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Phoenix Heart 20

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh


A Letter can be a very special thing. Can often bring wonderful, neutral or even horrible news. For some it's a simple way to communicate to one another. For two ponies...It's a whole lot more. Read on to truly see how two words can mean so much.

"With love,"

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8459199 Thanks, from here the story's formatting changes. Don't worry, it's a necessary change.

Comment posted by Ponyride deleted Jan 19th, 2018

From a strictly writing perspective, this isn't half bad you know? Good eye for punctuation and grammar, though I'm not a massive fan of OC ships your characters look like the perfect canvas's to build some nicely fleshed out Ponies. Definitely curious to see where it goes.
The only real issue I have is a stylistic one, giving characters each a colour code for their dialogue's definitely adds a nice personal touch, but it is one I (and I suspect other readers might have as well) found a bit jarring. I suppose I'm just accustomed to a single font being used through the entire story.
Has nothing to do with your writing which I do think is great! but for some people, that's a deal breaker. Good job!

Ya know what? I knew someone would finally catch that and call my editor out on that (wasn't my idea but I simply let him do it)! I knew people would get confused by it but I left it be. Why did I leave it be? Half because it's kinda funny to see people get confused and half because this ain't really my story. My editor Kenny wrote it. He only asked me for my laptop and for my OCs. At this point, I'm still shocked that he don't got an account on here yet.

I see, ha. Well judging by the chapter count their definitely committed to this fic. Though now I'm torn between who to give credit to on the writing since how much is your input is unknown... Joking of course, this groups for budding authors like us. Good job to both of you.

Hehe, yeah but due to this story being on my account, I think I'd be the one receiving the credit as the true author still insists on remaining "anonymous".

lol. Having an account and Pen name like Phoenix Heart 20 isn't anonymous enough? Perhaps out of embarrassment for writing stories on the MLP series meant for underage girls. Well to each their own as they say.

I get it. Sometimes I really hate my buddy Kenny. But, he makes sure my stories are straightforward so....I hate him yet love him all the same. Although it seems the attention his story is getting is starting to effect me. Gonna have to call him on that. I honestly don't know when he gon add another chapter to this story as I've barely paid any attention to it.

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