• Published 2nd Jan 2017
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Submissive of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well - ManicQuill

During one of the girls slumber parties one of Sunset's secrets is discovered, a week later she finds herself at the hands of the mysterious Mare-Do-Well. But who is this new lover under the mask. M for Bondage, latex clothing, and lesbians.

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It's always the quiet ones

goes into drunken tirade
Everyone always says Fluttershy. Who released all the animals in the zoo? Fluttershy. Who bombed a cosmetics facility for testing their products on animals, Fluttershy. Who lives a double life as a masked dominatrix? Fluttershy!

Lol seriously thanks for liking my story

Oooh. We gonna see kinky bondage times with Rarity and Shimmy?:raritywink:

And no panties, good rule. :duck:

Is the story still in process ?

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