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I am a simple guy with little judgment, also i am a microphile so theres also that I create stories involving those things such as vore or macro/micro i hope you dont go to hard on mi


I finished Swieetie drops for Lyra · 3:08pm Jul 26th, 2017

The Title says it all I am done with the story it was a long time coming but I did it I may even at an epilogue to so how Bon Bon got out again but that won't be today I think who knows?

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Well, something I've yet to see on this site is for a shrinking effect to wear off while the prey is inside the pred, and you could always write it as that the non-digestible effect could be semi-permanent while the shrinking effect is VERY short-lived.

waw dude I mean O do like that stuf but this is Vore mmmmhhh I wil think about it

Yeah the best I can come up with is having Bon-bon end up with a magically induced pregnancy as a result of unbirthing Lyra, and have it occur after she comes out.

It's not very creative, but I'm not a clop writer.

I don't know a good way to finish this story without making it plain simple I need something only this story has but I don't know what yet

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