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Celestia, discovering how much she resembles Michael Jackson, decides to dress as him to attend a Nightmare Night Party. Luna isn't as eager to attend but is persuaded through her sister's constant bugging.

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An enjoyable read, most certainly.:moustache:

Hail to the queen, baby!:rainbowlaugh:

7162969 Thanks!


Ha ha, great work. A fitting tribute to the two kings of those genres!

Celestia makes best MJ impersonator.

Dear lord, this was great! Luna is just the right kind of awkward, and Celestia moonwalking out of the room? Beautiful.

So much funny... Bravo, Bravo!:trollestia:

Is this set in the EG verse or the normal Equestria? Some bits (e.g. "princess") say Equestria, but some words (like" women" and "suits" etc.) say EG verse. I'm confused. Overall though, a decent read. Upvote.

Okay, time to tackle aaaaaaall of da commments.

7163284 Thank you for the praise!

7163301 I saw this picture and thought the exact same thing.

7164339 How else would would Michael Jackson exit a room? By walking? Preposterous.

7165065 Thank you!

7165905 This is a humanized Equestria. It's basically everyone was turned into a human, but they didn't leave their dimension.

7166164 Fair enough. Didn't see that bit.

I love Michael Jackson, and adding Celestia just made this hilarious.

I'm not sure, but I think there were MJ songs added in different areas. "Under pressure" was somewhere, Celestia was a smooth criminal against her sister's judgement, and Celestia did bad (meaning 'good' @ that time, for some reason) moonwalk.

...Ignore this. I don't know what I'm typing.

it wasn't that bad meant good it was that Michael was proving to friends he's "bad"

anybody else remember the ending of black or white

I've a random question, if Miss Shores is the pony MJ, who's Rara? Me, I'm leaning to Eminem.

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