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I think Susnet need to chew out her friends and tell them off for hurting her.

Also tel off Trixie remind her she nearly killed them withthe trap door. Dazzlings or not effecting her.

7836206 I can promise you that it will come up later.

Yes....... um......... MORE PLZ!!!! IS NOW DRUG NEED MORE!!!


they need to realize just how bad they FUBAR thier friendship with Sunset, and readingher Dairy was another one.

7836504 again Diablo, it will be delt with. :twilightsmile:

7836474 working on it now. Glad you like it.

Looks good so far. How often will you update the chapters?

7838262 honestly, I'm working on the second chapter now but I can't give you an accurate time table. Sorry.

7837297 Yes, you found the inspiration for this name. lol

You has my attention with this.

It was a good start, if somewhat rushed. Could've been slowed a little with more detail to the reveal scene. Easily could've been an extra 1k words.

But, that said, the characterisations that were presented felt spot on.

As a sub myself I'm curious to read the rest of this fic. I hope it will be safe and consensual loving BDSM rather than just abuse.

7840437 first, I am glad that you like the story :pinkiehappy:. The answer to your question will be answered in the next chapter, and I hope you can bare with me a little with how Mare-Do-Well will be presented in this context (as well as universe). The reveal was a challenge cause I've been working on all of this for a while, but the reveal of her in Sunset's room had about six different versions, three of which took place outside in a few choice locations. After a while I just decided on the last one for reasons that again will be revealed in the next chapter.

7842136 I'll keep that in mind, and thank you for replying, as I said you definitely have my attention and I do look forward to the next chapter.

Huh, didn't get a notification for the new chapter.

7869121 I didn't get the notification either. That's really weird.

Also, great chapter! I can't wait for the next one.

7869218 Sorry about that guys, I think that happened because I accidentally hit publish when I didn't mean to and now that I mean to, and now that I did mean to, it didn't do it. Sorry about that but hey, you both wanna make a guess about who might be Mare-Do-Well? (Or Maiden-Do-Well, I don't care)

This was great will the update be soon ?

7928139 I think so. Lately I haven't been able to write but hopefully that will change soon.

7930729 Thanks. Also two things: 1. I like your avatar. 2. Do you have a guess about who our mysterious character is?

While tis is nice i still hope Sunset confronts her lousy friends on what they failed to do for her.
Sorry been reading Amon A miss fics and few of them really point out how bad the rainbooms are as friends with Sunset in them.

Thanks i love my avatar i knew as soon as i saw it and as for the guess rarity because no one would expect the proper lady or would they ?

7932398 I guess we'll see :pinkiehappy:

7931666 I'll try, just please don't expect it to big like Bittersweet or the Krampus crossover


no expecting anything of that level, jsut want to see the Rainbooms chewed up but good, and decently shamed.
They can then make plans to make up for the crap they pulled.

Or is it all of them working together ?!?!

put this into my tracking. I hope to see more of this. And maybe more for Don't Open Til Christmas. I kind of want to see how the rest of the night went...:twilightblush:

I really hope thsi get updated soon. I'm really looking forward to see who this Mare Do Well is, and how she heals Sunset's broken heart.

Maybe it one of the Dazzlings.... Or could be Derpy..... Yeah i know but would be awesome!
Derpy secret side, how she heals a broken heart with something besides Muffins.

8139497 I am working on and seeing Derpy wouldn't be a crazy thing...and her having some involvement is in the realm of possibility. :raritywink:

I have never seen a clopfic Anon-a-miss fanfic before:trixieshiftright:, this should be an interesting experience:pinkiesmile:.

My first guess is Rarity. Just saying.

Someone had to try it. So I said why not.

Oh? Why so?

While Anon a miss is a factor for a backstory to Sunset,:applejackunsure: it was not really what I had thought it was going to be.:fluttershysad: But good luck on your story and please don't let others criticism dissuade you from continuing it.

I'm sorry. Thank at least for giving it a chance and the well wish. :pinkiehappy:

I think it is either Rainbow or Rarity because those two treated Sunset the worst even Applejack. But I doubt it's her. Even in the Equestria Girls universe Applejack is a bad lier.

That is a good point that she can't lie if she's asked about being Maiden-Do-Well

I doubt it's one of the Humane 6, that would be too easy. I think it's Princess Twilight, note the phrasing "we're humans here." WE. I don't doubt that there are little clues sprinkled throughout this fic.

So... not wanting to bug you but uh...when's the next chapter? :twilightblush:

It's dead. Lol jk I'm just struggling with the ending.

Interesting story can't wait for the next chapter


It's always the quiet ones

goes into drunken tirade
Everyone always says Fluttershy. Who released all the animals in the zoo? Fluttershy. Who bombed a cosmetics facility for testing their products on animals, Fluttershy. Who lives a double life as a masked dominatrix? Fluttershy!

Lol seriously thanks for liking my story

Oooh. We gonna see kinky bondage times with Rarity and Shimmy?:raritywink:

And no panties, good rule. :duck:

Is the story still in process ?

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