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I love to draw, read, listen to, and write anything that has to do with MLP! I love, love, love the FoE series, I wanna try writing my own some time! I have a DA page that's linked on my page!

Hey There!

Hey there EveryPony! ScarletsFeed here! But you can just call me Scarlet :D

Anyway, after a very, very long time of procrastination, I've finally gotten around to making a FimFiction account. I've always loved to read FanFictions for a lot of things, but I've mostly been using FanFiction.net for all the stories I have read thus far.

There are some great FanFictions for My little Pony on there, but now I look forward to reading the wonderful stories here, and eventually get around to posting my own.

I love to write and I often do just to pass the time. Writing isn't my only hobby though, I also love to draw, and drawing ponies is one of my favorite things to draw.

I have a DeviantArt account here: http://scarletsfeed.deviantart.com/

I post art from time to time, and in the future I plan on posting art related to fimfictions I should be starting some time soon, or have already started. Right now, I a have a few relating to my OC's in regular Pony time, and a few other based on Fallout Equestria times.

Hope to get to know you all and read some awesome stories!

Fallout Equestria Arts By Me~

Fade To Shadow and Stardust Art

ScarletsFeed's DA Gallery

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Thanks for the watch, I really appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

No problem for the add of Ancient Heroes. I will read it once I'm all caught up on my current reading list (and when I'm not writing my own fic Fo:E-Allegiances) but I will read it, I promise.


Ah, well thank you! ^^ I Prefer OCs art over Cannon Art myself- it's much more fun to draw, more creative freedom and what not!

Just fond of pony oc art and this is really amazing.

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