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The Idea of a song. Is to place the staff within the key. As the song of the vorlon sings to you. Oh for the end of the Shadow war is but a taste John..Just a taste. How it works is pain.B5

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I hope folks who read this enjoy the story. Next chapter is already done and in the works of being edited.

You spelt 'Prologue' wrong. It isn't 'Prolauge'.


DOH!!! thank you

Now i feel stupid..I even looked up on Google to make sure I got it right and it gave me the word i used earlier.

Its a pretty interesting story, i Liked it

It may have been a while, but I haven't forgotten my promise to look at your other stories :ajsmug:
Indeed, a combination of a crime novel and FO:E suits my taste really well. The idea is really interesting, but again, there are similar issues to Desert Rose's story - i.e. mixed tenses, plurals written with 's and missing punctuation. I can elaborate a little more if you wish to continue this story someday.


Of course also I sent Frozen clock to my editor and if needed if you like can do the same with this one.

Where da new chapter blyat`? :raritywink:


Its getting edited. But at the moment they are busy with school so may be a bit longer.

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