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Been Out For A While. · 2:02am Jun 18th, 2017

Sorry about being gone for a little while, just my life has been getting in the way honestly.

More than just a bit on my plate, but good news is I've been able to push it down and get back on track.

That said updates will take place again, to all my fic's, each will be published as I complete chapters.

thank you to all who have read them, means a lot.

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Nopony Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Nopony Knows My Sorrow... *Hic* · 6:51am Jun 5th, 2017

Where is the Scoot-a-fic?

It's on the way just takin a small break from it.

Been running my flank off all weekend.

Writing a huge story which is taking alot out of me.

Good news is I got to go see Wonder Woman, That bucked ass so hard.

Bad news is my Brother in law like has been a super asshole as of late.

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Just Bucking Around. · 5:26am May 29th, 2017

My first tale was a hit!

Now I'm just bucking around on it.

Planning on finishing up the mane six, chatting with scootaloo about her homeless problem.

After that I can do a few things.

Continue with it and add other ponies.

Or end it and start on something else, like a new adventure about Lyra perhaps?

Let me know what you guys rather see.

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Applejack's App Of The Week.#1.- Nightmares and Gardenscapes. · 11:18pm May 24th, 2017

You look at me and would say. "That is a girl, who would hate gardening."

I'd be the one who would trample over your freshly planted roses and say. "Yeah."

But as much as I hate going outside and tending to my sister's garden. Yes we have a garden and I take care of it, my sister is like waaay to busy all the time. I still find Gardenscapes oddly soothing, a Free App game in the Google store.

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