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Keep writing on, you beautiful bastard.

This is interesting, I look forward for the next chapters. :-)
Since this is a request, you were accepting requests?

7462676 I was accepting requests, but for now I've got a full workload

oh fuck oh fuck!!!!!!! love this!

7464509 Chapter 2 is day 1. There will be 8 chapters in total.

7464627 so next chapter will be today or tomorrow and what date !???

7467093 Oh oh oh oh!! You meant when will the next chapter be posted. I'm going to shoot for 1 chapter a week at minimum. So you should see the next chapter by Monday August 15th 2016 if not sooner.

Hyped for that Monday update.

Needs some mor JUICE mi boy.

Great chap tho.

This was pretty darn good! Nice work, Blob. I noticed that you mentioned Luna having 'arms' although there isn't an anthro tag or anything. Did you mean forehooves or are these anthro characters? Regardless, the thought of Luna skipping around smashing a dream city is really cute. :)

7522309 No worries not anthro. The characters are intended as pony... and dragon. I've seen forelegs called arms a few times and I have just taken to doing it myself. Sorry for confusion.

Any idea when you may put the next chapter out? It is going great so far ^^

Awesome chapter, can't wait to see what the next challenge will be! :twilightsmile:

When might the next chapter come out? Looking forward to it; and liking it so far. :P

rising sexual tension

Ooooh, that is serious:trollestia:

i need more dude please let there be more

A very nice chapter indeed!

As usual, your writing abilities and your way with describing things is top-knotch. Though this chapter surprisingly dealt with Luna less than the prior chapters and while I liked the idea of him having to climb his way out of the shoe, it took up a massive portion of the dream's challenge over all and the ending that actually involved Luna had so very little. I kinda wish that during his climbing challenge that Luna would have been sitting there before him and teasing him just as she was towards the end; actively messing with his attempts and perhaps after having failed the challenge he would be forced to a more involved challenge with her hoof.

Nonetheless, I still like this chapter but I wish it had Luna being involved more in the challenge like she was in the prior challenges.

That is some valid criticism. My only defense is that the overarching theme of the story is Spike's evolution. From hating himself and seeing Luna as his enemy, to embracing himself and seeing Luna as an ally. This is about the half-way point in the story where Spike is on the cusps of making the shift, so I backed Luna off to enhance the impression that Spike is really just fighting himself.

However, you are totally right. I should have at least kept Luna in the background as a looming threat. Maybe I'll go back some day and add in something like the distant thunder of her jogging as she cooled down, just to smooth out the consistency between chapters. Thank you for your thoughts. I don't get enough comments that really help me improve my work.

When is Luna going to stop this, this is proving I don't want her anywhere near my dreams even more than usual.

I'm glad this is finally back. I've been waiting for it.

Great chapter; love the hoof teasing. I loved it a little too much to be honest :rainbowlaugh:

When are the next chapters going to be posted? I have to know what Happens!

I hope you will continue! And I hope he will get a challenge where he has to climb into her ear from deep inside her dirty sweaty mane. :)

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