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Madame Ponka

I write stories based on a little girl's cartoon at 3:00 AM while hopped up on pizza rolls and bagels.


Lunaris is a land of covered in a blanket of darkness and snow. The Lunar Empire has dominated the land for countless years, with a mysterious entity in control who rules over the citizens with an iron hoof. The land is crawling with many dangers, both in its unforgiving residents, and in the ferocious monsters seemingly from another world...

Legends speak of a time where all was right, when the land was bright and dry, and the moon served as an equal to the light. Many ponies strive to finish what the Fallen 6 set out to do. To drive out the night and bring forth the light. This rebellion has been crushed many times, however, and hope of brighter days is quickly fading from the hearts and minds of Lunarians.

United through a simple phrase, a brash mage, a philosophical psychic, and an experienced warrior must come together and brave many dangers throughout the land as they try to bring harmony back to the land of Lunaris.

Preread and edited by: MyoticTeSeract

Cover art is a placeholder until I get something better.

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I love it, and you're welcome!~ <3 :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Always happy to help Ponka. :twilightsmile:

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