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Dragonfire 🐲 Enter The Dragon Hero 🐲 - Phantom-Dragon

Born in the Year of the Dragon, gifted with a powerful magic called the Dragonfire, Spike Draco fights the forces of evils that threatens to destroy the worlds of his friends and family.

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First Day of Dragon Training

[Gorillaz-Dirty Harry-Schtung Chinese New Years Remix]

Spike, his posse, and the girls have spent their first week of school attending classes, getting homeworks done, hanging out with their friends, and sometimes, with each other, all the while not having any trouble from Somnambula, or anything out of the ordinary. The only excitement they did experienced were mostly from the troubles caused by Snips, Snails, and Zephyr. Their attempts, mostly Zephyr's, to humiliate Spike and win most of the girls' hearts have all failed miserably, due to either the timely arrival of Professor Flintheart, or Principal Raven Inkwell, some meddling from Thorax and Discord, Button Mash and the boys, and sometimes, Spike and the girls themselves. It was also a shocker that Zephyr Breeze is Fluttershy's little brother.

Pretty soon, the three have all earned the title as, The Three Celestial Stooges.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the darkest parts of New York.....

"I've always dreamed about the Dragonfire, since it disappeared years ago. You've certainly gone through a lot to find it."

"And now I've found it! And I need hunters!"

"I got three kids. They ain't old school."

"Three will do."

At last, it was Friday.

When the school bell rang, the hall was flooded with students who were all towards, excited to begin the weekend. None however, were more thrilled than the Three Stooges, who were content at the fact that they had just escaped receiving detention, from Professor Flintheart. Or did they?

Anyway, Spike was walking out of Drama Class, hands to hands with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

"Great job on that disappearing and reappearing trick Pinkie," Spike laughed. "And I still can't believe you were able to play ten instruments, all at once like that."

"It's a talent," Pinkie squeaked.

"And Rarity," Spike said, turning to the girl. "As always, your dress is a sight to behold!"

"Oh flatter!" Rarity blushed, while several boys passing by were captivated by her beautiful pink dress.

"No, I mean it," Spike smiled. "It makes you look just like a princess!"

Rarity giggled some more, "And you sounded just like Prince Charming!" she smiled. 'Not like a certain royal pain I know,' She thought in disgust.

As the three walked on through the hall, the Three Celestial Stooges poked their heads out of a box, quivering.

"Why is it that Spike always gets the girls?" Snails stuttered. "And all we get is trouble from Professor Flintheart?"

"I don't know, and I don't care!" Snails quivered. "I just want to be out of here so we can spend the weekend to ourselves, without having to look over our shoulders for Professor Snape!"

"Well, we ain't getting detentions today," Zephyr muttered as they begin crawling their way towards the exit. "So let's just keep moving, reach the exit, before anyone finds us!"

"What the devil is going on here?!" Joe Mose's voice sounded.

"RUN!!" the frightened boys shouted, losing the box and running for dear life, not daring to look back.

Soon, Spike, Rarity, and Pinkie met up with the rest of the girls outside of school.

"Hi girls!" Spike called.

"Hi Spike," Twilight returned the greeting, as she and the rest joined up with the three. "Ready to get started on your first day of training?"

"Am I ever?!" Spike exclaimed. "I'm getting to be a dragon!"

"That's what I like to hear," Rainbow smirked, playfully punching the boy's shoulder.

"So c'mon!" Spike exclaimed. "Let's head for uncle's."

"Actually Spike," Twilight began. "Your training is somewhere else."

"What do you mean?" the boy inquired.

Looking around to see no one in sight, Twilight held out her hand, "Take my hand," the girl instructed, as the others joined in. Once the task was done, Twilight's eyes glowed pure white, as a star appeared on her forehead, before they disappeared in a flash of light.

Fall Out Boy-Immortals

The gang later reappeared, inside what appears to be a dojo.

"Whoa!" Spike muttered dizzily. "Head rush!" He shook the dizziness off as he looked around. "Where are we? Are we in Japan?"

Twilight chuckled, "No, this isn't Japan," she said. "It's one of my best spells I've worked on. I call it, the training dimension!" The girl announced proudly. "It's a place where we can study, practice, and train ourselves to best sharpen our skills. And this is the place where we'll help you get into shape with your Dragonfire! It was some of my best work!" Twilight smiled, feeling proud of herself.

"Best indeed!" Spike gasped, marveling at his new surrounding. "Does uncle know about this?"

"Of course I do!" Scorpan called, as he came through a door, dressed in a black and yellow karate outfit. "Shall we begin?"

"Heck yeah!" Spike exclaimed as he excitedly jumps in place. "Where do we begin? Fire breathing? Flying? Do I sprout a tail? Do I get to have wings?"

"Settle down, Spike," Scorpan said. "You'll get there soon enough."

"You don't mind if we join in on Spike's training?" Twilight asked. "Do you sir?"

"Not at all girls," Scorpan smiled. "We could use some assistance in the training."

The girls nodded as they sat down on the mat, while watching the boy's training begin, "So, what do we start off with uncle?" Spike asked eagerly.

"We start off with meditation," Scorpan replied.


"The use of magic requires a complete connection between the body and mind. When these two forces are synced in perfect harmony, only then will you be able to achieve complete focus for the use of magics, such as this."

As a demonstration, the man closed his eyes, concentrating his magic, before he was engulfed in a fiery yellow aura and emerged in his gargoyle form.

"Whoa!" Spike gasped in amazement, before he closed his eyes, taking in several deep breaths as he did so.

"Good," Scorpan began. "Now, I want you to clear your mind of all things. Feel the power that rested in your heart. Let it take form."

Doing as he was told, Spike concentrated, feeling something familiar within him.

As he did so, the girls took notice of his body glowing in a light shade of green aura, green flames starting to form around him, until finally, Spike's whole body was engulfed in a burst of green fire.

Scorpan and the girls watched in anticipation as the fire gave off the silhouette of a dragon, with a long slender body, muscular arms, a large Mohawk-like crest at the top of the head, rows of spines along the back, and a long tail that ends in the shape of an arrowhead. Suddenly, the silhouette started to shrink, until the fires exploded and Spike fell flat on the floor.

After the smoke cleared up, the boy looked to see Scorpan and the girls towering over him, and giving him surprised looks. "How did you guys get so big?" He asked in a slightly higher voice. "Is that my voice? Is that my voice?"

"AWW!" Fluttershy squealed happily, as she picked the boy up and rubbed noses with him. "My Little Puppy!!" Fluttershy quickly pulled the boy in a tightening hug. "You're back! And still so cute!!!"

Pulling his head out, gasping for air, Spike asked, "What do you mean I'm cute? And what's with my voice? What's going on?"

Rather than answering, Rarity took out her makeup kit and showed Spike her mirror to reveal....

"I'm a dog?!!!" Spike barked in outrage.

"A very cute little dog!" Fluttershy smiled, setting Spike down and pulled out some dog biscuits. "Go on! Eat up little pup!"

"Excuse me?" Spike inquired, "I do not-" Spike was interrupted when his nose took a whiff and his newfound dog instincts took over as he happily munches on the biscuits. "That was humiliating," he muttered, before Fluttershy picked him up in another cradle and scratched his belly, much to his enjoyment, "I could get used to this."

Scorpan quickly cleared his throat, getting the teens back on track.

"Sorry Fluttershy," Scorpan began. "But we still have some training to do. Spike apparently has a lot of training to get in touch with his inner dragon." Fluttershy looked as if she was about to cry. "You'll get a chance to play with Spike as a dog some other day."

Fluttershy nodded as she reluctantly set Spike back down on the floor, "Be good, Spike," she smiled as she petted him on the head, before rejoining the girls.

Spike turned to his uncle and asked, "Uncle, what happened? Why am I a dog? I was focusing back there!"

"It's nothing Spike," Scorpan explained. "It's one of your dragon powers: Shapeshift."

"I can shapeshift?" Spike asked. "I didn't know dragons can shapeshift! Except for the ones in Asia of course."

"Well, like all magical creatures, dragons also have a magic of their own to camouflage themselves, to avoid attracting attention, and to escape their enemies unnoticed. Your dog form is one of those camouflages."

"So how can I really change into a dragon?" Spike asked.

"Concentrate," Scorpan answered. "Focus your power. Feel it. Think as a dragon and you'll become the dragon."

With that, Spike closed his eyes as he begins to concentrate. He was once again surrounded in a green fiery aura. His eyes burst open to reveal reptilian pupils, and his body was once again engulfed in burst of green fire. Once the flame died down, there stood Spike, in his dragon form that has grown considerably to match his age. In appearance, he is covered from head to tail with purple scales, his crest colored green with matching spines, frills, eyes, and underbelly.

"Whoa!" Spike gasped, falling on all four as he looked at his new body. "Check me out! I'm really a dragon!"

"And how does it feel?" Rainbow asked.

"You have to ask? Awesome!!" Spike exclaimed, giving his tail a flick. "I've always dreamed of being a dragon!" Spike stood on his legs and made a leap, reaching the top of the ceiling and landing on the beams. "I can jump good!" Opening his mouth, Spike let out a stream of green, sparkling fire. "I breathe fire!"

The girls smiled, seeing the boy getting back in touch with his dragon powers, reminding them of a younger Spike being just as enthusiastic.

"Very good," Scorpan began, flapping his wings, joining the boy on the beams. "Now we can truly begin your trainings."

Spike bowed his head in respect to the gargoyle, "So what's on the roster, uncle?" he asked.


"This is not what I had in mind," Spike mumbled.

Doing houseworks in the dojo was obviously the last thing Spike expected to be in Dragon Training. Spike was ordered to sweep the floor with his tail, trim the hedges with his claws, pop the corns with his fire breath, jump on the beams to dust the cobwebs off, and worst of all, clean the toilet with his tongue on the brush.

Furthermore, the girls too have tasks for him to perform, through different doors in the dojo. Spike had to help Twilight re-shelve some books in a library. Fluttershy had him fluff several bunnies' tails, though one in particular was very resistant. Pinkie Pie had him bake the cakes and pies with his fire breath and stirring up the batters. Applejack had Spike smelling the difference between a healthy apple and a rotten apple. Rarity had him posing as a mannequin as she tried on several different attires on him, while also using his tail as a pincushion. Lastly, Rainbow Dash had Spike mopping the floor, using only a wet towel and his legs to propel himself across floor from the walls, all the while wiping the floor clean.

'Then again,' Spike thought. 'I should've half-expected something like this from uncle.'

10 years ago

After settling into their new home, Scorpan had a five year old Spike move the boxes and doing a lot of works around the house, from dusting the shelves, sweeping and mopping the floors with his hands and legs, washing the dishes, etc.

Finally, Spike has had enough, "You promised me that you'll teach me karate!" Spike protested angrily. "But so far, all I've ever been doing is playing the role as your errand boy! Why did my mom ever trusted you with me?!"

"Well, because I'm a man of my words," Scorpan replied calmly. "Show me how to sand the floor."

Spike let out an exasperated groan, "Uncle! I'm not-"

"Sand the floor!" the man repeated, sternly.

Spike rolled his eyes as he crouched down, "No, no, no," Scorpan stopped. "Stand up," Spike complied as he looked at the man in confusion. "Show me, sand the floor," Getting the message, Spike did his arm gestures for the said command. "No," Scorpan shook his head before he correct the boy's arm movements. "Now, big circles. Sand the floor," With that, Spike did as he was told.

"Now, show me wax on, wax off," Spike got down and was about to do the said command, "No, remain standing," Scorpan said, as the young boy got up and did, "Wax on, wax off."

"Wax on, wax off," Scorpan mocked. "No. That's what a snobby kid would do. You can't be snobby," With that, the man corrected the boy's arms, guiding the latter's hands into the former's. "Wax on," Spike's right hand went to the man's left hand. "Wax off," Spike's left hand went to the man's right. "Concentrate," Scorpan instructed. "Look at my eyes. Not the hands. Wax on, wax off." With that, Spike did the said command correctly.

"Now, show me reshelving, top and bottom," Imagining he was holding a book in his hand, Spike moved his arm up and down, before Scorpan stopped him, shaping his hand so that the top part would be facing up, as he directed the boy's hand to smack into the palm of his hand, before guiding it down and smacks into the palm of his hand.

"Now show me, dust the shelf," Spike was about to do the said command, "Look at my eyes! Always look at my eyes! Dust the shelf!" With that, Spike kept his eyes on Scorpan, doing the said command, as Scorpan correct by, "Keep the wrists locked." With that, Spike did the said command, while keeping his wrists locked.

"Now, move the box," Scorpan instructed, as Spike held his hands out, imaging a box he was pushing. Scorpan quickly fixed the boy's hands, keeping the fingers together while keeping his palm open, holding his hands out before he instructed, "Strike!" The boy clapped his hands with the man's, who repeatedly yelled, "Harder!"

Soon, both the boy and man were engaged in a close combat together, as the boy used all of the blocking skills he had, unknowingly, learned, while striking the man with only the "Move the box" method, until finally, they stopped to catch their breathes.

"Remember Spike," Scorpan began. "Martial arts is apart of everything we do. It lives in all of us. It's all around us. Everything is martial arts."

"Yes uncle," Spike bowed, before he got a smack on the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"A wise lesson from Bruce Lee," Scorpan answered. "Don't take your eyes off an opponent. Even when you bow."

"Yes uncle," Spike nodded as he bowed, without lowering his eyes.

Spike smiled nostalgically, knowing his uncle means well.

"Oh yeah," Rainbow smirked, looking at herself in the floor. "Looking good."

Applejack soon walked in, carrying a tray of foods, when she slipped. Out of impulse, Spike quickly came to her rescue, launching himself off a wall, aiming in her direction, sliding under to break her fall. Seeing the foods in the air, Spike quickly grabbed the tray, as he catches a bowl of salad, two sandwiches, an apple fritter on the tray, three glass cups wrapped in his tail as he catches the blobs of waters from hitting the floor, two apple pies balanced on his left claw, while the last one landed on his face.

Applejack looked at the dragon with concern, while Rainbow Dash failed to stifle a laugh.

"Spike?" Applejack asked, worryingly. "You okay Sugarcube?"

Spike licked his own face with his tongue and smiled, "Mmm, delicious!"

Applejack smiled as she and Rainbow Dash walked over to get the foods and drinks off their friend.

The three were soon at a table, eating their snacks. While Rainbow and AJ had their chat, Spike looked around the dojo, smiling nostalgically as it brought back some memories he had with Scorpan.

"What are ya smiling about Sugarcube?" Applejack asked, snapping the boy out of his trance.

"I was just thinking about the times when I was learning martial arts from uncle," Spike answered. "It's hard to believe that doing some chores around the house would get me started on martial arts."

Applejack smiled, as she picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth, "I hear ya Sugarcube," she smiled. "Ya may not believe it. But all those years of working on Sweet Apple Acres has done wonders for my body. Why just look at me. I'm practically stronger than ten bulls put together." Proving her point, Applejack flexed her arm and beckoned Spike to feel them.

"Wow! You ain't kidding!" Spike awed. "Even when you're human, you've got strong arms, and legs" Applejack blushed, which glowed even brighter when his hand touch her legs.

Rainbow Dash, not liking the attention Applejack was getting, get in between, "You want muscles?" she smirked. "Check out my set of feathers," With that, Rainbow Dash's wings sprouted from her back, through some small holes in her jacket. "Go on Spike," Dash smiled. "Take a good feel."

Doing as he was told, Spike rubbed his hand on the girl's wings, feeling the strong muscles beneath the soft feathers, "Wow, no wonder you can fly so fast!" Spike exclaimed.

"What can I say?" Dash smirked, with a soft blush. "I'm awesome."

Applejack was about to give the girl a piece of her mind, when Scorpan called, "Spike! It's time for your next lesson!"

"Coming uncle!" Spike replied as he quickly left the two girls behind.

Scorpan was sitting in the middle of a large room, surrounded by a huge white mat, when the door slide opened as Spike walked in.

"So what's this next lesson going to be?" Spike asked as he walked up to the man. "A ten mile lap for a cup of coffee? Balance an egg on my nose? Or-" As soon as Spike stepped on the mat, a flying disk was shot out from one of the doors nearby, which didn't go unheard as Spike quickly hit the deck. Just then, a pillar was dropped down from the ceiling and nearly squashed Spike, had he not rolled out of the way. As Spike stood up, his foot stepped on another hidden switch beneath the mat, trigging several flamethrowers to randomly spew out from the floor, the ceiling, and the walls, but not far enough to reach Scorpan.

The girls, having heard the commotion, rushed into the room to see Spike dodging, blocking, escaping, and fighting the traps being thrown at him.

Suddenly, a net was shot from a seemingly empty flower pot. Spike breathed fire on the net, but learned too late that it can't be burned as the net entraps him, and in multicolored glow, he was forced back a human. Spike tried to change back, but no matter how hard he tries, his power wouldn't respond, "What is this?" he asked as he struggled to free himself.

"Hold on Sugarcube," Applejack called as she and the girls made their way to the boy, around the mat, while Scorpan got up and deactivated the traps.

"Are you okay?" Fluttershy asked, looking the boy over after he was freed.

Spike concentrated and in a flash of fire, he was a puppy, "I meant to do that," he said before he changed himself back to human. "But overall, I'm okay."

"For now," Scorpan began solemnly. "You should be glad it wasn't Somnambula who fired that net on you Spike." The man walked over to pick up the said object as he continues with his lecture, "This is the ultimate trap for all magical creatures, and vessels of the Dragonfires are no exceptions."

"Yes, I've read about these dreadful things in one of the Restricted Section's books," Twilight cringed, examining the net. "They were first created as a product of dark magic by one of Star Swirl the Bearded's most promising apprentice. Apparently, he was too impatient in his studies for magic that he decided that the quickest way to achieve great magic is by capturing other magical creatures, draining them of their magics to further increase his own. It's horrible, and just looking at these things is enough to make me sick." Twilight then turned to Scorpan, "Though, how did you manage to come across this thing? I thought Princesss Celestia had banned the use of these things thousands of years ago."

"Thousands?" Spike exclaimed. "Wow! She must be very old! No offense!" Spike stuttered at the last part, so as to not sound rude.

Hesitant at first, Scorpan answered, "I've had my shares of enforcing the law," he looked at the teens as he resumes solemnly, "But this is something all of you should prepare yourselves for. The next time this happen, it could be the last for each of you."

The teens nodded in understanding, "So what can we do to defend ourselves against this thing?" Spike asked in concern. "I can see that it's fireproof. Any sort of magic that can just destroy it?"

"There is," Twilight explained. "But it's very complicated. Only a handful of elite unicorns were able to pull of a spell, just to destroy one of these nets. They're enchanted with a powerful dark spell that drains all kinds of magic. Basically, it's like the only way to destroy these nets, is practically overloading it with too much magic."

"Correct as always Twilight," Scorpan nodded. "Luckily, I know of a way to counter these objects. And the best part is, it was invented by me," Scorpan smirked.

"You can teach me how to deflect these things?" Spike asked in amazement.

"Don't have to," Scorpan replied. "You've already learned it. Clean the toilet!" Scorpan shouted as he threw the net at the boy.

Thinking fast, Spike's dragon tongue shot out, 'First clockwise, then counter-clockwise!' and just like that, the net flew back and trapped the man.

"Whoa! It worked!" Spike cheered, before he quickly apologized, "Sorry uncle!"

"Not to worry Spike," Scorpan replied, freeing himself unscathed. "I'll live. Make sure you remember this technique Spike, because your very life may very depend on it."

"Yes uncle," Spike bowed his head to the man in acknowledgement. "I will."

Twilight walked over and as she and the girls each placed a comforting hand on the boy's shoulders, "And you won't have to do it alone Spike," Twilight smiled assuringly. "We're here to help you every step of the way."

Seeing the honesty and sincerity in their eyes, Spike felt they can be trusted, as well as feeling something familiar about the girls. Nevertheless, Spike smiled, "Thank you girls."

Seeing Spike is in good hands, Scorpan was about to take his leave.

"Wait, uncle!" Spike quickly ran over and got in front of the man. "So what time for tomorrow's lesson?"

"No lesson for tomorrow, Spike," Scorpan replied. "For you that is. I've already promised your boys that I would train them in the martial arts, starting tomorrow."

"Huh? Since when?"

In the previous chapter

During Spike's affectionate moment with the girls, after their battle with Somnambula, Scorpan was approached by Pipsqueak and the other boys.

"Um, Mr. Scorpan, sir?" Pipsqueak began. "We may not have magics or anything. But would it be alright if we could still get some trainings from you, and help Spike anyway?"

"Yeah," Rumble added. "Spike's our friend. Wherever our friend goes, we go with him. We want to still be able to help him anyway we can."

Scorpan narrowed his eyes at the boys, scratching his chin, "This is no place for mortals, such as yourselves," Scorpan replied. "It's dangerous! You boys won't last a second, should you continue to get involved."

"So what?" Rumble asked. "We're not afraid!"

"Yeah! We're Spike's bros." Button added. "And we're bros. for life!"

Sensing the honesty in the boy's words, as well as the boys' loyalty, Scorpan did sense something else in the boys' hearts. Reluctant, the man nodded, "Be here at 6:00 AM, Saturday Morning, bright and early!" he instructed. "Don't be late."

"Yes sir!" the boys saluted eagerly.

"Ah," Spike answered, enlightened.

"Besides," Scorpan smirked. "Your trainings will now be with the girls, considering magic to be their department. And trust me, you'll enjoy it." The man pulled the boy close and whispered, "You've got a lot of catching up to do tomorrow." Scorpan winked as he takes his leave through a door.

Spike turned to the girls, who smiled happily at the idea. Spike couldn't help but smile back.

Author's Note:

The way some of us see it, Spike doing the chores and giving services to his friends and family isn't making him a slave. It's teaching him karate, like The Karate Kid 1984 and 2010. Also, 'First clockwise, then counter-clockwise,' courtesy of Disney Channel's Jake Long American Dragon.

Also, if it helps:

Spike Draco's voice:

Cathy Wesluck: Kid, puppy
Dante Basco (Or any other VAs you have in mind): Teen, dragon

Spike has now begun his dragon training, while his posse have begun their trainings as fighters. The young dragon's past still remains a mystery, but all will soon be revealed in the next chapters.

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