• Published 11th Jan 2017
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Dragonfire 🐲 Enter The Dragon Hero 🐲 - Phantom-Dragon

Born in the Year of the Dragon, gifted with a powerful magic called the Dragonfire, Spike Draco fights the forces of evils that threatens to destroy the worlds of his friends and family.

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The Dragon Awakens

The school bell rang, signalling the end of the day as the students all flooded their way out of class and straight for the exit.

"Until we meet again," Discord bowed, disappearing in a flash of light.

"Well, good riddance with him!" Trixie scowled, before she handed Spike a card with a smile, "My card." With that, the girl took her leave in a puff of smoke.

"See you around Spike," two girls smiled as they left the room.

"Call me!" a senior girl smiled, before she took her leave.

Snips, Snails, and their new acquaintance, Zephyr Breeze, a fellow freshman who is a tall boy, about Discord's height, with a blonde hair don up in a bun, wears a jean jacket, over a green shirt, brown cargo pants, orange socks, and red shoes. The three all looked on in envy at the young boy.

"What is it that little guy have that we don't?" Zephyr Breeze whined dramatically. "I mean it's just not fair!"

"Well for one, he's got an uncle who's been training him kung fu since he was four!" Snails replied.

"Five," Snips corrected.

"Whatever," Snails dismissed. "And second, he's already been acquainted with five girls...."

"Six, if you count Rarity," Snips interrupted.

"WHATEVER!!!" the other boys shouted.

"And somehow, he's done something to win their hearts," Snails continued. "Although, on a brighter note, he doesn't remember them. So sooner or later, the girls might give up on him and move on, and they'll be right there for the taking!"

"Sounds like a plan," Zephyr smirked. "But for the record, leave Rainbow Dash to me. Cause I ain't losing her to the likes of Mr. Blackbelt Fancyshoes!"

"I'm with ya brother," Snips agreed, followed by Snails.

"Boys," Zephyr smirked. "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

With that, the three shared a fist bump. Unbeknownst to them, their scheming didn't go unheard.

Spike hadn't gone far when Rarity and Pinkie Pie both stood outside of class, waiting for the boy. Once they saw him leaving the classroom, they quickly walked over to him.

"Oh, hello again ladies," Spike greeted when he took notice of the girls.

"Hello Spike," Rarity smiled, along with Pinkie. "I, um, I mean, Pinkie and I were wondering if you'd like to walk with us. We're going to meet up with the others outside of school."

"Others?" Spike inquired. "Others who?"

"The other girls, silly!" Pinkie giggled. "Twilight and the rest of the old gang!"

Though hesitant at first, after seeing the sincerity in their eyes, and sensing a good vibe from the girls, Spike couldn't find it in himself to say no.

"Sure, okay," Spike nodded and walked together with the girls on their way out, with three certain troublemakers following them close behind. Deciding to chew the fat, Spike was the first to break the silence.

"So how've you and the rest of the girls been over the past.....ten years was it?" Spike asked.

Rarity and Pinkie were hesitant at first to answer the question. But Rarity eventually answers, "Oh we've been better Spike. A lot has happened to us since you left with Scorpan."

"Have they now?" Spike asked curiously.

"Yeah!" Pinkie cheered. "Like Rarity succeeding in opening up three fashion stores in different parts of the world."

"Did you really?" Spike turned to the fashionable girl, who nodded her head in confirmation. "Wow, you're quite the savvy business girl to be in high school."

"Oh, I wouldn't say I'm savvy or anything," Rarity blushed, before deciding to steer the topic away. "However, one thing's for sure, it's nothing compared to seeing you again Spike," With that, Rarity pulled Spike into a loving embrace. "I've missed you so much."

"Me too!" Pinkie added before joining into the hug as well.

Spike was clearly blushing up a storm as he was being sandwiched between the two girls, much to the ire of some boys passing by.... three in particular. Suddenly, Spike's ears perked up when he hears someone crying, "HELP!"

"Pipsqueak!" Snapping out of the moment, Spike broke away from the girls as he dashed away towards the exit.

"Spikey?" Rarity called out. "Where are you going?" Spike was too far out of earshot to reply.

Knowing something is up, Rarity and Pinkie started to chase after the boy, with Pinkie Pie making a few calls along the way.

"Now's our chance," Zephyr whispered.

"Good afternoon gentlemen," a familiar voice called.

The boys froze in fear, turning around to face a suspicious looking Professor Flintheart.

"Now what would two freshman and a repeater, such as yourselves, be doing at a time like this?" Flintheart asked in his usual calm, stern tone.

"W-W-We're...." Snips stuttered, intimidated by the professor's cold stare. "We're just leaving sir."

"Yeah, what he said," Snails nodded, along with Zephyr.

The professor glared, raising his eyebrows slightly, "You ought to be careful," he said. "People will think you're up to something."

"Yes sir," the boys whimpered before they took their leave.

Spike was running, jumping, and climbing over fences, stairs, and lampposts, before finally arriving in Central Park to see Pipsqueak, along with Rumbles, Button, Tender, and Feathers, being carried off by some figures wearing dog masks.

"You miserable cowards!" Pipsqueak shouted, struggling to escape. "Let us go!"

"Pipe down will you?!" one of the thugs grumbled.

"Let them go!" Spike shouted, getting in front of the thugs in a fighting stance.

"Get lost Squirt!" one of the thug retorted.

Undeterred, Spike growled, "I said, let them go!"

"Oh, looks like we've got a hero," another thug laughed, as he and the rest of his comrade threw the boys in some cages, before they surrounded Spike. "You wanna fight? Let's dance."

"Bring it!" Spike growled.

The leader of the thugs, who wears a pit bull mask, raised his hand, "Give it to him boys!" he snapped his fingers.

[Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme]

The thugs all jumped at Spike, who cleverly ducked beneath their legs, before he stood up and kicked one of them in the rear. The thug rubbed his sore butt for a moment, turning around, staring angrily at the boy, before he and two of his comrades at his side all charged after Spike. At the last moment, Spike jumped over the first thug, doing a split and kicking the other two in the face. One of the thugs ran up to Spike with a stick. Spike didn't hesitate to charge toward the thug.

"Dragon sweeps his tail!" Spike said, sweeping the ground with his leg, tripping the thug, causing him to fly into a garbage can.

"Yeah!" the boys cheered for their friend.

"Way to go Spike!" Rumble cheered. "Whoo whoo whoo whoo!"

"Quick! Give 'em the falcon punch!" Button Mash shouted.

Spike turned to see another thug running up to him with a stick in hand. With a quick roundhouse kick, Spike effectively knocked the stick out of the thug's hand, before he spins around and landed a strong sidekick to the thug's chest, knocking him back slightly.

Rarity and Pinkie soon arrived with the rest of the girls to see the fight going on.

"C'mon, we gotta help him!" Rainbow exclaimed, preparing to charge in.

"No wait!" Twilight exclaimed, holding the girl by the hand. "Charging into a battle before you're really needed only makes it worse."

"But...." Rainbow protested, only to be met with more denials. With a loud groan, Rainbow and the others looked as Spike continued his fight with the thugs.

One of the thugs grabbed Spike from behind, and got him in a death gripping bind as three of the thugs advanced upon Spike. Thinking fast, Spike thrusts his leg upward from behind, right into his captor's crotch, forcing them to let go. Spike turns around to threw a punch, only stopping midway, psyching his opponent out as they shielded their face, before he kicked them in the crotch again, and then the face after it was left vulnerable.

Rainbow couldn't help but snigger at the trick, "Good one Spike."

The others tried to seize Spike, but Spike quickly jumped to the side as he grabbed the another goon who was about his size by the hands. Spike swung the thug in between him and the others, shielding himself from the others.

"Sorry Scruffy," one of the thugs apologized, before he was met with a kick to the face.

Another thug came and threw several punches at Spike, who didn't hesitate to block their punches, while catching their hands. He was about to strike back, but instead, he blocked another goon's attack, which went back slapping into one of their comerade's face.

"Sorry," the thug apologized to his comrade.

Another grabbed Spike by his jacket, but Spike cleverly slipped out of his jacket, before he jumped up, did a spinning roundhouse kick, and landed a powerful blow to the thug's head, causing them to stumble into a garbage can, and dropping the boy's jacket. Spike picked up the article of clothing and with it, he caught the some of the other attacking goons in a tangled mess of legs, arms, and hands, before they all stumbled and crashed into another.

The girls smiled, seeing how well Spike was able to hold on his own.

"There's our dragon," Twilight smiled, envisioning a much younger Spike sparring with Scorpan and some of the royal guards.

The girls soon turned their attention to Pipsqueak, who continues shouting, "Yeah! Give it to him Spike! Show them wieners what for! And could you hurry it up? It's really starting to stink up in here, just sitting next to this stinking gorilla with a face like a dog!"

The leader growled impatiently, "I've had about enough of you!" he growled, pulling out a knife.

Rainbow Dash was about to charge in, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Spike screamed, his eyes changing reptilic as they burned a blazing green color, before suddenly, a stream of green fire exploded from his mouth, frightening the leader away from the cages. The girls gasped at what they had seen, along with some other eyes in the trees and bushes.

Elsewhere, Scorpan was drinking coffee at a Starbuck Cafe when he heard Spike's scream, "Spike!" he exclaimed in worry.

"Let's get out of here!" with that, the thugs all retreated from the scene in fright.

"Whoa!" Rumble exclaimed from his cage. "Did you just breathe fire dude?"

Spike shook his head, trying to process everything that happened, "Did that really just happened?!" He asked in shock.

"Spike!" the girls cried, stepping out of the trees.

"Girls?" Spike asked. "What're you doing here?" Looking back around, seeing only himself, with the girls, and boys, he asked. "Did you see what happened?"

"Yes Spike," Twilight answered. "We saw the whole thing."

"And so did I!" a voice called from the trees, revealing itself to be an elderly woman in red robe with a walking staff. "So this is where the Dragonfire's been hiding!" the woman cackled hoarsely. "It's taken me many moons to find it. And now, it shall be mine!"

"You want the Dragonfire?" Twilight exclaimed as she and the girls shielded Spike. "You have to go through us first!"

"I thought you would say that," with a tap of her staff, the trees shook and monkeys with wings flew out.

"What the hay?!" Spike exclaimed, before he turned to the boys. "You guys seeing this?"

"Uh huh," they all nodded.

"Now my precious pets," the woman began. "Fetch me the boy, but tear the girls limb from limb!"

With that, the monkeys all flew at the girls and Spike.

"Girls!" Twilight began, taking her glasses off as her eyes glowed pure white. "Let's do this! Protect Spike!"

With that, the girls began to glow in a coat of sparkling, blinding lights as they started to transform. Soon after, the glow died down and Spike and his posse noticed a big difference in the girls. Their ears have morphed into pony ears, as well as having their hairs grown long, tied in a ponytail. However, a big difference between all of the girls were the change in the color of their skin, as well as gaining some different features. Twilight's skin color was turned lavender, Rarity's was white, Fluttershy was buttercup yellow, Rainbow Dash's was light blue, Applejack's was orange, and Pinkie's was pink. Both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have gained matchings wings on their back, Applejack and Pinkie Pie both have pony legs in place of their human legs, Rarity had gained a horn on the forehead, while Twilight had acquired a horn, angelic wings, and pony legs.

With these new forms, the girls all leaped into the air and engaged the flying monkeys in a close combat. Spike and his boys meanwhile looked on, further bewildered. Pipsqueak pulled his hair back, shaking his head repeatedly, burbling from his lips as he did so, but nothing changed for him.

"Tell me I'm not seeing this!" Spike groaned, rubbing his head in shock.

"You're not seeing this," Button said.


"No, but you asked us to tell you," the boys all gave Button a stern look, "You're right," Button muttered. "Not helping."

"Anyway, if we're all done flapping our lips here," Rumble began. "GET US OUT OF HERE!!"

"Oh right!" Spike quickly went to work as he breaks a lock off with his hand, freeing Rumble first.

"Yay!" the boy cheered. "I'm out! I'm out! I'm out!" Suddenly, a flying monkey landed and it hissed, showing off its sharp teeth, scaring the boys, "I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!" Rumble screamed, frantically running back into his cage, shutting the door before the monkey could get to him.

"Spike!" Pipsqueak began. "How's about you take care of those monkeys before you start freeing us?"

Unfortunately, some monkeys had grabbed ahold of Spike and started carrying him away.

"Let me go!" Spike struggled to break free.

"Breath fire on them!" Rumble called.

Spike took a deep breath and blew, but nothing came out. Luckily, Rainbow Dash and Applejack saw the boy in trouble and came to his rescue.

"AJ!" Rainbow said, grasping the cowgirl's hand. "Tuck and roll!"

With that, the rainbow haired girl flung the cowgirl, who rolled into a ball, at the flying monkeys, knocking them away like rolling pins, before she catches Spike with her hands.

"You okay Sugarcube?" Applejack asked, inspecting the boy.

"Yeah, I'm alright," Spike replied. "Look out!" Spike quickly shoved Applejack out of the way, just as a monkey swooped down at them. The monkey made a sharp turn, as it flew towards Spike, who ducked down in time, grabbing the monkey by the tail, before he spins around in a tornado and launched the monkey into the rest of its pack.

Pinkie Pie was bouncing around, giggling to her delight, as the monkeys all tried in vain to catch the hyper pony-girl.

"I'm over here," Pinkie shouted, popping out from a tree, "Now I'm here!" she said from a bush, "Here!" she called from a garbage can. Soon, it became a new game of whack-a-mole for the monkeys, starring Pinkie Pie. Soon enough, the monkeys were all left in a dizzy state, before Pinkie came and threw a banana pie to each of their faces.

"I came out of retirement for this?" the witch grumbled.

"Give up Somnambula!" Twilight shouted, as she and Rarity flew up to the witch. "You're not taking the Dragonfire from him!"

"While I'm not above all about fighting a miserable old lady such as yourself, I'll gladly resort to brute force if you hurt one hair on his cute little head!" Rarity threatened angrily.

"Oh don't worry," Somnambula grinned evil. "I'm not interested in his head," With a wave of her staff, a green lightning bolt was shot out and nearly struck the girls, had Rarity not conjured up a magic shield in time, "I want his heart!" With that, Somnambula fired another green lighting bolt at the two girls, and like before, Rarity conjured another shield. With a glow from her horn, Twilight fired a ray of purple magic at the witch, who quickly deflected it with a wave of her magic staff. Rarity's horn glowed as crystal gems came sprouting from the ground and were fired at the witch, who quickly shielded herself within a shell made of rocks. Suddenly, the witch appeared in a flash of fire behind the girls and fired an explosive fireball that sent the girls flying into some nearby trees. Somnambula quickly waved her staff around, manipulating some clouds nearby before she fired a lightning bolt directly at the trees Twilight and Rarity were in.

"Heads up!" Rainbow shouted as she tossed a flying monkey towards the lightning bolt, intercepting its path to the girls. The monkey dropped out of the sky, scorched and twitching uneasily.

"Oh dear," Fluttershy whimpered, as she came to inspect the monkey. "I'm so sorry about Rainbow Dash."

Meanwhile, Spike and Applejack were still busy fighting the other flying monkeys. Little did they know, Somnambula was sneaking through the trees, setting her sight on Spike.

'I've got you now dragon,' Somnambula sneered, preparing to fire another spell at Spike.

"SURPRISE!" Pinkie shouted, jumpscaring the witch, causing her to misfire her spell, almost hitting Button Mash in his cage, leading the both of them patting their chests, easing their rapid heartbeats.

Pinkie's sudden outburst also caught Spike and Applejack's attention as they turned to see the witch, angrily firing her spells at the pink girl, who repeatedly jumps out of the way.

"Stay down Sugarcube," Applejack insisted. "I'll handle her!"

"No way! I demand an explanation first!" Spike protested.

"Spike, listen to me!"

"Look out!" Pinkie cried, after she was launched from the witch and collided with Applejack.

"Now without any interruptions," Somnambula growled, pointing her staff at Spike, "Time to take the Dragonfire!" With that, she fired several lightning bolts at Spike, who jumped out of the way, rolling and jumping behind trees, bushes, and some benches, all the while dodging the lightning bolts being fired at him. "Hold still!" Somnambula growled.

"Get away from my nephew!" a voice shouted.

Somnambula turned around and was met with a scratch at the sleeves of her robe, by a gargoyle.

"Scorpan!" Somnambula growled, before she was kicked away by the said gargoyle.

"Uncle?" Spike exclaimed, staring at the gargoyle in disbelief. "Is that you?"

"Yes Spike," Scorpan replied, before he was enveloped in a burst of yellow fires as he changes back into a human. "It's me."

At this point, it was so much for Pipsqueak to take it all in that he fainted in his cage.

"Uncle!" Spike frantically began. "What's going on here? Why is that witch and those flying monkeys after me? Who are those girls? Why do they all have wings, horns, and those weird legs? Why are you a bat monster? Why-"

"Look out!" Scorpan shoved Spike to the side, just as a beam of dark magic came and nearly struck the two.

"Uncle!" Spike cried out.

"Don't worry Spike," Scorpan replied, before he changed back into a gargoyle again. "I'm alright."

"But not for long!" Somnambula growled furiously, preparing to fire another spell.

Rainbow Dash suddenly came flying in, and with a burst of speed, she landed a powerful punch to Somnambula, in the face.

"How dare you strike an old lady!" Somnambula growled, fixing her jaws before she waved her staff again, shooting a ray of lightning bolts at the rainbow haired girl, knocking her out of the sky and into the nearby lake.

"Goodness!" Fluttershy exclaimed as she flapped her wings, hovering above the water, helping her friend out.

"Nobody hurts Dashie and gets away with it!" Pinkie growled, jumping at the witch and dumping a whole bucket of waters with ice cubes.

"What was that?" Somnambula asked.

"You're not melting?" Pinkie asked incredulously. "But that worked in the Wizard of Oz," Applejack, Scorpan, and Spike all face faulted to the ground at Pinkie's attempt.

"Fool! You shall be destroyed for your stupidity!" With that, the witch quickly grabbed her by the tail with her magic, before spinning her around in circles.

"I'm going to feel sick!" Pinkie groaned.

"Hang on Sugarcube!" Applejack called, racing to the rescue, only for the witch to throw Pinkie at her as well.

Twilight and Rarity came in, firing several bolts of magic at the witch, who retaliated by firing back magics of her own. Rarity conjured up another shield as she pushed her way towards the witch, while Twilight continues firing her magics at the witch.

"Stay here Spike," Scorpan ordered, as he jumped into the fight.

Scorpan made a quick lunge for Somnambula, who doesn't hesitate to fight back. Somnambula fired several lightning bolts at Scorpan, who dodged them all, before he grabbed the lid off a nearby garbage can, shielding himself from the lightning as it was redirected back to Somnambula. Before the old witch could react, she was electrocuted by her own attack and her gray hairs all stood on end.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at the humorous sight, including Pipsqueak, who had just woken up.

"Enough!" Somnambula shouted, tapping her staff into the ground, sending a powerful shockwave which knocked the girls and gargoyle off their feet.

Somnambula walks up to Twilight, firing several lighting bolts at the girl, who screams repeatedly in agony.

"Twilight!" the other girls tried to save their friend, but they were all being held back by the flying monkeys.

Scorpan tried to save the girl as well, but Somnambula had fired a spell at the gargoyle, leaving him stunned for a long while.

Spike looked on in horror to see Twilight being tortured repeatedly by the witch. His eyes glow even more green as he felt something hot and burning coursing through his body. And before he knows it, Spike's body was surrounded in a green fiery aura of magic.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Spike roared, blasting a huge fireball from his mouth to the witch, which exploded upon impact. Somnambula was sent flying off her feet, over about a 100 yards away from Spike, the girls, and the boys. However, the kickback from the fireball was so strong that Spike was launched back, straight into a tree, knocking him out cold.

"SPIKE!!" the girls and Scorpan, reverting back to human forms, all got up and ran to an unconscious Spike.

"I've had enough fighting for one day!" Somnambula groaned as she left the scene with her flying monkeys.

"Is he?" Rarity asked worryingly.

Twilight held Spike close, placing her ears close to his chest, "He's still alive," she sighed in relief. "But we have to get him back home safely."

"Then let's move!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Um, hello?" The girls and man turned to the rest of Spike's posse, besides Rumble, still trapped in cages. "We're still in cages here," Pipsqueak said. "Care to help us out first?"

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