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I'm excited man I always love seeing new stuff from you.

Interesting premise, I'm looking forward to seeing how things pan out between the two of them. Keep up the great work on this story!

Can't wait to see what you have in store, here. Best of luck with this one! I'm really honored to have inspired, and you did some inspiring, yourself: https://twitter.com/YoHomeboyRaps/status/1414166158891110404?s=20

WOW, are you sure your the one who is honored? That little comic is amazing. I believe that's only the 2nd time I've ever seen fan art for something I made. Thank you so much. It's very cool and the little details really stand out to me. Like I approve of Rose having green eyes. I didn't think of that, I just left that detail blank when I was describing her. Or Upscale having a bit of stubble like he hasn't shaved for a couple days. Of course! He's a stallion on the edge, why would he be taking care of himself? The only other thing I can say is you jumped the gun a little. I plan to take the giant stuff more slowly than that. Rose is going to be closer to amazon or mini-giantess size for the first shoot then get bigger with each following shoot. I hope I don't disappoint my inspiration.

Quite a great starter! It certainly has my interest peaked.

The finding clothing big enough delima just reminded me of a character and a few ideas I'm working out at the moment. Involves trying to start up a clothing line but. Ends up being quite the undertaking that maybe an earth pony mare character isn't ready for.

Anyway, great to see newer works coming from ya! It's always a pleasant time getting to read one of your stories.

You bet! I just went with green eyes because it compliments red hair, ha. Creative liberties were taken and I don't mean to at all influence what you have in mind. Makes sense they'd work their way up, too, I was just doing my thing. Keep up the good work!

Twas summoned by that fantastic fan art comic and the story was shockingly both exactly what I wanted, even the parts i hadn't realized I'd wanted!

Hope this gets a decent number of words in!

"Expensive," he retorted. "Occasionally that might work, if we could get some sponsors. But for the first year at least, my model is going to be nude. And big. And outside. Where everypony in the area can look up at their... well, you know."

Maybe it's just a bad business deal because you keep giving away free samples.

This is a nice intro. Kinda hope “Rose” becomes a defective changeling like Thorax was before their reformation in the season 6 finally. It be nice for her to be one too but only upscale being the only one to know. Cause then she would have to struggle of going back to queen Crysalis to give it to her or keep it herself like Thorax did.

I wholeheartedly support this story and hope for more in the future.

Glad to see more of Upscale and Rose!

I think you landed on solid characterizations for your characters; for Upscale, maybe the emotional baggage he carries could be that when he was younger he was experimenting with his ability and it lead to a close family member getting severely injured, as in emergency room in the hospital and not discharged until weeks later kinda injured.

As for Rose, I think you made a great call with her not being evil, that might be a little predictable and at the same time, that was not the message I got from the first chapter about who she was, the message I got was that she'll help Upscale with his project and she'll get a meal from it, while tapping into her more mischievous side when enlarged. Kinda reminds me how B_25 likes to characterize Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Chrysalis in these two stories

Giantess and Devious
Big Celly's Day Off

So all in all, good job so far, you're doing great! Maybe flesh out Rose's character more if she grows next chapter and maybe dedicate a chapter or section of another of Upscale telling Rose or reflecting on the emotional baggage he's endured

At last! I've been waiting for more of this for ages!

[Is crushed by the irony.]

I’m not sure where this is going in terms of conflict, but I’m eager to know more about Rose and why she wants to be giant.

That you put such thought and consideration into this shows great care and attention for what you're aiming for. It'll be sexy, sure, but it's also fun to develop who the characters are, and how they would play off of each other. Not to mention how they'll respond when the size changing starts to happen. I adore that you pressed on with this, and look forward to what will come of it. :twilightsheepish:

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