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On the first Nightmare Night since her return, Princess Luna made a friend of Twilight Sparkle. Her first true friend in a thousand years.

It is only natural that she should keep in touch.

Collected here are a selection of letters from Luna.

Cover image by Aquadragon.

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Hurray you wrote!

I really liked this. I think you're spot-on regarding Luna exaggerating the degree of her loneliness before becoming Nightmare Moon, because she was already going crazy.

Realistically, while Luna almost certainly was less popular than Celestia (she's less charismatic and in particular less socially-adept in civilian situations), it's improbable that nopony liked her. She was still rich, powerful both magically and politically, and beautiful. Her friends may well have tended to be slightly odd Ponies (in the SWSV both Snowdrop and Ruby are certainly unusual) but they would also have tended to be of superior quality to most Ponies, and probably quite loyal to her.

Luna makes a good point to Twilight though about the danger of being exploited by false friends, though. When one is rich and powerful and beautiful, there are plenty of Ponies who would pretend to genuinely like one who might only be thinking in terms of favors to be gotten to their own advantage.

Twilight Sparkle would have encountered this to a limited extent simply by being a favorite of Celestia; I'm guessing she encounters it more after she becomes an Alicorn Princess (which at the point of time of your first letter hasn't happened yet, but Luna may know might happen). Twilight is lucky that she already has friends who cared about her before then, whom she knows aren't just sucking up to her because she's now a Princess.

That last point may have been one reason, beyond the need to attune the Elements, why Celestia encouraged Twilight to make friends -- and had her remain in Ponyville. Celestia may have been hoping, even then, that Twilight would Ascend -- and known that when this happened Twilight would be very lonely without true friends.

Celestia, after all, has been dealing with the same problem, personally, for a very long time herself.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's going to be quite a few more letters coming, covering key episodes.

You may rest assured that Magical Mystery Cure is among them.

You're basically spot on about Luna: she had friends, and quite a few of them, but she deliberately isolated herself from them as she became increasing paranoid. She now badly regrets that she never got to say goodbye to them.


This was actually written a while ago. It's just taken ages to pass moderation. I hope you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

It's great. Luna organically transitions from one subject and retains her character so genuine that it makes it delightful and easy to read. Even amidst ye olde speech and structure, it's quite nice to follow and it holds true to what would certainly be expected of Luna. The apparent need to offer some substantial advice or something in spite of Twilight certainly accepting the letter from a friend regardless was a nice touch too: I'd have been thoughtful of Luna to try and offer something helpful in a letter without the concept of it being uneeded for a friendly correspondent. So great job there.

And I dunno, the smaller details in this are great, it just makes the whole pretty fun and casual, even when the tone is serious at times.

Keep up the good work~

Ooh, this is a nice piece of work. Luna's own narrative voice comes across strong, and the wee insights it offers into others and the world around her - such as Celestia maintaining her chariot for a millenium - are lovely.

Looking forward to many correspondences of this sort. :twilightsmile:


I'm pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for the follow :pinkiehappy:


Thanks a lot for the compliments and the analysis. I'm glad that you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

A touching and sincere start to what will hopefully be a very happy chain of correspondence. I look forward to seeing more of its links.

Quite lovely, and believable throughout. Can't wait to see more!

Do please add this to a few groups; most, like the TwiLuna group, have a folder for platonic or friendshipping. And consider adding a Twilight tag. She's almost a character here by mention.


Change made: Twilight character tag now added. The fic has also been added to a couple more groups. Many thanks for the recommendations :eeyup:


I'm pleased that you are enjoying it. I certainly enjoyed your Imposing Sovereigns contest.


Well done. Consider me a follower. You wrote Luna so well that you have earned it. I look forward to more from you.

That was nicely written, despite the occasional misspellng and borderline-painful use of Ye Olde Butcheréd English.

It captured Luna's intensity and more dramatic nature quite well. I look forward to future missives.

As already noted, a very well done voice that really comes across as Luna. Love her flair the dramatic that gets shown in this letter.

Here is hoping for more. I will keeping an eye out for it.

Interesting, I like it. Another! :flutterrage:

Very nice. The language is a little tortured at times, but that is a minor gripe.
Luna's voice comes across strong and clear. Well done.

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