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Dragonfire 🐲 Enter The Dragon Hero 🐲 - Phantom-Dragon

Born in the Year of the Dragon, gifted with a powerful magic called the Dragonfire, Spike Draco fights the forces of evils that threatens to destroy the worlds of his friends and family.

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A Weekend to Remember Part 1: Morning Training

That night, after training, Spike and the girls were turning in for the night. The girls were given permission, by Scorpan, to stay over for the night. All seven teens were sound asleep in Spike's room, with the girls sleeping in their sleeping bags, while Spike was in his bed, dreaming.

Spike was in the hallway of a large castle at night.

"Where am I?" he asked, looking around, marveling at the marble structures of the castle, and the many windows displays of unicorns, horses, pegasi, and alicorns.

Suddenly, a woman's voice was heard, along with the sound of a baby crying. Wanting to check it out, Spike followed the voice before he finds himself in a huge garden, with various animals running by. He looked again and was astonished to see the alicorn from before, sitting on the ground, with the baby crying in her front hooves.

'It's this dream again,' he realized.

"Don't cry," the mare gently shushed. "It's alright. I'm here," the mare began to sing a soothing song to the baby. The baby stopped his fussing upon listening to the beautiful melody from the mare's voice.

Both boys listened, mesmerized by the alicorn's beautiful voice, feeling the warmth, comfort, and love from her.

'Wow, that was so beautiful,' Spike thought.

The baby let out a yawn as he slowly drifted to sleep, while wrapping himself within the alicorn's flowing mane. The alicorn smiled as she lowered her head, giving him a kiss on the forehead and whispered, "Good night, my dear." Curling herself up and draping a wing around the baby, the alicorn closed her eyes before she spoke, "Sleep tight, my little sunshine."

With that, the alicorn fell soundly asleep as the whole scene ended.

Spike slowly wakes up to see that it was morning.

"That was some dream," Spike yawned, trying to stretch his arms out, only to feel something, or someone, holding him down. Struggling to break free, Spike finally pulled his arms out, as he lifted the blanket off to reveal Fluttershy and Rarity, snuggling on both sides of him.

"Girls?" he gasped in shock, before he noticed that it wasn't just them. Looking down, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, were snoring on top of him, at his midriff, with Twilight sleeping on Rarity's midriff, while holding Spike close. Spike darted his eyes, trying to locate Pinkie. It wasn't long before he smelled the familiar scent of cotton candy that he shivered, "She didn't," he turned his head to see that Pinkie, somehow, switched places with his pillow and was laying his head on her chest. Still in a state of surprise, Spike took the moment to observe, and could see that all six girls were in their pajamas.

Twilight and Fluttershy were in average pajamas with Twilight's yellow with little pink hearts decorated, and Fluttershy's was green with little butterflies decorated. Applejack was wearing onesie pajamas colored blue with apples decorated on it, Pinkie was wearing a nightgown colored pink and blue with balloon designs. Rarity was also wearing a nightgown colored purple with her favorite three diamond design and a blue ribbon. Rainbow Dash's sleep attire was blue sleep shorts, and a white shirt with red sleeves and her fave rainbow lightning bolt design.

Rarity, still in her sleep, kissed Spike on the cheek, leaving the boy stunned.

'Whoa,' Spike thought. 'It's Saturday, and I've got six girls sleeping all over me? This feels.....nice,' Spike smiled sheepishly, before he started to feel lightheaded. 'But I think I'm due for some air,' With that, Spike tried to wiggle himself free from the tangled mess of arms and legs, while trying not to wake the girls. However, the girls in their sleeps would have none of that, as Rarity instantly hugged him tighter, along with Fluttershy who moaned, "No! Stay! Don't leave again!" Pinkie, smiling in her sleep, held his head even closer, and tighter.

"I've got to get out of here," Concentrating into his powers, Spike was engulfed in a flash of fire as he changes into a puppy. His transformation didn't go unnoticed of course, as the girls all woke up and looked at the boy turned dog, "Um, morning girls," Spike smiled.

"Aw," Fluttershy squealed, grabbing the dog into another tight embrace. "You're even cuter in the morning."

"Fluttershy!" Spike blushed from close contact.

"Hey! Share some love for the rest of us!" Pinkie exclaimed, grabbing a hold of Spike by the tail, only for Fluttershy to pull him back.

"No!" Fluttershy exclaimed, slightly louder and a tiny bit scary. "I love my puppy! And I'm not letting you take him away from me!"

"C'mon now Fluttershy," Applejack assured. "We ain't taking Spike away from any pony," Spike's eyes widened in confusion at the last part. "Spike's our friend too. And we've got some love for him as well."

Fluttershy looked at the rest. A part of her wanted to shout, "He's going to love me!!" but seeing how the sincerity in the girls' eyes, Fluttershy nodded, reciprocating the feeling they had endured since Spike left them. Not that he'd remember of course. With a sad sigh, Fluttershy reluctantly handed Spike over to the rest of the girls, who all embraced him together.

Spike smiled, enjoying the feel, before he changes back into a human. Spike quickly snapped out of the moment, "Hold on!" he began. "Why were you girls in bed with me?"

Hesitant at first, the girls chuckled sheepishly until Twilight broke the silence, "Admittedly, we were having a hard time falling asleep. So we all kinda thought about using you for comfort."

"Why me?"

"Why not?" Pinkie smiled. "You're so cute and cuddly as you are very warm and cozy!"

"What Pinkie meant to say is," Applejack began. "We've really missed you Sugarcube. It wasn't easy for us to get some shut-eyes, all those years. Having ya back is the happiest thing that's ever happened to us."

"Has it now?" Spike asked, looking at the girls confusingly.

"Spike," Rainbow began. "When Applejack tells ya something. You better believe her. She's the honest one in our group."

"Oh really?" Spike asked, looking at Applejack, who nodded in confirmation. "Okay, I'll take your words for it."

The girls smiled, before Twilight began, "Well, let's get ourselves cleaned up for breakfast. Then after that, we can begin the day with your training Spike," The girls and boy all cheered as they all headed for the bathroom.

"Ladies first," Spike bowed his head, instinctively acting like the gentleman he is, while holding the door.

"Why thank you, my prince," Rarity giggled, as she and the girls walked into the bathroom to get changed.

After the girls had finished their business in the bathroom, they walked out, fresh and clean. Spike couldn't help but feel slightly flushed at their appearance before he walked in, getting himself ready for the day. Soon, Spike walked down into the kitchen to see the girls having breakfast, with Scorpan nowhere in sight.

Spike looked at the clock to see that it was 5 minutes passed 6.

'Looks like Uncle and the boys have already gone out for training,' Spike thought. 'So I guess it's just me and the girls for now.' Taking an empty seat, Spike took a bite out of his pancake, smiling as he salivated the soft, appealing texture, of the food, along with the maple/blueberry syrup draped over, "Mmm, delicious," he said in delight.

"If you think that's delicious," Applejack began, handing over a plate of apple fritters. "Then take a bite out of my family's special apple fritters."

With that, Spike took a bite and his eyes burst, as fireworks were mentally being lit up.

"Where've you been all my life!!" Spike cried, as he happily ate the whole pieces, clean off the plate.

Applejack smiled, 'Just like the time we first met at the Grand Galloping Gala.'

"So Spike," Twilight began. "After breakfast, let's begin your magic training on the roof."

"Sounds good to me," Spike replied.

[Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground]

After breakfast, the girls were on the rooftop of the house with Spike, who was doing some warm ups with Pinkie Pie.

"Mountain pose! Downward dog! Upward dog!" Spike did the said commands, while keeping up with Pinkie Pie. "Now it's time to bring it around town. Bring it around town."

Later, he was doing push-ups with Applejack, who was putting her foot on his back to force him down.

"C'mon Spike!" Applejack exclaimed. "Just fifty more push-ups! C'mon! Ya got it!"

"I'm giving it all I got," Spike groaned.

Afterward, Spike was having a parkour race with Rainbow Dash across the rooftops.

"This is the life, huh Spike?" Dash smiled.

"Yeah," Spike panted. "My favorite!" Rainbow Dash rounded the next chimney with Spike following. Soon the two of them were running towards the rooftop of the next building, both doing dramatic flips to reach across the gap between them, and landed on the rooftop, in a roll, while resuming their race.

"You're not half bad for a runner Spike," Rainbow smiled, as Spike was running neck and neck with her.

"Thanks," Spike panted. "I have uncle to thank for that."

After what felt like an hour of parkour, Spike was relieved that his next training, with Twilight in the Training Dimension, involves some meditation. The two of them sat, crisscrossing their legs, on separate pillows, eyes closed, with two candlesticks, lit with fires that matched their magics' colors, levitating before them.

"Clear your mind of all the things," Twilight instructed. "Breathe to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Focus the magic inside of you."

As the two continue with their meditation, Spike and Twilight were soon floating in midair, to which they paid no mind to. The fires on their candles shifted, big and small, in sync with their breathing. Soon, the fire on Twilight's candle began to take shape into that of a star, while Spike's sprouted wings and a serpentine head was formed, along with some dark chains being formed all over the flame. The girls, minus Twilight, took notice of the chains and looked worried for Spike.

After some meditation done, along with a quick change, the teens were back in the real world, on the rooftop, where Fluttershy was helping Spike get in shape with his forms, his dog form mostly, much to her enjoyment.

"Sit," Fluttershy instructed. "Lie down. Roll over. Stand up. Beg. Shake hand." Spike, much to his annoyance, obeyed every commands given. "Good boy!!" Fluttershy smiled, petting the dog affectionately.

"Um, Fluttershy," Rainbow began. "When Scorpan told us to train Spike, I don't think he meant training him as a dog."

"Oh, but he's just so cute when he's a puppy!," Fluttershy whimpered.

"DUCK!!" Spike shouted, pouncing on Fluttershy, just as a water balloon almost hit her.

"Who's there?!" Rainbow shouted, only to see some shadows retreating.

"You saved me again!" Fluttershy squealed, hugging the dog. "My hero!"

"How'd ya know they were there Spike?" Dash asked.

"I have good hearing?" Spike shrugged.

"Is it because you're a dog right now?"

"Come to think of it, no," Spike quickly changed back into a human. "Even before all this, I've always been able to hear so well. I just thought I've always had a good sense of hearing."

This gave the girls an idea as Spike later stood with a blindfold on him, and Pinkie Pie jumping around.

"Marco!" Spike called.

"Polo!" Pinkie replied, as Spike ran toward to tag her. Pinkie jumped out of the way as Spike ran past her and bumped into a wall.



And just like before, Spike bumped into a wall.

"C'mon Spike!" Applejack called. "Just because you're blind, doesn't mean you're prone to crashing like Rainbow Crash here."

"Hey!" Rainbow scowled, giving a death glare at the country girl.

"Stay calm Spike!" Twilight instructed. "Don't think too much on where you heard Pinkie's voice."

Getting the message, Spike listened carefully for Pinkie's footsteps, "Marco," he said.

"Polo!" Pinkie shouted from the right, before she stepped on a twig, snapping from the left. With that, Spike quickly lunged towards the sound of the twig and tackled her to the ground.

"You got me!" Pinkie giggled, before she flipped Spike to the side and got on top of him. "Now I got you!" Pinkie pulled Spike's blindfold off, giving the boy a chance to see the mischievous grin on the girl's face. "And you know what you're getting?"

"Do I dare ask?" Spike whimpered.

"You get tickled!" With a smile, Pinkie's fingers flew, tickling the boy at the stomach.

"No, don't!" Spike yelled, failing to suppress a giggle. "Stop! T-T-That tickles! Get off!" Spike was in such a fit of laughter, he lost control of himself as he changes randomly between a dog, a dragon, and a human.

After the two had some laughs, it was time for Rarity's part in the training.

"It's not just about speed and strength Spike," Rarity lectured. "Elegance and grace is also what you need to be flexible in combat." As a demonstration, Rarity twirled around like a ballerina, sticking her foot out, kicking a nearby dummy the girls had placed.

"I know what you mean," Spike said, while doing spin. "Uncle's always been telling me that, ever since our last trip to a Capoeira tournament in Brazil."

"Did you really?" Rarity inquired.

"Yeah," Spike sighed nostalgically. "I'm surprised how they can turn dancing and music into another form of martial arts. It's like you're dancing, but at the same time, you're fighting."

Rarity smiled, getting out her phone to play a music, before grabbing Spike by the hand, "Then let's dance darling." She flirted.

Feeling the music, Spike moved his body to the rhythm of the song. Rarity meanwhile was lip-syncing with the song as she danced around and flirted with Spike, much to the envy of the others. Then, at the part where the song's tempo started to turn up, Rarity's hair glowed, assuming itself into a long ponytail, as she quickly spins around, almost whipping Spike in the face. Soon Rarity was dancing around on the rooftops, waving her hair, her body, her hips, in a smoothing and graceful flow. Spike couldn't help but blush slightly.

"Let's go," Rarity lip-synced, as a diamond shimmered on her forehead. "Let me see what you can do."

With that, Spike did a few dance moves, while acting on instincts, using some of his martial art skills to perform them. He and Rarity started holding hands together, and danced together.

'This feels fun,' Spike thought. 'And kinda familiar.'

Rarity in the meantime thought happily, 'Yes, just like the dance we've had years ago.'

The rest of the girls watched in envy, watching how much fun Spike and Rarity are having. Although they wanted to 'cut in' they decided against it, so as to not look bad in front of Spike.

After awhile, it was time to take a break.

"Phew," Spike panted. "And I thought uncle's a tough coach for me." Applejack walked by and handed the boy a cup of water, "Oh thanks, Applejack." Spike gratefully took the cup and chugged it all down.

"No problem, Sugarcube," Applejack smiled, before she took a seat beside the boy. "Feels great to be using your powers again, ain't it?"

"Honestly, it feels kinda...." Spike hesitated for a moment, searching his thoughts for the words, "I don't know. I wanted to say it's awesome, and exciting on a new level. And yet, it actually feels familiar, like I've done this before. Strange, isn't it?"

"Not at all," Applejack glanced at the boy with sad eyes. "It's just like old times." The other girls all nodded in agreement.

"Right, so you've said." With a solemn look, Spike decided to ask, "So what really happened years ago? Why can't I remember you girls? Who are you? And what's going on?"

The girls look at each other, before they nodded in agreement, "Let's head back inside. We'll explain everything from there." Twilight suggested, as the group followed.

After making sure the curtains were closed, along with all the doors and windows, Twilight slowly took her glasses off, her eyes begin to glow pure, sparkling, white, as she held her hands out, with the girls, floating in mid air before they were once again engulfed in a flash of white. Once the light show has died down, there they stood before him, as ponies. But not like the ones he's seen them before.

"Whoa!" Spike gasped, after his visions cleared up. "You're ponies?!" Spike took a look at each of the girls in their pony forms. "Rarity, you're a unicorn!" Rarity blushed. "Rainbow, Fluttershy, you two are pegasuses?"

"The plural form for pegasus is pegasi," Dash corrected.

"Applejack, Pinkie Pie, you're.....normal ponies?"

"Nope!" Pinkie smiled, popping out of nowhere, jumpscaring Spike from behind. "We ain't normal ponies. We're Earth Ponies! We may not have wings or horns like Rarity, Dashie, and Flutters do, but we have magics of our own."

"It's true," Applejack answered. "We can understand living creatures, we have the power to tend the land, and grow plenty of foods that would last us all winter."

"But as for me!" Pinkie smiled, while bouncing around the room. "My specialty is throwing parties! Birthday parties! Welcome parties! Holiday parties! You name 'em! They don't call me the Pinkie the Party Planning Party Pony for nothing!"

"Interesting," Spike pondered, before he turned to Twilight, seeing how she has a horn, wings, and appears to be slightly taller than the rest of the girls. "And what exactly are you Twilight? A Pegacorn? Unisus? Or..."

"I'm an alicorn," Twilight answered. "I'm basically a hybrid of a unicorn's magic, a pegasus's flight, and the heart of an earth pony."

"Also, she's a princess," Pinkie added. "All hail, Princess Twilight Sparkle! The Princess of Friendship!!" With that, Pinkie got out several instruments from nowhere and played a one pony marching band.

"Pinkie!" Twilight exclaimed. "Not in front of Spike!"

"Why not?" Pinkie asked. "He's bound to know you're princess sooner or later. I'm just saving you the trouble of telling it to him yourself."

"You're a princess?!" Spike baffled, before he quickly bowed his head. "Please forgive me, Twilight! I mean, Princess Twilight! I mean-" The sound of laughter filled the room, as Spike looked up, seeing how the girls were laughing in amusement.

"Oh, Spike," Pinkie laughed. "You're still as funny as you were back when!"

"Besides, if Twilight wanted you to bow, don't you think she would've said so earlier?" Rainbow added. 'That and the fact you were a royal yourself,' She thought in amusement.

After a few chuckles, Twilight walked over to Spike, "Please, no need to be so formal, Spike," Twilight reassured. "Just Twilight will do. We are friends after all."

Still confused, Spike complied as he got up, "Okay, Twilight," He answered, before he looked at the girls around him. "Still, I kinda find it hard to believe I'm friends with ponies, let alone a princess."

"The Princess of Friendship, to be precise!" Pinkie reminded, popping from the side as she bounced around Spike. "It's her destiny! Plain as the cutie mark on her flank!" Pinkie said, pointing to the lavender alicorn's flank, where a mark of a six-pointed red star, surrounded by five smaller white stars are located.

Spike, blushing in embarrassment, immediately looked away, "I didn't mean to stare, or anything," He replied.

Applejack couldn't help but chuckle, "It's alright there, Sugarcube," Applejack reassured. "There's nothing to be ashamed of about looking at some pony else's cutie mark on their flank."

"Totally!" Pinkie chirped. "It's not like you're looking at someone butt-naked or anything. Oh, wait. It kinda does, because in Equestria, we don't normally wear clothes. So we're kinda always walking around nude."

"PINKIE!!!" The girls berated the pink pony.

Rainbow quickly took over, as she explained, "Look, Spike. Cutie marks aren't anything to be ashamed of looking at. They're actually kinda awesome."

"Oh?" Spike asked.

"Sure, I mean, look at mine," Rainbow pointed to a picture symbol of a thundercloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt, imprinted on her haunches. "Pretty cool? Don't you think?"

Spike could only blush, "Yeah, if I can understand what's so awesome about it."

"It's a symbol for how awesome I am!" Rainbow proclaimed, proudly.

"I think he means, what makes our cutie marks worth looking at," Applejack clarifies.

"Our cutie marks are the symbol of our special talents," Twilight explained. "They're basically symbols of our talents that set us apart from every pony else, and symbolizes how special each of us are."

"Oh," Spike nodded in acknowledgement, before he looked at the girls' cutie marks and guessed, "So your talent is astronomy, Applejack's talent is apples, Rainbow Dash's is making lighting rainbows, Rarity's is making beautiful gems, Pinkie's is balloons, and Fluttershy's is catching butterflies?"

Twilight and the girls all giggled in response, "Close," Twilight answered. "Applejack's represents honesty and her devotion to her family, Pinkie's is laughter and her love to spread joy, Rarity's is her love of art and generosity, Fluttershy's represents her kindness and her love of animals, Rainbow Dash's represents her loyalty and speed-"

"And my awesomeness," Rainbow added, boastfully.

"Yes," Twilight rolled her eyes, before she concluded with herself. "And as for mine, it's my talent of magic."

"That's why she's the Princess of Friendship!" Pinkie added. "It's her destiny! She was born to be the Princess of Friendship!"

"Really?" Spike asked. "Wow, the boys would never believe it when I tell them I'm friends with a princess."

Twilight blushed, "Actually, I wasn't always a princess." Twilight frowned as she recalled the traumatic event. "At least, not before we met."

"Yeah," Applejack grumbled. "Way before them varmints attacked ya and tried to take yer Dragonfire."

"And then you and General Scorpan were forced to leave us and Equestria for who knows how long!" Rainbow added with a snarl.

Spike shook his head in confusion, "Equestria? Magics? Ponies? Princess of Friendship? Can someone please fill me in on what's happening?"

The girls all closed their eyes, before they shot sad looks in Spike's way, "It's a long story to tell," Twilight began.

"And not a happy one at that," Pinkie added.

"I'm listening," Spike pulled a chair, eager for some answers.

After about an hour, the girls had finished telling Spike about Equestria, how he was brought there, how he lost his memories at the hands of Somnambula and her fellow villains, and why he and Scorpan came to New York, while leaving some parts out.

"And you know the rest," Twilight concluded.

Spike could hardly believe his ears, "This is crazy!" he exclaimed, clutching his head. He looked up at the girls who had all changed back into human forms, "You girls mean to tell me that there is this place called Equestria, where you all came from. I was there before? And because I was born with this Dragonfire inside of me, I was hounded by that crazy witch? And the reason why I can't remember is because of her?"

"Afraid so," Twilight replied, taking a seat beside the boy, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Oh Spike. There were so many things we wanted for you to remember."

"But to be struck down and lose it all at such a young age!" Rarity began tearfully. "It's just awful!"

"Yeah," Rainbow added. "Cause then you wouldn't remember all the good times we've had as kids."

"Or the parties I've thrown for you!" Pinkie added, with her hair deflating slightly.

Looking up, Spike could see the sorrows on the girls' faces. The very sight just made his heart ache, "Why? Why now?" He asked, scratching his head. "Why couldn't I remember any of this sooner?"

"We've been asking that question for many years, Sugarcube," Applejack replied. Feeling a tear escaping, Applejack pulled her hat over, so as to not let Spike see her cry as she continued, "We would've liked it better, if you hadn't been gone for this long."

Fluttershy, unable to hold her tears back, pounced on Spike and cried, "I'm so sorry we weren't there for you, my poor puppy!" Fluttershy cried even harder at the last part. Soon, the girls all joined in, hugging the boy, while exchanging apologies, and tears.

Spike, still having unanswered questions, returned the hugs, "I'm sorry girls," The girls looked curiously at him. "I wish I could remember my life ten years ago," A small smile appeared on Spike's face. "But if you girls really were my friends then, I'm honored to have all of you as my friends now." At that point, the girls all smiled, and shedding tears of joy, at the boy's words of comfort, returning the hugs. "I know!" Spike broke up the hug as he explains, "Let's go out and make some new memories. We're together again, so let's go out like old times."

The girls smiled even bigger as they and Spike made a quick change in their casual attires and walked out of the house.

Author's Note:

Ok. Some fragments of the boy's past were revealed. The rest will be coming shortly. But in the meantime, Spike and the Mane Six are about to make some new memories.

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