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Madame Ponka

I write stories based on a little girl's cartoon at 3:00 AM while hopped up on pizza rolls and bagels.

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Huh, cute little story. Not sure what made me randomly notice this story and decide to read through it, but I'm glad I did. I noticed a few grammatical errors, but nothing really major. Did you have any editors/pre-readers for the story?


Well I'm glad you did read it. Thanks! ^.^
And to answer your question, no I did not have anyone edit or pre-read it. My original intention was to have one, but I was a lazy little pinhead and procrastinated on this until the last week. I was sort of running on a Christmas deadline, so I had to work on this fast. I've already had a couple friends tell me about some grammatical errors, so for my future stories, I will definitely try to have someone proofread it.
Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

Well, for the next story you write, you could head on over to Editors-R-Us and contact an editor, either through pm directly or just by making a forum thread about it. I'm a member of the group myself, so it's kind of a shameless plug. Anyway, hope you get another story out, and Merry Christmas to you as well!

Heh. It's fine. I'll see what I can do. :twilightsmile:

Omg this was so cuuute! I love this little flash fiction. I'm also heart-warmed that you made Sage such a major part of this without even being there, hehe. Thanks babe!~ :heart:

No problem, my love.
And thank you too! ^.^

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