• Published 11th Jan 2017
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Dragonfire 🐲 Enter The Dragon Hero 🐲 - Phantom-Dragon

Born in the Year of the Dragon, gifted with a powerful magic called the Dragonfire, Spike Draco fights the forces of evils that threatens to destroy the worlds of his friends and family.

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Prologue: Spike's Beginning

Author's Note:

After reading some Spike fimfics, some human adopted by ponies fics, and most of all, some of Spike's Many Shipping fics, together listening to the song from my favorite Vietnamese Pop Singer, Trish Thuy Trang's Year of the Dragon, this story came up.

I hope you guys enjoy and please don't flame me.

Since the beginning of time, a legend has been passed down for generations, of a great force of power that only comes once in a lifetime, in the Year of the Dragon. This power is called, Dragonfire. Only the noble of spirits and pure of hearts are blessed with this magic, giving them the power of the dragons.

But there are those who would seek to take the power for their own selfish gains. Countless potential vessels have all been hunted down and were enslaved by the forces of evil. Very few were able to escape, and have faded into legend over the years.

Now, a boy has been born with the gift of dragons. And it shall be his destiny to fight a great evil with the aid of his friends and family.

[Trish Thuy Trang - The Year Of The Dragon]

It was a dark and stormy night. A hooded figure arrived at the doors of a church, with a basket, containing an infant child, wrapped in blankets. The figure looked at the child for a moment and hugged him, before with a heavy heart, she left the child crying on the doorsteps of the church.

As the child cried throughout the night, calling endlessly for his mother, a shadow of a great hulking beast looms over the boy. The creature is a gargoyle, with the mane and tail of a lion, the face of a baboon, the body of a gorilla, and wings of a bat. It's only attire is a gold studded belt around its waist. The gargoyle leaned forward, staring at the baby curiously, before it wiggled its finger over the baby. The baby giggled in delight as it played with the creature.

Looking around, making sure they were really alone, the creature picked the baby up in its claws, opened up a portal and flew in. Emerging from the other end of the portal, the two found themselves no longer on Earth. They are now in Equestria, a land of harmony, populated by ponies and all sorts magical creatures.

As the gargoyle flew on with the baby in its clutches, a castle built on the side of a mountain soon came into view.

Inside the castle, sitting on top of a huge throne, is a tall white alicorn, with a flowing blue, green, and pink mane and tail, and the mark of the sun imprinted on her flank. Her only attires are a golden peytral with a purple gem embedded in the center, a small crown with a matching gem, and golden shoes. She is Equestria's fair, powerful, wise, but lonely ruler, Princess Celestia.

Suddenly, the doors opened before her, as the gargoyle walked in with the royal guards at his sides, while still holding the bundle in his claws. The creature bowed to the princess, before presenting to her the child.

Astonished and amazed, Princess Celestia stood up from her throne, stepped forward for a closer look at the child. The child has green blazing eyes, a small tuft of green hair, and even with his mouth closed, Celestia could still see a bit of sharp fangs growing in.

The baby looked curiously at Celestia before it giggles, holding its hands out for her. Celestia complied as she levitated the baby close to her face. The baby smiled as he touch Celestia's muzzle and hugs her. Touched by the warmth and affection from the baby, Celestia, for the first time in a long while, smiled as she nuzzled the baby affectionately, earning some giggles in return.

5 years later

The boy, now named as Spike Draco, has grown since he was brought into Equestria. He was officially adopted by Princess Celestia and henceforth was dubbed the Dragon Prince. Over the years, Princess Celestia taught him everything he knew about his powers, with which he would use for good. Her right hoof gargoyle, Scorpan, taught him everything he needs for self-defense, preparing the young boy for the challenges in which his powers won't be enough.

Although frightened and skeptical by the adoption of a powerful, unpredictable dragon-like being, the ponies in time grew to love and adore the young prince, charmed by his kindness, his nobility, and his courage. Though he doesn't know it yet, Spike did attracted many attentions from a lot of mares. Much to the ire and envy of another prince.

Spike was sitting at the base of a huge alicorn statue, at the top of a tall mountain, while looking at the sunset, over an endless sea of clouds. The boy's hair has grown long and spiky with his matching green eyes burning ever so brightly. His outfit consists of a purple t-shirt, with brown shorts and brown shoes.

"Three.....two.....one," Spike counted as the sun completely vanishes out of sight. "We have sun down."

With a smile, Spike let out a cheerful whoop before he ran to the end of a cliff, jumps off, and into the clouds.

Spike smiled as he thrusts his arms out, turning his head to see that he was getting closer to the ground. Concentrating hard, Spike's eyes changed to a reptilian form, and in a burst of green fire, he became a dragon. His dragon form is a small, purple dragon, with green frills on both sides of his face, with matching underbelly and crests that started big from the top of his head before growing small to the end of his tail, which bears the shape of an arrowhead.

Spike, now a dragon, did a flip as he landed on a patch of cloud, and started to fly around, using the cloud as a makeshift aircraft. Spike has always enjoyed the feel of flying, despite not having his wings yet. However, the flight he is experiencing on his cloud is perhaps the best and closest thing he has to flying on his own.

As Spike flew on with his cloud, he started descending to a river beneath him. Sticking his claw out, Spike touched the cool surface of the water, feeling the ripple running through his fingers. Spike began to fly toward another mountain, flying upward along its walls, before reaching the top of the mountain, doing a 360 as he did so. Taking it up a notch, Spike slowly stood up on two legs, with his arms out for balance.

"Whoo hoo!" Spike cried happily, echoing throughout the mountain range. "Whoooo hoo!"

"Enjoying yourself, Spike?" a gentle voice called out.

Spike nearly fell off as his cloud came to a quick stop. After a moment of collecting himself, Spike looked behind him to see Princess Celestia herself.

"Hi mom," Spike smiled sheepishly.

The two were later flying through the night together, laughing and playing in the clouds.

"Wow," Spike panted. "I'm surprised at you mom!"

"Why's that sweetie?" Celestia asked.

"I thought with the Grand Galloping Gala coming up, you'd be all too busy to play with me, like before."

Celestia giggled as she replies, "Nothing's better than being with you Spike. You're special, more ways than one. Besides, Prince Blueblood will take care of the preparations."

"Are you sure it's a good idea to leave Blueblood in charge?" Spike asked.

"For the last time!" Prince Blueblood yelled. "We didn't order a trampoline!"

"Well you could've said that BEFORE I set it up!" a mail pony yelled.

"Don't you raise your voice to me pea-" Blueblood was interrupted when a pigeon pooped on him. "I thought I told you fools to get rid of the pigeons!"

"We were," a guard replied. "But Fluttershy's pigeon coops aren't ready yet!"

"Then buy some bird cages and-" Blueblood was cut off, when he spotted some mares walking by. "Well hello ladies," Blueblood smiled, before he got electrocuted by a storm cloud.

"Oops, my bad," a certain wall-eyed pegasus said.

"I'm sure he has everything under control," Celestia smirked mischievously.

Spike looked at his adopted mom worryingly, "Sometimes you scare me mom."

Celestia chuckled, "That's because nopony messes with your mom," With that, Celestia pulled Spike into a tightening grip. "Come here you!" Celestia then gave the young dragon a noogie.

"Oh no!" Spike cried, struggling to escape.

Once freed, mother and son both laughed happily as they run around in the clouds, until Spike tackled his mother.

"Got you now!" Spike grinned, before he was grabbed by Celestia's magic.

"Who's got who?" Celestia asked before she blew a raspberry into Spike's belly, tickling him and causing him to lose control of his powers as he changes repeatedly between a dragon and a boy.

After they had their fun, the two were later walking and hopping from clouds, before they settled and looked down on Equestria from above.

"Wow," Spike gasped in amazement. "Equestria's really pretty at night."

"I know," Celestia's smile shifted into a frown. "If only Luna was here, she would be so happy. And she would've loved you," Celestia sighed.

Spike hugged Celestia's leg, "I'm sure she will," he replied, trying his best to comfort Celestia.

Spike and Celestia both looked up at the moon and stars for a while.

Spike looked down to see the ponies in their bed, sleeping and dreaming, while some others were out playing and observing the night. Spike smiled, seeing the magic of love and friendship in Equestria being shared among the ponies, donkeys, griffins, and for him, dragons and humans alike.

Soon a waterfall of tears escaped from Spike as he got up and hugged Celestia around the neck.

Surprised, Celestia asked, "Spike? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Spike cried happily. "I'm just so happy to be here in Equestria. I love you mom!"

Celestia smiled, returning the embrace with her wings, "I love you too, son."

"MOTHER!!" Spike screamed, followed by the sound of thunder cracking.

"SPIKE!!!" Princess Celestia screamed.

Spike was later seen in bed, in human form, with his head wrapped in bandages. Princess Celestia, stood at the side of his bed, keeping a long vigil over him. Just then, Scorpan came flying into the room. The gargoyle was quickly engulfed in a fiery aura of yellow, before emerging as a well groomed man in a brown suit and a big bushy mustache.

"I came as soon as I heard Celestia," Scorpan panted. "How is he doing?"

"Barely alive," Princess Celestia replied solemnly. "He was struck in the head, but that's about it. His life is hanging on a very thin thread as it is."

"I see," The man replied as he placed his hand over the boy's head. "Poor kid. So young, to be struck by dark magic. Thankfully, it wasn't the heart as that could've been fatal, and much more devastating. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the head. There were so many precious things we wanted for him to remember, and the lessons he needed to learn. Now he no longer remembers who he is, his powers," The man then turns to the alicorn. "And even more, he no longer remembers anyone close to him, counting you."

Sadden, Celestia swallowed, trying her best to look strong, "It's only for a while. In time, he’ll get better. The same for his memories and powers. And then we can be a family again."

Scorpan shook his head, "Your highness," He began. "While it's true that Spike's memories and powers will return, it would also mean the same for the ones who attacked him earlier."

"It was me they were aiming for. Spike was trying to protect me."

"And that's the problem. You and I both know precisely what they're after, and only Spike has it. And the only way to get to him, is through you. Everyone in Equestria all know the love you and Spike have for each other. And seeing Spike like this has confirmed my fear. They're using your love to their advantage. If they were to return, I doubt it'll be the head next time."

Celestia didn't say a word. She knew Scorpan was right. She had loved Spike as a son since the day they met, but now, her son was in grave danger, because of her.

"That's why, Spike must return to Earth," Scorpan suggested.

Celestia's eyes widened at what the man had just said.

"It'll be the last place those hunters would think of looking," Scorpan explained. "Spike will remain safe until he is ready to return to Equestria."

"Then, what can I do for him in the meantime?" Celestia asked worryingly.

"There's nothing you can do, your highness."

"What? But he needs me, I'm his mother!"

"But you're also a ruler of Equestria! The ponies here need you more than Spike does."

"How could you say that?" At this point, Celestia's voice began to grow louder. "Spike's part of the family! He's one of us! Doesn't his care count as the same as every pony's? Do you not care for him than you do for the ponies?"

"Of course I care for him!" Scorpan replied. "I wouldn't teach him the martial arts if I didn't care for him! I'm only thinking what's best for him! Like you should be right now!"

"You dare to doubt my concerns for him?"

"Celestia! Please, be reasonable, he's no longer safe in Equestria! He has to return to Earth!"

"NO!" Princess Celestia cried,using the Royal Canterlot Voice, while holding the boy close with her magic. "Not him! Not now! Not after losing Luna!" A waterfall of tears escaped her eyes, "I can't stand the thought of losing him too! Spike's been the best thing, since Luna's banishment! I don't care if he's a dragon, a human, or if he has the Dragonfire! He's my son! To lose him, it's unbearable! You're taking away my little sunshine!" Celestia cried more into Spike's unconscious form, soaking his bandages with several drops of her tears.

"You won't lose him, Celestia!" Scorpan assured, comforting the princess. "It's only for a while. Maybe a year or two, until he is restored. But he won't be if he stays here. The best we can do for him is to let him live among the humans, before he is ready to come back." Celestia, sobbing lightly, looked at the man.

"He's family to me, just as much as he is family to you. But do not forget, the ponies of Equestria are also our family, and as princess of Equestria, they too are also your responsibility." Again, Celestia was silent as she cradles her unconscious boy closer. "If it makes you feel any better, I'll go with him," Scorpan assured. "I'll watch over him until he is ready. As long as I'm around the boy, I'll never let anything happen him."

Celestia was hesitant. She has known Scorpan for many long years, and knew he is meaningful to his words. She doesn't like the idea, but she trusts Scorpan. She only hopes he knew what he was doing. Reluctant, she nodded, while sharing some last, tearful nuzzles with her boy.

The Next Day

Celestia and Scorpan later stood before a portal to Earth. The royal guards came with a still comatose Spike, along with some ponies saying farewells.

Using her magic, Celestia carefully levitated the boy over to her. Taking one last look, Celestia kissed the boy on the forehead, "Good luck, Spike," Celestia shed a tear. "Be safe, my son."

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