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Madame Ponka

I write stories based on a little girl's cartoon at 3:00 AM while hopped up on pizza rolls and bagels.


While Moondancer has learned about the value of friendship, she seems to have a hard time making friends. Lemon Hearts decides to give her some support.

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That was a really great story.

This was a nice story. There aren't enough stories about Moondancer in my opinion.


Thanks so much! ^w^

Thanks! And I agree! Moondancer is my favorite pony! -w-

You're welcome Madame Ponka.

Adorable and cute story, luv!~
Keep it up :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Very sweet story, Ponka ^.^
Moondancer was very well-written and in-character, and I love how you portrayed Lemon Hearts :)
The style might use a little work and there were a few typos here and there, but it was a very solid story in the end. I loved the returning "Get a new sweater and fix your glasses", it fits Moondancer so well :D


Thanks so much! And thanks for the advice~ ^.^


Thank you so much! ^.^

Okay, not bad. I've read your more recent work before reading this story and your writing has improved. Moondancer's struggles and awkwardness are easy to believe in this story. Once you step outside of a long self-imposed exile, it's hard to relearn social skills. Believe me, I know what that's like.


Thanks. And yeah, I've definitely improved a little. I went through a slump through most of 2016, and I was desperately trying to get back into writing. I'm glad I wrote this though, as it really helper regain my confidence.

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