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Not Enough Apples In The Day.

Applejack App here.

I made a account here because I've aways wanted to try my hand at writing, so why not help write horse words?

No cash grabbing here. Notice lots of people come here with Patreons etc, looking for a quick grab at your bits. Not here I'm a writer who writes for fun...never profit.

I do enjoy myself some Apps though so get ready for a few things to take place.

Weekly App Blogs.

Daily Rants.

And possible hourly sarcasam.

I'm also going to be posting as many stories as I can write, I'll keep the production value high so you don't have to worry about me posting trash.

Hope to see y'all around here.

Ever want to chew the fat and chat. Then come and comment or pm me, we can try and get into a ruckus together.



Been Out For A While. · 2:02am Jun 18th, 2017

Sorry about being gone for a little while, just my life has been getting in the way honestly.

More than just a bit on my plate, but good news is I've been able to push it down and get back on track.

That said updates will take place again, to all my fic's, each will be published as I complete chapters.

thank you to all who have read them, means a lot.

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I believe you recently faved NO BREATHING, yes? If so, thank you!



I thought it was too smexy to pass up. :P


Your short bio. LOL. It’s great XD



Fine with me :V

2449099 Ok cool. I might check in on it later then, I'm more of a night owl.:ajsmug:

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