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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Not bad as far as crossover stories go.


Edit on 10/07/2012: These Ponies I think may be a little bigger and stronger than what we see in the show.

@primeoetgrunn: This fan fiction confuses you? Please elaborate.

@Lord Tristem: Thanks for the feedback, at least you didn't mock me or anything.

Anyone know of some good MLP crossover groups I could send this too?

On Sunday, I'm off on holiday for seven days, so I can't reply to anyone for awhile.

Lol, I wish there was a point where Twilight would be explaining something and Fry would be like this! XD


Well I guess that would be in character for Fry. I hope you like the fan fiction regardless.

As for "What If" what if Fry could fire laser beams from his eyes.

I don't plan on editing things in. However if one want's to write their own spin off, sequel, rewrite (how it should of been), or entirely their own version which has nothing to do with this other than it being a Futurama and My Little Pony crossover they can.

lol:rainbowlaugh: U-J-Bender reappeared outside the Everfree Forest in Equestria. Where he left Fry on the grass laughing evilly before disappearing in a blinding flash of light.
fry has been trolled in the best way:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This... this was weird. But I think I liked it.

short but still very funny:rainbowlaugh:


:pinkiehappy: AWESOME

I'm back. And I'm delighted to see how my views and feedback I'm gotten.

I noticed one community error in this fan fiction of mine, this distance between Everfree Forest and Ponyville. While in the show they are both very close like just beyond Futtershy's home, in this fan fiction they are quite far away. But then again parallel universes could fix that little community error.


Ah yes he was indeed trolled in best way. Just you know that U-J-Bender Character has had many cameos in my fan fictions on the Futurama Madhouse.


It was meant to be weird. Anyway thanks for thinking you like it.


Not all much time on my hands to write long fan fiction. However as I said before if one want's to write their own spin off, sequel, rewrite (how it should of been), or entirely their own version which has nothing to do with this other than it being a Futurama and My Little Pony crossover they can.


Thanks very much Fry. I guess I owe to myself to read your fan fiction, which I think I'll enjoy greatly with all MLP and Futurama crossovers you've done.


803738 Wow thanks :D yeah i liked this story so much it deserved a favoriting and i gave it a full thumbs up :pinkiehappy: and thanks for the reading :twilightsmile:


Your welcome!

I like Where this is Goooooooooooing :pinkiehappy:

I've put this fan fiction into my group: Futurama And My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Crossover Fan Fiction.

And just in case anyone was wondering the reason why it's called: " Magical Shiny Land" is because magical is a reference to the opening of the first episode of MLP FIM "Magical" (Opening: Once upon a time, in the magical) as for "Shiny", it's a reference to Bender's (from Futurama) catch phrase "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass" and finally yet another reference to the opening of the first episode of MLP FIM is "Land" (Opening: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria


Well the story is sorta complete. But it does have the fruits for a sequel, which I may or may not write. However, if a talented fan fiction writer wishes to make a sequel to this they can if they want.


Sorry for the confusion. I tend to drag things out in my posts.

Chill its Cool Bro............................ny


Alright then.

"Wait, a second! I must of entered another parallel universe!" <- "Wait, a second! I must've (as in: must have) entered another parallel universe!"


Thanks for that I fixed it.

Did you like or dislike the story?

"Yeah, but uhhh-- Hmm?" Said Fry.
"Exactly!" Said Rainbow Dash excitedly, she then went even faster than before causing Fry to scream again while Rainbow Dash laughed.
"No, he won't. Just because he's an omnivore, doesn't mean he's a savage.
"Nah, he's fine. You worry too much." Said Rainbow Dash.
"Thanks... again... Rainbow Dash." <- No spaces before ellipses. Ellipses have 3 dots.
"He's a Human." Said Rainbow Dash. Fry had already finished his roll. "As Fry said, hairless apes with big brains." Said Rainbow Dash. <- You don't need the last part. We already know RD is talking from before.
"Well it's been a pleasure meeting you, Fry." Said Applejack.
"Whoa, whoa, Twilight!
"Thanks Twilight, but I don't think I could stand here." Said Fry. <- "Thanks Twilight, but I don't think I could stay here." Said Fry.
"My God! It all makes sense now!
Fry now has finished the bottle already. <- You changed from past tense to present tense here.
then all the Ponies in the room joinws the Conga Line, even Twilight Sparkle joined in walking around the room in a Conga Line.
Fry, as Princess Celestia I grant you a gift that will allow you to

1050316 I'm not going to go over the grammar issues. There are plenty more than the few I've pointed out above. So I'm going to just go over the storyline.
1) It starts off good. But then it starts to become boring. That is because you've stopped telling a story and rather than showing. You need to show, not tell. It becomes real tedious to read if you do that.
2) Too many plot holes. I understand that this is supposed to be random, but still there were several parts in the story where I threw my hands up and was like "WTF, yo?" An example is the sudden urge Fry had to commit suicide. There was no buildup. No inner-monologue. No emotional conflict. It was a sudden, out of nowhere moment, and that's one example.
3) The writing towards the end got terrible. If you're hurrying along, chances are that you're going to write badly. Better to stop, wait, have a coffee, a beer, relax, then continue. Remember to re-read your story before you submit.

So, I did enjoy it at first, but then I started to get really sick of reading it towards the end. It wasn't consistent.

Fry was to smart in this ...

OKAY... that was very funny, and well written too...


I sense you are being sarcastic.

1278251 actually no, it was funny as hell, i love futurama and mlp. it was awesome, i was actually giving my honest opinion there, i loved it:twilightsmile:


Oh thank you! Since you like this, I think you also like my fan fiction The Day Equestria Stood Stupid on the MLP Forums: The Day Equestria Stood Stupid.

I'm gonna have it proofread before I send on fimfiction here.

Note: The site seems to have text and size issues sometimes when posting fan fiction, I need to do a little fixing.

1278264:twilightsmile: but why would you think i was being sarcastic?:rainbowhuh:


Uh, because of "..." and the fact been I've been given from others a lot of points on my little errors in this fan fiction. Well it was my first non transcript format fan fiction in along time and first MLP fan fiction ever.

1278286huh..... well i loved it. i would like to see more futurama crossovers, i read em all, and i wanna see more of em:twilightsmile:

Came back to this story for the nostalgia. :twilightsmile:

This one is old.

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