• Published 11th Jan 2017
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Dragonfire 🐲 Enter The Dragon Hero 🐲 - Phantom-Dragon

Born in the Year of the Dragon, gifted with a powerful magic called the Dragonfire, Spike Draco fights the forces of evils that threatens to destroy the worlds of his friends and family.

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Familiar Faces? Part 1: The Bashful Butterfly and the Crystal Bookworm

10 Years Later

Since their departure from Equestria, Spike and Scorpan have been living a normal life on Earth as humans in New York City. Over the years, Scorpan has raised the child well, like any surrogate, loving uncles would.

Scorpan of course knew Spike's life is in grave danger and is also aware that someday, the evils who had once tried to steal the young dragon's flame would return, and until that day comes, Spike must be ready. Therefore, every morning, they would wake up early to do some excruciating trainings of parkour and martial arts, so that Spike would learn to be adaptive to his surroundings and to be ready at all times.

In time, Spike has grown into a handsome, resourceful, strong, compassionate, and courageous young teenager, who feels he is ready for anything. However, despite all of his uncle's precautions and intensive training the man had put the boy through, the two weren't even prepared for what was about to befall on the young boy, on his first day in Celestial High School.

Spike, dressed in a purple jacket with a hood, green flaming designs on the sleeves, matching green shirt with Chinese dragon decorations, black jeans, and carrying a large black backpack with blazing red dragon designs, was on his way to start his first year at a school called Celestial High School as a freshman, when two boys about his age came up to his sides.

One boy was fat and short, with brilliant scruffy orange hair, while the other one was tall and skinny with freckles and neatly combed moderate turquoise hair. For attires, the short one wears a black t-shirt with a picture of a white scissor imprinted on the front, dark blue baggy pants, and green sneakers with yellow stripes, while the tall one wears a green jacket over a red shirt, tan jeans, and red sneakers.

"Hey Snips, hey Snails," Spike greeted respectively. "Ready for us to begin high school?"

"Heck yeah!" the boys answered as all three of them bumped their fists out to each other.

"We can hardly wait all summer," Snips smiled. "Especially since we know we're going to have drama class!"

"Yeah," Snails replied. "We're going to be stars in movies, musicals, and so much."

"Yeah, and if we're lucky, we'll be famous and get to go to Hollywood and hang out with Sapphire Shores!"

"The Queen of Pops!" the boys squealed dreamily, while envisioning the woman in their thoughts.

"Baby steps you guys," Spike assured. "Nobody's lucky enough for that to happen."

"Says the boy who is lucky with the chicks," Snips retorted.


"Don't play dumb with us Spike," Snails said, nudging the boy by the shoulder. "You've practically got all the girls drooling over you! And that was back when you're 7!"

"6," Spike corrected.

"Whatever!" Snails exclaimed. "It just shows that you've got something that we don't that wins all the girls over! And you've had that since you first came into town!"

Spike looked at his watch and gasped, "Guys, how about we put a pin on this subject! We're going to be late, and on our first day!"

With that, the boys all broke into a run.

At last, Spike, Snips, and Snails arrived at Celestial High School just in time. The school looked almost like a castle, with three huge towers, the middle being a large clock tower, flags flapping at the top, and a giant statue of a majestic horse planted before the main gate. Spike looked up, marveling at the beautiful details of the statue. Spike stopped when he noticed something in the glass at the base of the statue. Spike stepped up for a closer look to see......

"Spike!" Snips called, snapping the boy out of his trance. "What're you doing?"

"I was-"Spike turned back to see nothing but his reflection. "Just looking at myself." He muttered unsure.

Spike shook his head before walking back to meet his buds, as they entered the school. Upon walking inside, the boys gasped in amazement at the beautiful interior designs of the school. To Spike, it looked as if they had just walked into a majestic city with elegant designs.

"Wow!" the boys gasped in amazement.

"It's like we're in Paris or something!" Snips said.

"I think it's England,," Snails countered. "What do you think Spike?"

"I-I-I think...." Spike looked around, hesitantly answering, "This all looks familiar. Like I was here before...."

A group of girls were passing by when they noticed the boys, Spike most of all.

"Hey, is that guy a freshman?" a girl's whispered.

"I can't tell, he's too cute!" another whispered.

"He's not cute, he's handsome."

"Yeah, he kinda is."

Their whispers didn't go unheard since Spike has excellent hearings and couldn't help but blush at what the girls had said about him. A girl was just passing by, when she took notice of Spike. She was so captivated by his appearance that she didn't look to see a "Wet Floor Sign" in front of her and slipped. Her cry didn't went unheard, as Spike all of a sudden was a blur of purple and green, and next thing he knew, he was holding the girl's hand, saving her from the fall. Needless to say, this action didn't go unnoticed as all of the students presence were all staring at the two.

"Whoa!" Snips gasped in amazement. "Did you see that?"

"Yeah," Snails replied in equal shock.

"You okay?" Spike asked in concern.

"I am now," the girl smiled, straightening herself out.

"Good," Spike smiled. "I like your hair."

"Aw, thank you," the girl smiled.

Suddenly the bell rang, signaling the start of the day.

"Gotta run!" Spike said, as he took off, leaving an infatuated girl behind.

"Hiya!" Snips smiled, attempting to flirt with the girl.

Spike breathed a sigh of relief as he finally arrived to his first class, Calculus, tired but triumphant. After a moment of composing himself, Spike took a seat at his desk in the far back, close to a window. Seeing how there's still some time to kill before class starts, Spike took out a book from his backpack and read.

While Spike was doing this, a shy girl was entering the room. She was a sophomore, with a long pink hair, moderate opal eyes, and light violet eye shadows. For attire, she wears a white tank top, a light green mini skirt with translucent pink frills at the bottom and butterfly designs that range from dark to light pinks, matching green boots with elegant white designs at the bottom, long pink socks with white polka dots, and a butterfly barrette rested in her hair.

The girl timidly made her way to her desk, which was in the back, but a few desks away to the right from Spike's. While the girl made her way to the desk, the boys in class were all gawking at her grace and beauty. However, this only made the girl even more nervous. At last, the class's teacher arrived. The teacher is a tall woman with freckles on her face, beautiful grayish harlequin eyes, with a long moderate cerise hair with lighter cerise strips that is curled at the top and bottom. For attire, the teacher wears a white dress shirt, a brown vest with yellow trimmings over, a small jade pendant, a long green skirt decorated with yellow and green flowers, and brown boots.

Seeing the teacher in class, Spike quickly put his book away, as the teacher spoke, "Good morning class."

"Good morning," the students greeted.

"Now, to those of you starting your first year at CHS. My name is Cheerilee. And I'm your teacher for this class. Any questions?" Cheerilee looked to see none of the students were raising hands before she continued, "Now before we begin with the lesson for today, let's start off by introducing ourselves, shall we?" Cheerilee asked, scanning the room. "Let's start with you."

"Me?!" the shy girl squeaked.

"Yes Ms. Shy," Cheerily answered with a nervous smile. "Please, introduce yourself to the class."

The girl gulped as she stood up from her desk, shaking nervously from all the eyes looking at her.

"Go on, young lady," Ms. Cheerilee encouraged. "Introduce yourself to the class."

"Um, hello," the girl greeted meekly. "I'm Fluttershy.

"Hello Fluttershy," everyone, including Spike, greeted loudly.

The girl jumped in fright in response to the loud greeting. Seeing how much pressure Fluttershy was in, Cheerilee nervously chuckled, "Okay, maybe that's enough for you now, Ms. Shy," Cheerilee said. "You may be seated."

Fluttershy didn't hesitate to take her seat, with her face blushing a shade of red, which she covered with her hands.

"Anyone else would like to introduce themselves?" Cheerilee asked, to which Spike responded with a raise of his hand. "Oh good, Mr. Draco."

"Draco?" Fluttershy whispered curiously, lowering her hands slightly. "Can it be?"

Spike stood up from his desk, clearing his throat, "Hey everyone," Spike greeted, while Fluttershy turned in his direction with wide eyes. "I'm-"

"SPIKE!!" Fluttershy cried happily, jumping from her seat to his.

"What the-" Spike exclaimed, as he suddenly found himself embraced by the formerly shy girl.

"I can't believe it's you!" Fluttershy exclaimed happily. "I'm so happy that we're in the same class!!"

Spike blushed a bright color of red, considering how close Fluttershy was holding him. Not to mention the many glances he was receiving from his fellow classmates and teacher.

"I take it then you two know each other?" Ms. Cheerilee asked.

Before Spike could respond, Fluttershy answered, "Uh huh, I've known Spike since we were kids! I'll never forget the time he once saved me from an awful gang of thugs."

'I did what?' Spike thought, incredulously.

The whole classroom gasped at this new piece of information. Spike could hear the male students muttering, "Whoa! You hear that? That freshman's a hero!"

"Oh man, now we're never gonna stand a chance for her."

"Why couldn't it have been me?"

After their tenderly "reunion," the class was in session. However, while Spike was busy taking notes, he couldn't help but feel as if Fluttershy is staring at him. He doesn't recall meeting her before, yet somehow she remembers him.

'Fluttershy, Fluttershy,' Spike pondered. 'Doesn't seem to ring a bell. Yet, she seems to know me.'

Fluttershy in the meantime, confirms Spike's suspicion. While she was busy writing some notes down, she did on some occasions stole a glance at Spike, thinking, 'I can't believe it's actually him. He's grown so much, and still so cute.'

After awhile, class came to an end. All of the students were quickly packing their stuffs and were on their way for their next classes. Spike was the last to leave the room, along with Fluttershy. Just as Spike was about to exit the room, Fluttershy stopped him.

"Spike?" Fluttershy called.

"Um, yes...." Spike replied, hesitantly. "Fluttershy, was it?"

"Mmm-hmm," Fluttershy replied with a nod. Hesitant at first, she asked, "What class do you have next? Um, if you don't mind me asking."

"I just have Chemistry next class," The boy shrugged. "It's not good or anything, but...."

"Oh great! That's where I'm going next!" Fluttershy beamed, as she clasped Spike's hand with her's. "Why don't we go together?"

Enchanted by her beauty, and seeing how much she really wanted it, Spike couldn't find it in himself to say no.

As the two walk down the hall together, some other students were giving them weird looks. Intimidated, Fluttershy would cling onto Spike for protection.

'Really?' Spike thought. 'A sophomore girl like her hiding a freshman boy like me for protection?' Spike thought for a moment and mentally smiled, 'Then again, it's not half bad.'

Suddenly, a senior boy walked by and flashed a flirtatious grin at the girl, resulting Fluttershy to tighten her grip on Spike's shoulder.

"Hey!" He shouted, flinching away from her tight grip.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Fluttershy apologized, releasing the boy. "Did I hurt you?"

"I'm alright," Spike replied, looking at the girl, who looked as if she was close to tears. "How about we just hold hands. Is that alright?"

"Definitely!" Fluttershy chirped with wide eyes, eagerly grasping Spike's hand with hers. "It's nice to walk together with you, Spike!" She smiled.

'Wow, she must really like me,' Spike thought, while pondering, 'But how does she know me? And since when did I fought some thugs?'

At last, Spike and Fluttershy arrived in Chemistry Class, to see it very crowded. Class hasn't started yet, so some of the students were standing out of their desks, chatting with one another, while the rest were all in their seats, looking at their schedules, phones, and for one in particular, reading a book. Spike quickly took notice that Snips and Snails were also in the room, chatting with each other, not noticing Spike holding hands with Fluttershy.

"Thanks for walking with me Spike," Fluttershy smiled, before giving Spike a quick kiss on the cheek, leaving the boy stunned.

After a few seconds, Spike shook the shock away as he went to find his desk. Just as he was about to take a seat, a voice called out to him.


Turning to his right, there sitting beside him, with a book opened on her desk, was a girl with a long moderate sapphire blue hair, with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks, tied in a ponytail. For attire, the girl wears a light blue buttoned shirt with a pink bow tie, a dark purple mini-skirt, decorated with a large pink star, surrounded by five smaller white stars. Furthermore, for footwear, she wears black shoes, with purple leg warmers. She also wears a pair of thick glasses, framing her beautiful moderate violet eyes.

"Uh, hello...." Spike returned the greeting. "Who are you?"

"Twilight Sparkle," The girl answered, with a hopeful look on her face. "Remember me? At the library? When you....."

Suddenly, the door flung open, and a tall man dressed in black clothing stepped in. In appearance, the man has sallow skin, a large hook nose, a long, shoulder-length, greasy black hair, that framed his face, and cold, black eyes. For attire, he wore a long black coat over a black dress shirt with matching pants and shoes.

"Everyone take your seats," the man said in a quiet, yet stern voice, as he made his way towards his desk.

All of the students complied as they took their seat.

"For those of you with the faint of heart, I'm Professor Flintheart," the teacher said, eyeing down at the students, as if he was a hawk. "And to those of you, who have just started your first year at CHS, pray that you do well in my class, if you wish to stand a chance of graduation, or better yet, advance to the next level of science."

Professor Flintheart then turns his attention to Twilight, who shifted uneasily from the professor's gaze.

"However, I know for a fact that at least one of you have already hold the potential for such feat," Professor Flintheart said directly to Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle, I presume."

"Yes sir," Twilight replied nervously. "How do you know-"

"Your brother," Professor Flintheart interrupted. "Shining Armor, the fiancΓ© of Crystal Prep's Dean, Mi Amore Cadenza. He has spoken highly of you, saying how you've maintained a perfect record of straight As in all of your subjects, before transferring here from Crystal Prep."

This resulted in a gasp and murmurs from all of the students in the classroom, to which Professor Flintheart quickly silenced with a simple, "Quiet," the professor turns his attention to Twilight again, raising his eyebrows a bit. "Well then, let's see if what he says are true. Tell me, does an Alkaline Earth Metal have a plus 2 charge?"

Hesitantly, Twilight nervously answered, "Yes, it does, sir."

"And what would I get if I mix Oxygen together with Carbon Monoxide?"

Again, Twilight stutters, "CO2."

"And what is the difference between H20 and Hydrogen Dioxide?"

Twilight thought nervously, before she answered, "Um, is that a trick question? I mean, there's no difference at all. They're exactly the same thing. And they're both the chemical formula for water."

"And speaking of, when water assembles its three forms of solid, liquid, and gas, what becomes of the molecules?"

Twilight thought for a moment, and answered, "The whole molecules in water are based on Hydrogen Bonding. When water is frozen in its solid form, the hydrogen bond causes its molecules to freeze in place, forming crystalline structure. Then, when water is in its natural state, its molecules would move around a bit, because in this state, the hydrogen bond is constantly forming and breaking apart. And lastly, in its gaseous state, the hydrogen bond is broken completely, since the molecules would keep moving around at a fast pace."

Impressed, a small smile formed on the professor's lip, "Perfect," he said, still holding his stern tone. "It appears your brother isn't at all exaggerating, Ms. Sparkle. Clearly, you've demonstrated the example of a student, passionate in her studies for success," This resulted a shy smile to form on Twilight, before Professor Flintheart's smile disappears as he continues, "However, you sounded a bit hesitant to answer. A good student must always be shown with confidence when they answer their superiors, if they are to be taken seriously."

Twilight nodded in agreement, while frowning slightly.

Professor Flintheart's eyes scan around the room as he frowned, "Well," he called, raising his voice slightly. "Why aren't you all copying this down?"

With that, all of the students complied as they pulled out their notebooks and pencils, writing down whatever they could remember of Twilight's conversation with the professor. Professor Flintheart then turns around to pull a screen down, and grabbing a remote control, turning the monitor on to display his class syllabus. While this is all happening, Twilight took the chance to look at Spike again, finding comfort as she did so. Fluttershy, who was sitting just a few desks, behind Twilight, saw this and couldn't help but feel envious.

Spike once again felt eyes glancing at him, but paid no mind to that, as he was busy scribbling away to what he had just heard. He also couldn't help but overhear Snips, three seats away from him, whispering to Snails, "Wow, what are the odds? Twilight Sparkle, a former student of Crystal Preps?"

"Very little," Snails replied, who was sitting next to Snip. "CHS and CPA don't get along so well. Just ask the guy who once tried to flirt a girl from Crystal Preps."

"Yeah, well I also hear the girls there are smoking hotter than the ones we've got here. Besides Twilight of course. I wonder why-"

Unfortunately for the two, their gossip didn't go unnoticed, as Professor Flintheart came, "Do the two of you have something you would like to share with the class?"

The two boys snapped out of their gossips and turned their head to see the disapproving look on the professor's face.

"No, sir," the boys whimpered.

The professor got in close to the boys' face.

"Then you will do well from now on to hold your tongues til' the end of class," Professor Flintheart's voice began to raise, as he went on, "Otherwise, the both of you will get more than a month's detention. Am I clear?" The two boys nodded their heads, as the professor went back up to the desk.

'This is one teacher you don't want to mess with,' Spike thought.

"Now then," Professor Flintheart began. "If you're all done with your notes, then let us start off the class today by taking attendance, and see who is here and who isn't," He looked down at a clipboard, "Minuette?"

"Here!" a chirpy girl with a long moderate blue hair, with a light persian bluish gray stripe, called.


Once every students were all present and accounted for, Professor Flintheart went on giving lectures to the class requirements in accordance to his syllabus. He was strictly clear to the consequences of coming in late, as well as not accepting late homework.

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