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Rainbow Dash, now a wonderbolt, is practicing her flying one night. Her close friend/teammate Soarin sees her alone and decides to accompany her. The two pegasi talk about their interests, they both realize that they have a lot in common. They even went through similar situations during their previous lifetimes.

But, something is bothering Soarin. For the longest time, he has a huge crush on Rainbow Dash, ever since she won the Best Young Fliers Competition two years ago. He's afraid to tell the mare how he feels about her. But Soarin tells himself to stallion up and tell her how he feels. Still, he's too nervous. He realized that confessing his feelings to the mare he really liked was going to be hard for him. But, he tries.
Will he finally tell her about his feelings? Will Rainbow return his affections?

-Rainbow Dash

I do not own the cover art.

Author Note: To make your understanding clear about my writing, I do not always feature romance in the stories I write. Since it's difficult to write about Romance, I'll try my best to make the actions of the characters as sappy as possible (if needed).

Inspired by the song To the Sky by Owl City.

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Thank you for reading Moonlightprincess, I really appreciate it.

But there is a reason why the confession part is a little fast, I wanted Soarin to be kind of nervous when confessing his feelings after harboring it for a such a long time. When it comes to writing about romance, my style of writing is really random, the confession can be slow or fast. It really depends on my mood. My mood was so random today that I wanted the character to be strange.....as I would say it.

The narrating tense of the story is just my style of writing. I love to tell how the character (Soarin) went through and how he felt way before confessing his feelings towards a mare.

Sorry, hope you understand.

Thanks Stev. Why was it really cute?

This story is completed. I changed the status just now, sorry about that.

The cover art looks familiar. Where'd you get it?

8248312 I recognize it. It's called "Do You Want To Fly With Me?"

Original HERE.

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you enjoyed this one-shot, this is my first one-shot I've ever written that is SoarinDash.
Sorry, took me so long to get it released.

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