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Princess Luna discovers anti-princess propaganda and cannot understand why her ponies don't believe in her and her sisters rule.

Edited and extended from a WriteOff entry under the prompt '* Princess Not Included.'

Special thanks to Chipmunk and Apollo for prereading and editing assistance.

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My god is this ever wonderful! Wonderful job my good sire!

There needs to be a sequel on how the town ultimately fails and Dawn comes crawling back to Equestria. With Celestia telling Luna in true sister fashion "i told you so'

7538391 I had considered that but I felt it would undermine Luna's character growth.

I'm not sure I would call this a complaint, but Silver Tongue sounds suspiciously similar to Starlight Glimmer, what with living in an isolated town and making promises of equality. I'd be interested in knowing why you chose to make a new character instead of using an already established one.

In any case, I think there was a pretty good idea behind this story, and I would love to see further exploration of this topic.

7538439 This was set after DPDoMS so the town had already cast Starlight out.

7538449 Ah, I see. I apologize if that was a misunderstanding on my part.

7538456 I can understand. I had originally considered using Starlight but between the different methodology the pony used and where I set it in the timeline I realised I couldn't use her.

This was wonderful! I wish I was more awake right now but I still loved it!

Pretty good. Luna would definitely have some issues with the public, all things considered. It's just part of being a leader. Although, I do have to say that Celestia does make some pretty irresponsible decisions (cough, cough, pilot), but she is smart enough to accept dissenters.

This really doesn't seem like Luna here, she's far too sensitive and delicate, her crying in front of everyone is way over the line. She'd be more likely to be enraged,threaten and frighten everyone there instead.

7539142 It really depends on your interpretation of her character.
Since she has been on the show so little there is a lot you can do with her without making it OOC.

7539149 And you've just done so...congratulations...you have failed to effectively use what is in the show to do a good job of displaying her character thus making a good concept absolutely crappy...even if the show only shows so much...

I wanted to like this story, but I don't think I do.

If you wanted us to side with Luna, you didn't do a good job of it. You make her look bad throughout, crying and running away the second things don't go her way. You went to the trouble of giving her opposition a fairly strong position, yet you expect us to just ignore it and accept on faith that she and Celestia are in the right.

What you should have done is have Luna stick to her guns and use facts and logic to argue Dawn's points, conceding when she lost a point but ultimately showing why the Diarchy is the best way to go. The stronger your opponent's arguments are, the better you look when you are able to defeat them.

After so much time on the moon, the confrotation with the (sometimes) unjust opinions of others is well transcribed. Certe Luna seems a little more delicate than in the show but she is also curious and hurt by something she discovers. I don’t find it OCC personally.

Sorry about my bad English and the mistakes.

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