my typical stories, and the idea seemed fun.
Thanks for giving it a look though! I appreciate it!

Well, considering I like what I see here, I await the tales of the other... five...

I just realized as I was typing this comment that there would be six big daddies in this "series." Coincidence?

This is really quite good.

It could actually blossom into a full story, if you put in the care. This could be great.

EDIT: Hipster post, I favourited it before it got featured.:rainbowdetermined2:





Well ain't this a fistful O' lightin. Well written and the fight scenes were pretty intense.

I friggin love this :pinkiehappy:! Hope you continue with this, cause this is epic!

The only words I can use to descibe this story :yay:. That was the most AMAZING story EVER.:pinkiehappy:

Never played Bioshock, this was pretty cool though. Might try it someday...

This story is COMPLETE?!

Are you writing a sequel, or are you just leaving it?

I suppose I need to upload my daddy too.

Give me two hours.

woah... a bit sad but really good :fluttershysad::ajsmug:

I hope the sequels link to the other 5 big daddy guys:derpytongue2:

Well writen first chapter :ajsmug:
there's five other Big Daddies
we saw a Bouncer.
we know there's five type of Big Daddies
Bouncer, Rosie, Rumbler, Alpha series, Lancer plus the Big Sister.
MHHHH.... Coincidence ?!
maybe not !
I'm watching you from now ! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, figures that the changeling actually knows how to kill. Simple teleport, spliced by Potter's terms. Ironic really.

:rainbowderp:Holy shit....... this is the best Bioshock crossover I've ever seen! I hope there's more!

Alt. Title: Bioschlock: Minion Of Arse

Now I need a PS3 and Bioshock

Hah, this was actually more fun than I had expected! I like your use of the Big Daddy's point of view, doing it from outside could have been quite grim without the reminder that Big Daddies are really just tunnel-minded softies at heart.


Oh... Oh my.

Thanks for reading!

Yes, this story is complete as far as my writing of it.
I left the ending I did for a reason: other authors are taking up writing the other big daddies.
I'll be linking to the stories once they're uploaded.
As of right now, there are at least three more continuations planned; one of which is going to be uploaded soon.
This was a fun story to write, and I'm glad so many people enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the other author's works once they're written as well!
I may take up writing a continuation or two, but I've got multiple other projects on my plate at the moment; and I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

Where did all of you come from.

Please be gentle.

Uh, yea. You need to do this shit again.

Never played Bioshock, but I DO know what Big Daddies are. Man that was epic beyond words. :heart:

i really want the sequal of this to come as soon as possible. its gunna be so awesome :rainbowkiss:

Mr. Bubbles.......Mr. Bubbles.......just epic. big daddys are awsome. especialy big sisters. need those links asap :pinkiesmile:

BioShock, easily one of the top 5 games ever created, standing in at #3.

Extremely recommend that you do play the Bioshock games!
The third game is coming out soon in February :pinkiehappy: so you have nothing to worry about.

I just have the feels... there could had been more... still... I LOVED IT :rainbowwild:

1782785 nice job cant wait to see whats comes next in the other stories.Thumbs up

This was amazing i'm just sad that he died but still amazing

Since I love Bioshock so much, I read this 4 times, it's so freaking good.:rainbowkiss:
Willl you continue the series or is this only a one-time thing?

Nice. I really liked this.
You get an intercontinental championship
Hope to see more of this.

holy shit

Yus. Love this!! Fav's n liked!!

Oh, this is good.

This needs to be turned into a full length story.

my only problem is how the big daddy fought. Yes in the actual game they only had a set amount of moves, but in the trailer Subject delta kicked spliced ads so hard-core. He seriously dive drilled some mofo.

Other than that small nit, this was a wonderful story, and if the other authors do as well I'll be terribly happy.

1783676 also, all my lips for that =D

Rereading this, I was shocked. I hadn't even realized this was a 2cnd person fic.
Congrats on that!

1780033 can you please put my heart back I want to be a big daddy again. I mean they can put it back can they?

What is wrong with Applebloom in your cover image!? Is she suppose to be some kind of sea pony?

This will not end well.

Consider yourself a new watcher. :ajsmug:

So much win! I love it. Hope to see the rest soon!

Make a chapter for each big daddy please! this has great potential! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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