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Why do ponies think I'm homeless?

Why do they think my parents are dead?

Why is this even a thing?

Oh well.

All of Ponyville can't be mistaken right?


Made Popular on 5/27/17.

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If Scootaloo isn't an orphan, Rainbow Dash should have sued her parents for guardianship of Scootaloo by now.

“Home is for the weak?”
“What?” I asked confused.


There's the classic Pinkie 4th wall break.

If I was in Scootaloo's position at this point I'd be so enraged I'd just go physically GRAB my parents and drag them all over Ponyville screaming some version of 'SEE, THESE ARE MY PARENTS!"

Hilarious, but the comma in the last sentence is unnecessary.

this priest is a wicked soul who takes glee in the suffering of…

Lily Peet? Josh Scorcher? Ilikekimpossiblealot? Who could it be?

8194472 I had the answer to this in the fic, Though was too meta to be shown.

I guess it shall forever remain a mystery.:ajsmug:

Rope?! I knew Applejack was a kinky pony!!!!

Poor Scoots... She might just need to have poster all over Equestria to show she has a family.

Oh horse no, Scoots run for it!!! :raritydespair: :raritycry:

8195819 She can run, but those stubby little legs can only take her so far.

8195703 What else could she be hiding in that huge barn...:trollestia:

8195872 oh right... at least her wings can take her away even though she can fly?

I think Applejack is a bit high strung here.

Smart move Scootaloo. Apple Bloom can attest to the whoopins' AJ's given her for trouble she's gotten into.

8196268 When stubby little legs fail you, Turn to the stubby little wings.:trollestia:

8196427 Gotta just hate those days when everypony is just taking things a bit too serious eh?


:applecry: : Do I have to get a whoopin? i just blew up the barn!

:ajbemused: : Yup! You have to learn somehow that blowin up barns is bad.

:eeyup: : Eeyup.

:applecry: : Yer not gonna use the rope are you?

:ajbemused: : No of course not! I'm gonna use a Apple Tree switch.



Hmm Pinkie has a disconnect between Scootaloo and her parents? Because as they are living in Ponyville she KNOWS who they are and at LEAST their birthday ^^;;;

Has anyone went to Twitter about Scootaloo's family verdict?

That was really sad... Though I have to wonder why and why has no one remember her parents at all...

8202924 Guess they are just fleeting ponies.:trollestia:

8202912 From what I understand it's still up in the air whether or not she is an orphan. At this point she's either an orphan or her parents simply aren't around that much.

8202944 On a serious note. I think they are just not around much.

Like worker ponies, they might be the type who work all day and come home, basically to rest and not have like lots of time for thier child.

8202924 plot twist, they are the silent from dr who and scootaloo can remember them


:pinkiegasp: : DUN-DUN-DUN!

:scootangel: : No they are just ponies....normal everyday talking colored ponies.

:pinkiesad2: : Yeah but...

:scootangel: : Normal talking colored onies.


8202959 this would make for a hilarious episode in the show. Everypony not knowing her family for her entire life then it leads to lots of crazy things happening before a dramatic parent reveal

8202936 After thinking that over that would be the right mind set of a pony. Because most of the times I spend with my friends I either don't remember their parents much or meet them once and forgot about them.

I believe now that the parents are simple loving couple that works hard to raise they're daughter. It could be that the jobs they work at aren't open for ponies to see them. Like what if the dad is a builder? That would mean he would be gone all day or even yet be gone for a week building places and what not. The mother... I would believe she would be racer and travels time to time but always fast enough to get home.

Now I think ponies have short time memory... Make sense about everything in MLP :facehoof:

8202989 That would be very awesome!

Has all the M6 got a chance to make this a joke on Scoots?

Also, how about you bring in the Princesses, Flurry would love to have a big sister!

8203017 That would be pretty cool to see and a funny as hay episode.

Yeah I think herparents are good ponies just busy.

I have Rarity and Twilight up next. if you all would like to see me add more characters into this farce I will, if not then I can just end the story after Twilight's roast on poor scoots.

8203027 Cadence, Celestia, Luna, Octavia, The pony with the glass and disco can't remember her name was.... Ms. Charlie, Flithy Rich, The Flower Sisters, Zecora, Discord, Throax, Trixie, Starlight, Red Heart, Coco, Fancy Pants, Sliver Spoon, some of the other fools...

Many great choices and jokes you can do!

Actually have the CMC made it yet or were they busy? I love to hear their thoughts on what's happening.


I'll look into extending the fic maybe then.

No they don't know what madness has befallen poor scoots just yet.

Seriously, we need to see this kids parents pronto. Then have it be the last pony we ever thought it would be. Mayor Mare or one of the Spa Twins or even Snowflake.

8194472 My vote is for either finaldraft or silver eagle

Nice to see Dinky, poor Scoots this day is going to get worst...

Man, I wonder if AppleJack is still in a hunt for flank spanking? :pinkiegasp: :ajbemused:

I have to wonder if the parents are... Ghost? Very rich 👻

8204859 let's just say she has a hankerin for some spankerin.:ajsmug:

8204864 :pinkiegasp: : Gh...gh...gh...Ghost Ponies!

:ajsmug: : No just Ghost.

:pinkiesmile: : Oh! Well that isn't so bad then.

Dinky is completely savage. This is why she is one of my favorite pones

Mama said knock you out

8205511 lol that was the first name of the chapter I came up with, but said nah.

8205818 I'm just glad I'm not the only one who thought of it lol

This could use a good bit of proofreading.

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