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My name is FireRain. Some may know me as DashApple. I'm self-taught in the art of writing, and I only aim to be the puppeteer of your hearts! It's my job, after all!


Dandelion Honeydew has always been a loner and a quiet pony, but when he meets a tomboyish DJ in a club, he is quickly introduced to the game of friendship that shall develop into something much more than he ever thought.

Although he doesn't know it yet, a new path of life has just been carved out for him to follow, and this is the prologue to that first step on said path.

(This is the kick-starter to a short series, hence the short length of this first story. They might be longer when I make the second one, but we'll see.)

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Comments ( 5 )

There's...Not much to say here. It has good writing, a decent story, really, the story was just good. Nothing really new or special, but I like it.

I'd give it a wub/10

No, when I wrote it, it was going to originally be a series, yet it never happened because I actually hate this story. I'm ashamed of how it turned out. I find it quite boring and dull, to tell you the truth. Even by my standards, I don't like the fact that I wrote an abomination to my name such as this train wreck.

...You have clearly have not read any of my stories, which I deleted, because of how rushed, poorly written, and stupid they are. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Although...Now that I think about it...It is pretty forgettable...

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